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Manufacturer: Aether of the Iron Order, Valin Zenth
Market Status: Closed Market
Production: Unique
Height: Large
Weight: Very Heavy
Size: Large
  • Intent: An advanced droid body for the Iron Knight Aether to enhance his capabilities.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: Iron Knight, Assassin droid
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Fourth Degree / Class 4
  • Weight:Very Heavy
  • Height: Large,
  • Movement: Repulsorlift, Grav boots, Rockets, and Bipedal (Has spider like capabilities when all arms [6] are extended with the two legs + [6] deploy-able Grasping Tentacles.
  • Armaments: Various Modular Appendages / Hand Attachments. I.E. : Scomp Link [ Can be swapped out and interchanged. To be Determined in Load Out. ]
  • Misc. Equipment: Various Modular Items: I.E. : Basic droid scanners, including: Lifeform Scanner, Thermal Imaging Sensor , Multifrequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MTAS) , Holorecorder ect. [ Can be swapped out and interchanged. To be Determined in Load Out. ]
  • Resistances (Optional):
    • Emp: Low
    • Disruptiors: Very Low

Structure and Programs

Structural Features

  • Auto-balance leg: Auto-balance legs are droid components that help maintain stability and balance.
  • Large Frame works 7'6'': Ensures a sturdy and imposing structure that can house all components needed.
  • Grasping tentacle: Grasping tentacles are retractable droid manipulators used for attacking targets and handling objects.
  • Reinforced joints and servos for exceptional agility and strength: Enhances movement and strength.
  • Droid Components: Variable appendages with modifiable ends. Typically equipped with six Hands on the six main arms, with four that can fold back: Provides additional functionality and versatility. Has smaller utility arms equipped with various tools that fold up in to the arms.
    • Claw: A mechanical appendage designed for gripping and tearing.
    • Climbing Claws: Specialized claws that aid in climbing and gripping surfaces.
    • Hand: A versatile appendage designed to mimic the function of a human hand.
    • Instrument: An appendage designed for precise tasks, often used in medical or technical applications.
    • Magnetic Hands: Hands with magnetic capabilities for holding and manipulating metal objects.
    • Multifunction Apparatus: A versatile appendage capable of multiple functions and tasks.
    • Projectile Appendage: An appendage that can launch projectiles.
    • Probe: An extendable appendage used for exploration and data collection.
    • Quick-Release Coupling: A coupling mechanism that allows for quick detachment of appendages.
    • Remote Limb Control: A control system for operating limbs remotely.
    • Rocket Arm: An arm equipped with rocket propulsion for powerful strikes or movement.
    • Stabilized Mount: A mount designed to stabilize an attached appendage or device.
    • Telescopic Appendage: An extendable appendage for reaching distant objects or locations.
    • Tool: An appendage designed for a variety of mechanical tasks.
  • Advanced combat programs: Enhances combat efficiency with improved processing for battle scenarios.
    • Droid Combat Enhancement: Enhancements that improve a droid's combat capabilities, including weapons systems, armor upgrades, and combat algorithms.
    • Droid Fighting Upgrade: Upgrades designed to enhance a droid's fighting skills, making them more effective in combat situations.
    • Teräs Käsi: A martial art focused on unarmed combat, emphasizing agility, precision, and the ability to counter Force users.
    • Echani (Martial Art): A martial art practiced by the Echani, focusing on physical combat and the ability to predict an opponent's moves through combat.
    • Matukai: A Force-sensitive martial art that combines physical training with meditation to enhance the practitioner's connection to the Force.
    • Bakuuni Hand: An unarmed combat technique known for its quick, precise strikes and disabling maneuvers.
    • Unarmed Combat: Combat techniques that rely on the use of the body rather than weapons, focusing on strikes, holds, and grapples.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Close-quarters combat involving physical confrontations without weapons, emphasizing strikes, grapples, and throws.
    • Martial Artist: Individuals skilled in various forms of martial arts, trained in both physical and sometimes Force-based combat techniques.
    • Tae-Jitsu: A martial art that combines elements of physical strikes, defensive maneuvers, and agility.
    • Lightsaber Combat: Techniques and forms used by Force users to wield lightsabers effectively in combat.
    • Mystic Martial Arts of Squib Combats and Transactions: Unique combat styles used by Squibs that combine physical combat with their cultural practices.
    • Nerve Pinch: A technique used to incapacitate opponents by targeting specific pressure points on the body.

