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Balancing Reportabellions

Totally A New Member
Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.

I know I'm still new here and don't really have a strong grasp of the rules nor my ear to the heartbeat of Chaos, but I was just reading that other thread in which the Admins agreed to address rules policing Minor Factions Inactivity with Rebellions being the cause of the focus.

What uh, what does that suggestion even solve?

Does it fix anything with Rebellions? Why did Staff bite at it so quick? Do we really think fixing some wording in rules regarding activity checks that Staff hasn't done publicly in like 3 years will impact anything positively other than some house-cleaning?

Rebellions aren't perfect. They seem to me, a totally normal not-Staff person, like it's a grindfest of Reports and OOC animosity that... can also achieve it's goal, which also seems to me - a totally normal not-Staff person - that it helps promote organic growth and gives Minor Factions a bite of the map game while also promoting the tradition and immersion of Star Wars.

My sources tell me Staff even had a big debate on this earlier this year, which yielded some minor results.

The biggest question has always been, to me: How do we stop the OOC-troll/hate fueled Rebellions while promoting the organically fun Rebellions (and even more, make them more enticing to partake in instead of an "gdi not this again").

My answer/suggestion?

You Don't.

Unless you shelve Rebellions entirely, you're going to have to take the bad in with the good. And man, we've struggled so hard to make Rebellions work, and they *can* be fun a lot of the time.

So just add this very simple limitation:

A Minor Faction may only Rebel once in it's entire lifetime as a Minor Faction.

It finally gives Minor Factions something to lose - and makes it easier to track those you'd suspect of troublemaking, as they'd have to re-roll a Minor Faction every time they'd want to Rebel. That's pretty easy to track, and for the community to police itself.

It gives Minors that one trench run. That one chance. The shot for relevance - destroy the Death Star, form the Alliance. It also has almost no impact on the rest of the Rebellion rules.

Raise the stakes and take a shot.

technically i'm impersonating myself please stop telling me im in violation of general rule #6 you sheeple

Koda Fett

It was brought up earlier that monitoring the activity of each Minor Faction is a futile objective considering there are too many of them, and they continuously grow in number. Which is obviously fair. I don't know what it's like to be an Admin on Chaos, nor do I desire to be one. Although, is it possible to check the activity of a Minor Faction before allowing them to Rebel, have them present a recent thread or two that has happened within the past month? I feel as if it'd clear some air regarding that sore topic.


Self-Imposed Exiled
Sure, but only if you stop breaking rule 6 by impersonating Tefka, he is a very humble man that doesn't need the likes of you hurting his immaculate reputation. :mad:

Laira Darkhold

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Simple, streamlined. Not going to stop a group of folks that want to do more than one Rebellion. I don't mind the change, but what does it really accomplish other than more booking keeping (Keeping a list of which factions have initiated their once ever rebellion)

Sure do it, but so long as we all accept its eventually going to lead to cookie-cutter minor factions of the same group of people in order to circumvent that rule.
Totally A New Member
Darth Orthus said:
Simple, streamlined. Not going to stop a group of folks that want to do more than one Rebellion. I don't mind the change, but what does it really accomplish other than more booking keeping (Keeping a list of which factions have initiated their once ever rebellion)

Sure do it, but so long as we all accept its eventually going to lead to cookie-cutter minor factions of the same group of people in order to circumvent that rule.

Great point and question, [member="Darth Orthus"]..

And the uninitiated would try to circumvent it, but the reasoning behind it: It's created to be circumvented. Like a honeypot.

The SWRP Staff Team has always had the authority to deny any Invasion, Rebellion, Dominion, for any reason. Staff has absolute authority in these jurisdictions. The reason they don't exercise it is because they hold a high bar for proof that rules/mechanics/etc are being abused before they intervene and stop role-play. Staff has upheld these standards for a pretty long time.

The more one "circumvents" this rule, the closer Staff gets to "You and your friends are banned from launching rebellions because it's obvious you're abusing them."

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
If this restriction goes into effect, then I suggest we lift the current Rule that states Rebellions can only happen on a factions third(Sometimes fourth) dominion of the month.

Factions can already 100% avoid any rebellions at all by simply not doing a third dominion, and if this goes through Minor Factions would be more hesitant about pulling the trigger to do a dominion in the first place. Allowing them to do so on any Dominion I think would encourage it to happen more, thus encouraging more stories.

