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CIS, Who Are We?


The Eternal Queen
As opposed to subjecting themselves to the conquest of militant factions, paying astronomical fees in order to enlist protectorate services at the hands of mercenary groups or criminal organizations, or losing their independence and identity by submitting themselves to the imposed will of other government bodies, the Confederacy has come into being with the goals of prosperity, freedom, equality, and survival at its core.

This is what it says about our faction on the home page.
Upon reading this, I no longer feel that we are this faction.
I know I am not the only one here who feels that in many ways, we have gotten away from that and instead now focus our attention on invasion after invasion. When I joined this faction, I was told that the main goal of this faction was to ensure peace in the Galaxy. With all respect to our members and other faction leaders, it is my personal feeling that this is no longer the case. How ever you feel about the Fringe and the Republic, 3 on 1 is not a fair fight.

However, this is not completely up to me. I am the faction owner as of right now, yes, but it is you, the members who truly run this faction. The next step is up to you.

What do YOU want the CIS to be?

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Ashin Varanin

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I have a vested interest in this discussion and haven't been active apart from Master votes, so I'll keep my peace.

Hira Mitsae

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I feel that the focus of the faction has shifted from having fun and writing compelling stories to curbstomping the opposition and using a bad situation to our own gain. That is not how it is supposed to be.

Kara Avoyos

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I like us as a neutral faction, like space Switzerland.

We acquire independent planets sure, but that's different from being aggressive towards other factions. Having to worry about going to war would make it harder to rp for fun or in some cases character development. I don't think my character would be able to participate in invasions against other factions for IC reasons.
I don't really see the CIS as warmongers. I don't see us invading other systems. I don't know where this came from, but I fail to see the CIS initiating an invasion. From my understanding we're defensive only. Sure we're doing dominions, but that's a mix of defensive so the Republic doesn't just take up all the area around us, and the Dread Guard just doing the rp they love to do. What -I- love to do. War rp is fun in my head.

But I'd like to see the CIS remain defensive. Dominions are one thing, but I don't want to see the CIS go onto an invasion of a fraction without a really good reason. If another fraction wants to attack us, the Dread Guard will see to it that they don't get anywhere with the invasion.

I hope that made sense. Between reading this thread, being in the Dread Guard chat, and being new I don't have the best grasp on whats going on, but I figured I'd give some feedback.

Corey's OOC

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I mean, I'm still new to the site, and with other situations that have arisen, i've not gotten as invested in the CIS as I have wanted to (working to change that)

I like the concept of the CIS in a way of an agreement. Almost like NATO or the UN, where you have so many different species/cultures/planets/types of beings working together for a common goal. Everyone is neighbors and goes about their own day to day, but when the time comes, there is unification to protect the way of life. I mean, thats just how I saw CIS. Everyone is their own person, but the common goals for good existed.

Not that going and stomping out the Sith was a /bad/ idea, because that group (as much as I love the canon concept and am not familiar quite with the full of the Sith on Chaos) can become a plague mixed with a wildfire, the focus is more on growth of the group instead of destruction of another.s

Plus, Marek is all about survival and is an adventurer, not a soldier, hence why I brought him to the Templar in the first place.

Again, I'm new, just my two cents.

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Feena Mason said:
@[member="Ember Rekali"], if you consider yourself a member of this faction, please feel free to speak. I am only collecting opinions here. If there is something we can do (or not do) to encourage you to be more active, please make it known.
You're the boss.

I joined CIS because Ember needed a place to do good, and the Jedi didn't cut it anymore. Defense against other factions' territorial interests, I can get behind that. But rampant expansionism? Kicking the Suns while they were down at Barab? Those don't fit this character.

Bluejay Ungolfen

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I joined the CIS because the Phantoms were the best fit for Bluejay. The Confederate army is still the best fit for her - just in the Dread Guard instead. She just shoots who she's supposed to shoot and doesn't know what to do with downtime, so IC, expansion is good for her. But that's not who the CIS is, and I really don't think we've changed that much. Like Kage said, we're doing Dominions, because A. that's what we Dread Guard enjoy, and B. to keep the Republic from eating up all that new territory. But I think, as long as we don't initiate Invasions without a karking good reason, we're fine.

Bear in mind I have absolutely no grasp of galactic politics and the like, and my job is just to shoot people that the higher-ups tell me to shoot, so take the above with a grain of salt.
In all honesty, I've been wanting the same as what @[member="Kara Avoyos"] has for a long time now. However, it's a rather difficult task to accomplish when there are enemies across the map, salivating at the prospect of cutting a bloody swath across our territory. As it says right on the front page, we have four goals at our core: survival being one of them. As such, I've been working my ass off to make absolutely certain that we have the memberbase and support necessary to defend what is ours when the days of reckoning arrive.

However, I respectfully disagree with how you feel; as that is simply not the case. We launched a single invasion, Barab I, as a counter-offensive. This is what allies do for one another when they're attacked; this is the reason the Republic is invading the Fringe right now. We did what is expected of good allies and have cemented the support of the big blue on the map in the event that a certain rampaging horde manages to make its way south into the Green.

That single thread aside, we haven't been focusing on invasion after invasion. In fact, we've been doing business as usual. Prior to your joining of the Confederacy, when we were but a squiggle of three worlds on the map, we focused on expansion in the same manner as we are now. A handful of us banded together and we blazed a trait through dominion after dominion until we at least looked like a karking circle. Now we have resumed that trend in order to make absolutely certain that the CIS gets a decent slice of the post-Empire pie.

