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Alkor Centaris


Here, I'll be taking requests for Balmorran Arms products. We handle a variety of Research and Development for Arms as well as manufacturing of various Droids for both peacetime and conflict.

Innovate your army or expand your combat expertise with Balmorran Products today.

Paid for by Alkor Centaris, Majority Shareholder and CEO
Operations Lead and Manager: Illyns Phaygus


Balmorran Firewall Grenade - A grenade capable of causing high damage to both armoured and unarmoured foes.
Balmorran Aglaope Grenade - A niche weapon in terms of Balmorran tech, it was designed to assist with live capture or riot control by dealing crippling, albeit non-lethal damage.


Balmorran Rail Pistol - A railgun miniaturized to the size of a pistol available on the open market.
Balmorran Harvester Blade - A mighty and massive blade fit for war machines, or dudes who eat their Wheaties on the regular.
Balmorran Plasma Thrower - A terrifying Plasma Thrower that wreaks havoc on infantry, metals, etc.
Balmorran Personal Plasma Thrower - A smaller version of the Plasma Thrower for use by individuals.
Balmorran Bunker Breaker - A massive, albeit short range disruptor for clearing out enemy defenses.
Balmorran Chaff Missile - a terror in the modern age of mechanized everything, this missile takes a battlefield filled with machines that control and direct the flow of combat and collectively blinds them.


SD Series Mark XI Battle Droid - An advanced combat droid
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Alkor Centaris Alkor Centaris I've some interest in sonic weapons, as well as wide-area nonlethals.

As always, destruction is always appreciated, but it's good to expand one's arsenal.

Alkor Centaris

Balmorran extends wishes for prosperous trade with the Sith Imperial faction and graciously accepts their offer to manufacture on their behalf.

The Sith Empire has rights to utilize Balmorran Arms submissions for production and in combat for so long as this contract remains in effect.


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