Captain Larraq

Ah yes, the never ending quest to constantly tweak the rules in the vague hope that someday, maybe, eventually, people will stop reporting each other over petty drama.

In this battle, sirs, I salute you all.

Zek Koth

Or, you know, people could just stop being snowflakes and see Rebellions, whether they like them or not, as opportunitues for fun RP.
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I support both this suggestion, and [member="Alric Kuhn"]'s suggestion to allow a rebellion to occur for any dominion. A good balance between organic occurrence of a rebellion, and limiting a minor faction from rebelling indefinitely.

A rebellion may begin, but it will be crushed... or be victorious for the first time.

A good example from canon, would be the battle of Yavin (I know Scarif was technically the rebellions "first victory" but spoilers, everyone dies so...), the rebellion had one shot to resist the empire and destroy the Death Star. Had they failed to do that, their rebellion would have ended as we knew. with Yavin and the alliance leadership destroyed in a green super-laser flash. However, since they succeeded, they became a major player in the fight against the empire, and eventually formed their own "faction", the New Republic.

Those are my thoughts :p

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
Yaaaaa... I haven't done a rebellion earnestly since Mimban, and I will already sit here and say that adding that to the rules would be short sighted and only cause people to not want to push RPs.

Some minor factions are built for rebellions, those like criminal ones or Rebel ones benefit greatly from being allowed to rebel multiple people and never take land. That was the point of that after all. And those who use rebellions to become majors, say they fail? Are you now going to tell them they can never rebel again because they had a good RP but their opponent had won a game of who had the better story.

I would say Kark No. Its short sighted and only benefits major factions to have rebellions only possible for a minor faction once in its life.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

Would you say the Rebel Alliance stayed minor after Yavin or did it become a major faction with the nomads mandate? :D

And would the Battle of Endor be a skirmish, a rebellion or an invasion?


Best Onion

Why not just remove influence clouds entirely?

I mean, keep a blank map with no influence clouds for reference but just remove the influence clouds.

That way major factions and minor factions and whoever wants to actually fight or whatever can have their own fights without all this drama over a map game.

We don’t really need influence clouds to do what we need to do. You can still have invasions threads as a neat prefix title where folk clash. And you can still do dominons but they are open public threads where anyone can attempt to crash the party.

All this drama back and forth over rebellions, invasions, and ultimately, these rules can easily be toned down simply by removing the influence cloud claim and fear of losing what was worked for.
Totally A New Member
Cira said:
Why not just remove influence clouds entirely?
what kinda mental gymnastics...


Allana Badeaux

Ta’a Chume – Queen Mother
Maybe I would.

Though getting back on topic…. We just changed the Rebellion rules and we have not had a Rebellion to under the new rules to see if the new rules have helped. Do we really wish to take away our roleplaying options? When I came back from a LOA I actually welcomed a Rebellion of Hapes. It was an opportunity not just for a bit of fun. It was an opportunity for everyone to get some development for their perspective story lines.

I some members within the Hapes Consortium that are a minor faction. There is a conservative group that dislikes the influence of outsiders. Their presence helps to keep the flavor of constant politics within the Consortium. If they can only Rebel once then it takes an edge away from the internal politics of the Consortium. Some of the fun is some of the pressure the Duch’as can put upon the Queen Mother.

So yes, the question is how we balance keeping our roleplaying options and ending some of the drama that comes with rping. In this particular case I’m unsure.

Captain Larraq

Chaos is a really weird place. Whole lot of obsession about who owns what hex on a map.

Honestly though, I don't really feel like there are enough people that take writing for a minor faction seriously enough to justify the Rebellion stuff.

It looks good on paper. But without a solid, sizable chunk of writers consistently writing characters that primarily identify as members of said minor faction... I just don't see any reason why they should be able to just pop up and piss on somebody's cereal via a Rebellion.

The only way I see a Rebellion being justified would be in situations where... A group (like a force order or a cult or a criminal syndicate or tribe of shebholes) with several writers actively and consistently roleplaying their characters at a specific location on a specific planet somehow decide that they don't want a dynamically opposing culture to come in and assume control of the planet they are roleplaying on.

So... Maybe what I am proposing is to remove rebellions entirely from the menu of "crappy conflicts people can start whenever they want" and put them on the top shelf where they can only be accessed with mommy and daddy's approval.

You want to initiate a Rebellion? Contact an admin and make a case for why your group has a legitimate (and current) claim to a planet.

Not a hex, but a single, specific planet.