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Planet Review Caerdar


  • Intent: Caerdar is intended to the home of origin for the Vaydralen, a new playable species within the Bryn.
  • Image Credit: X
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
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  • Planet Name: Caerdar
  • Demonym: Vaydralen
  • Region: Tingel Arm
  • System Name: Caer
  • System Features: Red sun, twelve moons, one dwarf star
  • Location: X
  • Major Imports: N/A
  • Major Exports: N/A
  • Unexploited Resources:
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Temperate, arid
  • Primary Terrain: Desert, tropical islands, large sea contents
  • Atmosphere: Type II
  • Capital City: Tok-Mun
  • Planetary Features: Long caverns, large bodies of water, long slopes of sandstone mountains, vast tribal sandstone statues and immense ceremonial sites.
  • Major Locations: Tok-Mun
    Tok-Mun is a Bryn'adûl
    Super-Construct, the largest of six on the planet surface. It is the new home of the Vaydralen on the planet, the other smaller ones housing variations of Draelvaier and Vaydralen working together in even amounts where as the capital is almost entirely Valdralen. It is very much like most Super-Constructs, however it is also decorated by Vaydralen statues and sandstone art works; an important expression of their culture.
  • Force Nexus: To add to the pre-Bryn history and warrior culture of the Vaydralen
    Nexus Name: Home of the Sword-Master
  • Nexus Alignment: Neutral
  • Size: Small
  • Strength: Moderate
  • Accessibility: Isolated from the society atop a ceremonial building built into the face of the mountain known as Kardo, the 'Home of the Sword-Master' is a circular faced building with many open faced windows. It is not hidden but is considered a reclusive sight, not often ventured to.
  • Effects: The nexus intends to bring out the true character of those within it, using a form of battle meditation to urge honesty and discipline in those within it.


  • Native Species: Vaydralen
  • Immigrated Species: Draelvasier
  • Population: Moderate
  • Demographics: Primarily Vaydralen
  • Primary Languages: Draelvasier
  • Culture: Caerdar is a world that emphasises harmony between nature and life. Its vast and beautiful landscape of tropical islands and sun-glazed desert tundra and water left mostly untouched by technology or industry. The culture of the planet represents an amalgam of the Bryn'adûl & Vaydralen culture. The co-existance of the two works so well because the inherent conceptual similarities between the two.

    The world whilst retaining a respect for nature, is a highly militarised world; with a focus on meritocracy and the genocidal conquest of the Bryn'adûl.
  • Government: Militant, meritocratic, occult, dictatorship
  • Affiliation: The Bryn'adûl
  • Wealth: None | They have no concept of wealth
  • Stability: High
  • Freedom & Oppression: Outward showings of strange emotion or a lack of discipline was already shunned by the Vaydralen before the Bryn'adûl arrived. Now, the fierce war machine of the Bryn has implemented its harsh and occult systematic oppression of anything that does not coincide with their way of thinking. Of course, some cultural aspects of the Vaydralen has been retained, but only those things that have fell in line with the way of the Bryn. [Essentially any info mentioned in this submission.] Re-education centres and such have been dispersed throughout the continent sized Super-Construct that acts as the planet's capital.
  • Military: A fortress world, protected by several dedicated military Super-Constructs and defensive outposts across the planet.
  • Technology: Bryn'adûl Equivalent | Galactic Standard
The Vaydralen exploded into a violent series of skirmishes, a war on a small scale but large enough to involve a majority of the power houses within their species. They have a long and bloody history, often over retaining tradition. In almost each conflict, after a series of multiple conflicts two warriors of renown rise through the ranks and eventually, engage in single combat to decide the outcome of the conflict. Always fought to the death.

This in truth, was what lead to the beginnings of their relations with the Bryn'adûl. When they arrived it was in the middle of this fatal battle, intervening to suggest an alternative. To turn their weapons against the rest of the Galaxy, not their own. To test their warriors against those who require it.