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Be Thankful.

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
Yes the loss of three months of posts was terrible, yeah we've all been doing stuff to recover. We all are probably a little too good with google cache search and at searching our own documents for posts as tech submissions. I've seen some angst from folks sad over what they personally have lost, and heard it in private chats.

Know this, I truly feel terrible for what you lost.

I personally don't come here just for the RPing myself. If I wanted to just write I'd open a word document and tell whatever stories that my imagination came up with, or something I drew inspiration from. If I wanted to just post in random discussion threads I'm sure I could do that somewhere else. If I wanted to just kill some time I could just hang with my friends or boot my xbox up. Instead I turn my laptop on everyday for one thing.

The community. You guys are my friends.

So yes, this data loss has sucked and we are all busy, sure I get that. What I do know is I still get to talk to some of my very best friends everyday, and plot more stories where crazy stuff I don't have planned will happen. Just like I'll see random funny links, or hear life stories from those I've not known too long. So while I do miss some of the things I can't recover I do know why I'm here. I mean really, if you don't see where I'm coming from. Start talking more with members here, here's a following list for you just off the top of my head of why I love the community.

@[member="Seroth Ur-Rahn"] one of the smartest people I know who will bust out in random Canadian rap. I'm also fairly certain your uncle is a moose and you're probably the best writer here

@[member="Mia Monroe"] loves animals more than most. She will also tell you the honest truth on all things. I argue with her like a sister, but she's awesome.

@[member="Ben Watts"] is the craziest dude I know, but will do everything be can to help you. Plus he lives nearby.

@[member="Sirella Valkner"] has the best Irish drinking songs around and knows his Star Wars.

@[member="Pandeima"] yeah say what you will, he's made me so angry I've wanted to scream at him. Honest truth is the guy just wants to help, have fun and will do what you ask of him in a heartbeat.

@[member="Menoetius"] will "doge" you to death I kid you not.

@[member="Cira"] will give you any plot/character help you could ask. Also is hilarious to talk to when Tipsy.

@[member="Torjesgo"] absolutely kills it in tech and is a die-hard packers fan. Our mutual dislike of Seattle, and out love for the NFL makes him awesome.

@Asha saren probably the absolute kindest person on the site. Never had someone apologize so much for not posting when it's really not a big deal.

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"] is not as rough as he seems. Genuinely a good friend and will harass you to play league of legends.

@[member="Tirdarius"] has the driest sense of humor ever. Consider this though he teaches and volunteers to help special needs children. Think about what you've done today. Probably the nicest person IRL who doesn't advertise what they do.

@[member="Spencer Jacobs"] will help pick you up when you're down, while making you jealous that she's not your personal chef.

I've missed a ton of people(because I'm on my phone), and I apologize. This isn't about favorites or what not. This is just me saying, if you can't roll a list out like that, immerse yourself in the community. Yeah I'm bummed too, but I come for the community. So the loss of threads is temporary, and I'll make more. As long as I still get to hang around you guys, I'm quite happy.

It's why I'm thankful through this, and you guys need to feel the same. If not you're missing out on the best of what Chaos has to offer.


Crazy Man McJangle
Broseph @[member="Jacen Cavill"]

Y'all just need to roll with the punches. Crap happens and it's how you move on after a disaster that tells about your character. The struggle to be able to move forwards.

Some people have the right mentality, others don't. If you're struggling, we're a community here to help you. We're all going through it but nothing is gained by airing out frustrations. It's for fun, folks. Make sure it stays that way. This is a place to escape drama of real life, not create OOC drama from something that's supposed to be fun. :)


Best Onion
Just gotta dust yourself off and try again :)

What Jacen said is true; there is still plenty of storyline to push forward.

I'm down to talk plots. I love plots. And i've been known to create secondary characters for support :)

Calina Ovmar

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(I'm not here really i'm on LOA but i had two minutes spare to respond to this)

Love you too @[member="Jacen Cavill"] even if you do drive me up the wall some days.

I've met some of the most amazing people here and I'm grateful for every minute i get to spend with you all. Missing everyone like mad while i'm away.