But have we been launching numerous invasions? No. Have we been really putting our attention on these invasions? No more so than spectators watching a movie. The most recent invasion of the Fringe calls into question the direction we should go: do we help our ally fight the faction that stabbed us in the back and aims to conquer us? Or do we sit on our hands and do nothing?

I, for one, want the CIS to be proactive in its bid for survival. We are going to stay on the map, we are going to repel any and all who decide to set their sights on the South, and if the opportunity presents itself to put a dagger in the spine of those who have betrayed us, I'd gladly take it.

That aside, I do acknowledge that we have not placed as much attention on expansion and foreign affairs as we have personal growth. I'd like to get a balance between the two going, but I'm only one guy. There's only so many hours I have at my disposal and the sad truth of it all is that I've let important things slip through the cracks whilst focusing on equally-important affairs. I've got apprentices to train, Dread Master status to obtain, and have basically put all my characters on pause in order to make absolutely certain that we can survive.

Buuuuutttt, yeah, balance is good. I'd love to see us band together as a community and get some storylines going, and I'd REALLY love to be Switzerland above all else. However, Amon's gotta do what Amon's gotta do to keep us safe and secure. That's my two cents anyways.

Oh, and #DreadGuardMasterRace.


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Hmmm, ok, where to begin?

Ok, so, I feel that all this "land grabbing dominion" we are doing is mainly as was said; to keep the Republic from getting EVERYTHING. The Sith Empire imploded. It leaves a giant hole in the galaxy as far as the factions go. It's the new "Wild Space". Now, sure, I get what people are saying, about being defensive, and yes, I feel it's a good way to be. But rest assured, the other factions WILL come a-callin' for our territory one day. And I for one see these dominions as good practice on writing fights.

Alot of people from what I've read lack in that area. Now I'm not saying I'm the man or something, I'm being objective here. A good fight, in my mind, has always been the core of RP int he SW Universe. Sure, we have banter, and romances, and fun little threads where people just joke around and be nutty. But think about it. We all train. We all start at the bottom. The more your train, the more you spar, the more you fight, the better you get, as a char, and as a writer. Then, you contribute more. It begins to filter down in HOW you write, how you form imagery into the reader's mind, how you get your point across. It's a massive circle, and it seems we are just at one section of that circle. Soon, the dominions will die down, and the story-lines will begin a-new. Writers will put the skills they learned and practiced from that into their imagery, their story telling. The stories will benefit from this greatly. And then when the times comes again, whether it's retaliation due to a rival faction's invasion or what have you, the writers at CIS will have the skills they need even further. It's the evolution of a roleplayer, imho.

That being said, I think we are just fine. We are restructuring, some have put personal char development on hold for these dominions. It will pay off in time, and the story lines we write WILL be better as a result. Patience is a virtue, my friends. ;)

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I totally agree with Kage and Kara. We, the dread guard, just conquer vacant planets so that way we don't look small to the republic which will make them think that "Oh look at the confederacy and look at us. I say we attack them since we're all big and that." Space Switzerland, I'm fine with that cause as long we don't bump heads with someone then we're all gonna be fine.

CC-420 "Doc"

We're doing what we need to do to fracking survive. The Republic is systematically wiping out the rest of the factions and will likely continue this course until they control nearly everything. All you see is a policy of strict aggressive expansion at play by the "freedom loving" Republic.

Unless we want to share everyone else's fate we need to pose a clear threat to their aggression. Make them hesitant about even thinking about taking us out.

I approve of our current course of action.
Thank you @CC-420 "Doc" for pointing that out and I agree with you. I'm still on board with the space Switzerland but we have to put some equality between us and the Republic by showing them that we too are aggressive as they are.

Gravsen Conclave

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I've got to agree with my fellow Dreadguard.

The Republic is an obese child stealing all the food from the plates of its starving peers. It's stuck completely on expansionism, and their players, OOC and IC, have gotten greedy over territory. If the events following the Sith Empire's fall aren't a red flag about that situation then I don't know what is.

We've made no hostile moves toward anyone but the Sith Remnants, and those were dealt with accordingly. The territory we've taken we economically and militarily important to the future of the CIS. If worse comes to worse and the Republic finds some reason to commit holy war on us, then we'll have a nice buffer between them and our core worlds.

On top of that, the Dreadguard itself is a show of power. Once the Empire fell, the Republic really didn't have any threats. Sure, there was TGE an the Fringe, but in all honestly, the Pubbies would have crushed them. In fact, that's what is happening right now. The Republic is moving in to take that territory, on the grounds of helping allies and the like.

Now, the Republic knows we are a threat. The Templars are becoming better trained and a more popular force using group. Our standard armies are enforced by droids that we can throw in suicidaly without moral issue. The Dreadguard would annihilate the Jedi Council in combat on the ground. Their biggest weapon, the Jedi Order, has been proven defunct.

This has all been to show that our worlds, our people, our values, and our ideal will never be trampled on by the Republic's need for galactic domination. We've become a true galactic super power, and if anything, I think we're more CIS than the CIS has ever been. Our people are safe and secure. They won't ever have to worry about another government coming and subjugating them to their will, under a veil of justice or not.

To summarize this, I too, think we're just fine. Not everyone has to fight or help with these dominions. The Dreadguard is the source of a lot of this, I think, and I want it to be clear as their Commander that we only mean to secure our borders.