Programs and Databases

  • Business administration policies and procedures database: A business administration policies and procedures database helps personal secretary droids handle corporate administration duties.
  • Body language interpreter: A body language interpreter is a droid component that helps assassin droids read body language and avoid detection while tracking targets.
  • CodeRifter Encryption Equipment: CodeRifter Encryption Equipment is used in SB-20 Slicer Droids for espionage and encryption tasks.
  • Conflict-avoidance personality programming:Conflict-avoidance personality programming is a droid component that helps assassin droids avoid detection while tracking targets.
  • Education pack: Education packs are learning modules covering subjects like galactic history, sciences, languages, literature, cultures, and mathematics. Each droid can have up to three packs installed.
  • Espionage matrix: An espionage matrix is a droid component that converts protocol and service droids into espionage droids. These matrices are highly valuable on the black market.
  • Self-protection mode: Self-protection mode is droid programming that activates when a droid's physical integrity is threatened.
  • SecurityViolator security programming: SecurityViolator security programming is part of an illegal espionage and encryption package installed in slicer droids.
  • Learning chip: A learning chip is a droid component that enables a droid to learn tasks through repetition.
  • Guidance matrix: A guidance matrix is a system that directs medevac units to specific coordinates for medical extractions.
  • Universal Socket Interface: Allows connection to various devices.
    • Advanced_Appendage_Bus: The Advanced Appendage Bus (AAB) is a proprietary socket interface for connecting droid appendages, offering triple the data flow of the Universal Socket Interface.
  • GY-I data analysis software: GY-I data analysis software, produced by Cybot Galactica, assists droids in data collation and analysis tasks.
  • Initiative Unit: Enhances decision-making speed. The Initiative Unit is a component of a droid's Cogitative Theory Unit.
  • Languages database: Stores language data.
  • Logic and Processing Unit: Enhances logical processing.
  • Repair database: Contains repair protocols.
  • ROM: Read-Only Memory.

Utility Equipment

Security and Defense

Defensive Systems

Offensive Systems

  • Modular weaponry: Interchangeable weapon modules (blasters, vibroblades, non-lethal options).
  • Interference Generator: Disrupts enemy communications and electronics.
  • High-Energy Power Welder: Can be used as a weapon or for repairs.
  • Crushgaunt: Enhances grip strength, can be used offensively.

Communication and Interface

Communication Systems

Interfaces and Transceivers


Miscellaneous Items

Sensors and Vision

Visual Sensors

Audio Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Advanced Memory and Processing Package

Thought Processing

Memory Storage

Medical and Environmental

Upgrades and Enhancements

Sensors and Vision

Mobility and Stealth

  • Enhanced mobility with reinforced joints and servos: Improves movement capabilities.
  • Grav-Boots: Provides higher jumps and softer landings.
  • Magno-Grip Soles: Enables traversal of vertical grounds.
  • Servo wire: Provides enhanced movement control.
  • Stealth technology, including an integrated cloaking device and sound dampening systems: Enhances stealth capabilities.

