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Approved Tech BCM-032 Balmorran Chaff Missile

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Alkor Centaris

J E N ' J I D A I

Intent: The Galaxy has lots of big guns. Take out it's eyes.
Image Source: Balmorran Arms
Affiliation: Open-Market
Model: BCM-032 Balmorran Chaff Missile
Modularity: No.
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Desh-terenthium, aluminum chaff, (see "JAFF" and "CHILL" segments, specifically) and a thirty minute charge that emits light.

Classification: Chaff missile
Size: Very Large
Weight: Light
Explosive Type: Chaff, continuous light charge.
Delivery Method: Self-Propelled
Effective Range: Long Range
Area Of Effect: Large (30m)
Stopping Power: None.

Reflective aluminium dust tampers with targeting systems in a local area.

Concentrated light within localized area reflects off chaff, baffling the Doppler effect and other effective chaff countermeasures.

Once deployed, it remains in effect for nearly half an hour, raining particulate aluminium down from the apex of explosion over the effected area. Anything caught within the blasting zone suffers from extreme interference. (Obviously, iron sights would not be effected.) Targeting for missile systems, long range turbolasers, the targeting computers for starfighters, on-board Beskar'gam target assist- you name it, this stuff renders it effectively blind.

Because it constantly rains down, burning it away or trying to scatter it is largely ineffective, though not impossible*

Interferes with all radar and targeting in the effected area, disadvantaging allies just as much as enemies.

*A short burst of flame or wind could potentially open a narrow pocket for targeting systems to perform, albeit within a limited area.

If the charge that emits light is taken out, the chaff will remain but the Doppler effect can resume to function properly and systems that can utilize it will be less impeded.

If hit before it manages to reach its point of detenation, it will prematurely begin to function wherever it explodes. This will still impede a battlefield, just not necessarily in the desired (or ideal, for the firing party) area.

"We live in a Galaxy plagued by war. To keep up with the times, we intend to develop weapons that make other arms dealers' products less sought after than our own.

To that end, we've decided to develop a weapon that targets other weapons. This chaff missile is a simple, long standing technology that can not only change the tide of war, but utterly ruin a superadvanced enemy that relies on machinery for precision.

After all, a rifleman without eyes probably won't hit a target.

Gentlemen, we're taking their eyes."

-Illyns Phaygus, Spokesperson and Lead Engineer for Balmorran Arms
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