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Character transfer

does anyone know how to transfer characters to another writer? I have been speaking with Zim Jih'keta in RL and she and I agreed that it would be best that I take her two characters, Saega 001 and Krae Varo, and allow them to continue existing in the Chaos universe. Zim is, unfortunately, no longer able to maintain her presence here. she loves her characters and wants them to continue on here. She wishes that I be the one to make this happen. So, can anyone tell me how exactly I can do that?
You and her both need to contact the Administration about putting her characters under your Writer acct. If not possible, just get the admins to change her characters' names and recreate them yourself.
Are you able to get them to post their consent to this? Or PM it, so we know it's legit.

Then we would change the names of their old profile and you then create new ones with the original name. We can top up your post and like count so it's the same if needed.

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