Defense and Armaments

Information Storage and Processing

Data Security

Specialized Remote Interface

Multi-function Slicing Tool

Additional Features

Miscellaneous Systems

  • Compartment Space: Provides storage compartments.
  • Diagnostics Package: Conducts system diagnostics.
  • Spring-Loaded Mechanism: Enhances movement and deployment with spring-loaded systems.
  • Locked Access: Secures access points.
  • Secondary Battery: Provides backup power.
  • Self-Destruct System: Self-destruct mechanism.
  • Antitheft Locator: Locates stolen parts.
  • Audio Enhancers: Enhances audio capabilities. Boom Box !
  • Audio-Radial Stunner: Stuns targets with sound.
  • Automap: Provides automatic mapping.
  • Blaster Recharge Interface: Recharges blasters.
  • Collapsible Construction: Collapsible structural components
  • Concealed Item: Conceals items within the droid.
  • Courier Compartments: Storage for transporting items.
  • Credit Reader: Reads credit transactions.
  • Electric Defense Grid: An Electric Defense Grid enhances a droid's melee defenses by delivering an electric shock to attackers when the droid is hit in close combat.
  • Emergency Oxygen Supply: Provides emergency oxygen.
  • Hidden Holster: Concealed weapon holster.
  • High-Speed Cutting Torch and Welder: High-speed cutting and welding tool.
  • Holographic Game System: Projects holographic games.
  • Holographic Image Disguiser: Disguises appearance with holograms.
  • ID Dodge: Avoids identification. Some automated security systems check biometric data before granting access to an area. Droids cannot provide retinal scans, fingerprints, or other unique biological features. The ID Dodge simulates such information, allowing a Droid to access secure areas
  • Improved Coordination Circuitry: Enhances coordination.
  • Interference Generator: Disrupts communications.
  • Internal Defenses: Provides internal defense mechanisms. A Droid with Internal Defenses has built-in defenses that operate independently of the Droid.
  • Internal Grapple Gun: Internal grappling gun for mobility.
  • Mesh Tape Dispenser: Dispenses mesh tape.
  • Micro Shield: Provides a small, portable shield.
  • Multispectrum Searchlight: Multispectrum searchlight.A powerful spotlight that shines visible, infrared, or ultraviolet light.
  • Radiant Heat Element: Provides radiant heat.
  • Remote Viewer: Allows remote viewing.
  • Repulsorcam x6: Floating camera for surveillance.
  • Scomp Link: Interfaces with computer systems.
  • Silence-Bubble Generator: Generates a bubble of silence.
  • Space-Beacon Launcher: Launches space beacons. Space Beacons are used by pilots and flight crews to mark specific locations or to help navigate through hazardous areas of space.
  • Survival Kit: Contains survival tools.
  • Taser: Non-lethal weapon.
  • Video Screen: Displays video.
  • Voice-Print Command Lock: Locks commands with voice print.
  • Miniaturized Self-Destruct System: Small self-destruct mechanism.
  • High-tension Wire: Strong, versatile wire for various uses.
  • Grappling Spike Launcher: Launches grappling spikes for climbing.
  • Power Core: Central power source.
  • Deflector Shield: Provides a protective energy barrier.
  • Holoprojector: Projects holographic images.
  • Cloaking Device: Provides invisibility by bending light.
  • Sensor Deflector Net: Deflects sensor readings.
  • Sensor Mask: Masks sensor signatures.
  • Stealth Technology: Various technologies for stealth and concealment.
  • Shroud: Conceals presence from sensors.
  • Smoke Powder: Creates smoke screens for concealment.
  • Speech Scrambler: Scrambles speech to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Stealth Sensor Scrambler: Scrambles sensors to avoid detection.


  • Non-Dimetris Circuits : This modification ensures Cortosis will not short internals out.
  • Advanced Processing:
    • High-speed processor with combat, medical, language, and strategic programs.
    • Adaptive learning and memory capabilities.
  • Superior Sensors:
    • Multi-spectral vision, lifeform scanner, motion, and temperature sensors.
    • Advanced communication systems with HoloNet access.
  • Enhanced Mobility and Stealth:
    • Strong, agile with six arms (four foldable).
    • Grav-Boots and Magno-Grip Soles for versatile movement.
    • Cloaking and sound dampening for stealth.
  • Robust Defense and Armaments:
    • Energy shields, modular weapons, grappling hook, and high tension wire.
    • Efficient energy core for long operations.
  • Data Security:
    • Biometric lock, genetic scan, bio-hexacrypt, and ion scrambler.
    • Secure remote interface and slicing tools.
  • Extensive Information Handling:
    • Large memory and advanced databases.
    • Integrated recording and retrieval systems.
  • Specialized Capabilities:
    • Medical, repair, educational, espionage, and negotiation functions.
    • Versatile communication, translation, and diagnostics.

  • Just a Shell: This is a droid body and will not function with out Aether inserted with in, or manipulating it form another integrated droid station / shell.
  • Void Stone Vulnerability: Can be dampened or nullified by Void Stone.
  • Ysalamiri Effect: Can be dampened or nullified by presence of Ysalamiri.
  • Not Water Proof:
    • Does not come with a Flotation bag device. He will sink.
    • Not Water proof beyond 25 meters (82 feet) underwater, the pressure is significantly higher than at the surface due to the weight of the water above. Seals can not withstand pressure and break as they start to leak.
  • Complex Maintenance:
    • High complexity requires frequent maintenance.
    • Specialized parts are hard to replace in the field.
  • High Energy Use:
    • High-power systems consume a lot of energy.
    • Frequent recharging needed in demanding scenarios.
  • EMP and Ion Vulnerability:
    • Certain parts are susceptible to EMP and ion attacks.
    • Needs effective shielding and countermeasures.
  • Data Security Risks:
    • Sophisticated hacking could breach security.
    • Requires constant updates and security patches.
  • Physical Vulnerabilities:
    • Sensors and antennas are prone to damage.
    • Critical systems need protection.
  • Tech Dependence:
    • Relies heavily on technology, vulnerable to disruptions.
    • Needs backup systems for manual operations.
  • Environmental Sensitivity: Extreme environments, such as high humidity, sub-zero temperatures, or high-radiation areas, might affect the droid's performance, sensors, and structural integrity.
Description and History

The AX-01 Vanguard Mark I, designed for Aether, is a state-of-the-art droid body combining advanced technology with robust materials. Developed by Aether and Valin, this droid features a high-speed processor, adaptive learning, and comprehensive combat and medical programs. Its construction uses durable materials like Songsteel, Glasteel, Aerogel, Phrik, and Duraplast, ensuring resilience and versatility.

