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Manufacturer: Force Forge Sabercraft, [Valin Zenth]
Type: Electronic
Market Status: Closed Market
Production: Limited
Weight: Average
Size: Average
  • - Significantly increased energy output
  • - Enhanced energy efficiency
  • - Advanced containment and stabilization
  • - Compatibility with standard and custom lightsaber hilts
  • - Long operational time
  • - Superior Energy Output: Provides an increase in energy output compared to the Ultimate Diatium Power Cell.
  • - High Efficiency: Offers an improvement in energy usage efficiency, allowing for longer operational time.
  • - Enhanced Stability: Advanced containment fields and stabilizers ensure safe and stable operation.
  • - Complex Production: The refinement and integration process for Isotope-5 and high-grade illerium is highly complex and requires specialized knowledge and equipment.
  • - Resource Scarcity: Isotope-5 and high-grade illerium are extremely rare and difficult to obtain, making the power cell challenging to produce in large quantities.
  • - High Cost: Due to the rarity of materials and complexity of manufacturing, the power cell is very expensive to produce.
The FFS-RIPC (Refined Isotope-5 Power Cell) is a cutting-edge advancement in lightsaber technology developed by members of Force Forge Sabercraft. Utilizing the rare and potent Isotope-5 and high-grade illerium, this power cell offers unparalleled energy output and efficiency. Enhanced with advanced containment fields and stabilizers, it provides superior performance while ensuring safety and stability. The refined Isotope-5 power cell significantly boosts the lightsaber's power, making it a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled Jedi.

The creation process involves refining Isotope-5 and high-grade illerium through particle bombardment techniques to increase their stability and channeling capacity. The final product integrates high-grade diatium and advanced components to handle the enhanced energy output. This power cell is ideal for high-intensity combat situations, providing the wielder with a powerful and reliable weapon.

The FFS-RIPC is a limited production item due to the complexity of its manufacturing process and the rarity of Isotope-5 and high-grade illerium. It is designed for those who demand the highest performance from their lightsabers and are willing to invest in the most advanced technology available.

Out Of Character Info

Intent: To create a refined Isotope-5 power cell for lightsabers that enhances energy output and efficiency, providing superior performance.
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Technical Information

Affiliation: Valin Zenth, Force Forge Sabercraft
Model: FFS-RIP-Cell (Refined Isotope-5 Power Cell)
Modular: No
Material: Refined Isotope-5 High-Grade Diatium High-Grade Illerium Advanced containment fields Inert power insulators Power field conductors
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