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Boba Fett Movie Confirmed

Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge
[member="Julius Sedaire"]

I leave this here:

Connor Harrison

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After this and a Kenobi film rumoured, I want something official from the Mouse before I get on board all these tabloid exclusives.

Still - they're not REALLY branching out much giving us character prequels are they. Already losing the spark of originiality we had with 'Rogue One'.

Darth Immortus

No Lives Matter
Will it be a "prequel" or will we see old Boba survive the Sarlaac pit?

To be honest though, I'm not very excited about this. All these new one-off movies, all by different directors, with no relation to each other, are making Star Wars seem so directionless.
Keepin Corellia Weird
[member="Kixi Rajki"] - This would be before Obi-Wan, I'd think. Obi-Wan doesn't even have writers or a director yet according to the linked article (states they have approached a few names, but nothing more). This has, at least, confirmed some of the key roles for the Fett movie.

Kixi Rajki

Xiz'hata-zin Jhådmin
Ah I see. That makes sense then. So perhaps we're looking at a 2020 release for the movie since Star Wars Episode 9 will be next year. [member="Julius Sedaire"]