Performance and Functionality
The AX-01 excels in various functions. It has multi-spectral sensors, lifeform scanners, and motion detectors for superior situational awareness. Grav-Boots and Magno-Grip Soles enhance mobility, while deployable energy shields and modular weaponry provide strong combat capabilities. Advanced data security, including biometric locks and ion scramblers, protect sensitive information.

However, the AX-01 requires frequent maintenance and specialized parts, posing challenges in remote areas. Its high energy consumption necessitates regular recharging, and it remains vulnerable to EMP and ion attacks despite its defenses.

Potential Uses and Abuses
Designed for versatility, the AX-01 can be used in combat, reconnaissance, medical assistance, and strategic planning. However, its powerful capabilities could be exploited for malicious purposes if misused. Regular monitoring and updates are essential to ensure ethical operation.

Out Of Character Info

Intent: An advanced droid body for the Iron Knight Aether to enhance his capabilities.
Image Source(s):
Permissions: N/A
Primary Source(s):


Technical Information

Affiliation: Aether of the Iron Order, Valin Zenth
Model: AX-01 Vanguard Mark I
Modular: Yes
Material: Songsteel, Glasteel, Aerogel, Phrik, Duraplast,
Movement: Other (See Description)
Armaments: Modular weaponry with interchangeable weapon modules (blasters, vibroblades, non-lethal options)
Grappling Hook Launcher for versatility
High Tension Wire for versatility
Electric defense grid
Self-destruct mechanism/Legends
Pesticide dispenser
Trihexalon Sprayers
Links Have been provided in the Body.
Droid Classification: Fourth Degree
Miscellaneous Equipment:

Various Modular Items: I.E. : Basic droid scanners, including:
Lifeform Scanner,
Thermal Imaging Sensor ,
Multifrequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MTAS) ,
Holorecorder ect.
[ Can be swapped out and interchanged. To be Determined in Load Out. ]
Please Look under Special features for complete list of cannon features.

Defense Rating: Very High
Energy Resist: Very High
Kinetic Resist: High
Sonic Resist: Average
Thermal Resist: Average
Radiation Resist: Average
Other Resistance(s):

Emp: Low
Disruptiors: Very Low

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The color coordination and layout of the entire application make it easier for me to recognize and read. However, I can't color-coordinate text within the drop down fields themselves. Organizing it with unordered lists and indentation breaks up the text in a manner that's easy for me to digest, which is especially helpful for my dyslexia.

In the future, editing this or creating a new version would be more challenging for me if I remove sections from the body and rely solely on separate drop down fields. This format makes the text appear as more unified block sections, which is harder for me to read.

Perhaps I could rearrange the full-body template so that redundant information can be placed below or under a page break. This way, I can view my information for my own purposes in a way that's much easier for me, while everyone else can have the shorthand information they need presented first.

I am aware that it is not necessary and that it is redundant. Having everything in the body text format is easier for me to read. Would you like me to remove the redundancies, or can we find a compromise where I can still view them somewhere else?

Also I have noticed: The full text template has Height.
The drop down Fields have Height and Size. Should they be the same or similar, or can they be different?

I've added missing sections to the drop down fields that did not appear when first creating the post when editing this post. I've explained the specifics here.
T E R R A R I S - C O M M A N D
Factory Judge
Aether of the Iron Order Aether of the Iron Order

Omg, amazing work! I found some problems, these are links which ones are come from the SW RPG wikia and I can't accept these. We are accept only SW links from the or from the Wookieepedia. Because if this, I would like to ask you to delete these links or try to find the links to them on the Wookieepedia.
Remote Receiver: Receives remote data signals.

Matukai: A Force-sensitive martial art that combines physical training with meditation to enhance the practitioner's connection to the Force.

Armaments: Various Modular Appendages / Hand Attachments

Typically equipped with six Hands on the six main arms,

Advanced multi-spectral sensors: Provides enhanced vision across multiple spectra.

Improved Sensor Package: Upgrades sensory perception.

Shield Expansion Module: Enhances shield capabilities.

And in the Materials the Aerogel's link is an empty link, I would like to ask you to add the link to it.
Aether of the Iron Order Aether of the Iron Order

Omg, amazing work! I found some problems, these are links which ones are come from the SW RPG wikia and I can't accept these. We are accept only SW links from the or from the Wookieepedia. Because if this, I would like to ask you to delete these links or try to find the links to them on the Wookieepedia.

And in the Materials the Aerogel's link is an empty link, I would like to ask you to add the link to it.
This should be fixed
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