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Approved Planet Aurum

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the bedbound bard
*Image self-made
Name: Aurum.
Region: Wild Space.
System: Unnamed.
Suns: 1 G-Type Main Sequence Star: Ner.
Orbital Position: Centre of Habitual Zone.
Moons: One Natural Satellite: Kol.
Coordinates: T-25.
Rotational Period: 32 Hours.
Orbital Period: 451 Days.

Class: Terrestrial.
Diameter: 15,381 km.
Atmosphere: 1: Breathable.
Climate: Warm, yet Humid.
Gravity: Standard.
Primary Terrain: Vast Mountain Ranges, Encompassing Jungle-esque Terrain.
Native species: No Sentient Species’.
Native Fauna: Monkey-Lizard, Dire-Cat, Whisper Bird, Tejdóru, Moolkirook
Immigrated species: N.A
Primary languages: N.A
Government N.A
Spiritual Body: N.A
Population: No Sentients. Innumerable Fauna.
Demonym: Auru (ah-roo)
Major cities: N.A: The Aurum Enclave Is The Only 'Area'.
Major imports: Technology, otherwise Self-Sufficient.
Major exports: Adegan Crystals.
Affiliation: N.A

Culture: Having only recently been colonised this planet has no historical culture or traditions of its own. That being said, the Order which established itself upon Aurum has brought with it the Ancienty Traditions of the Je'daii Order, leaving it a very Religious and Spiritually based culture, with the emphasis made on self-fulfilment, betterment and study into the Force, amongst other arts. The colonists' guidance comes in the form of their Spiritual Leaders, the Masters of the Order, who form the Conclave of Elders, a highly respected group of Force Sensitives who oversee not only the Order but the community as a whole, as well as the care and protection of Aurum at large. All inhabitants adhere to the Je'daii way of life, including the Code, whether they are Force Sensitive or not, and they idolise the sun and the moon, named 'Ner' and 'Kol', viewing them as the embodiment of the Light and Dark Force aspects, as their predecessors did the twin moons of Tython. Heavily reliant on the planet itself, the colonists work the land in order to remain a self-sustaining community; all necessities, including clothes, weapons and tomes, are made by hand in one of the many Wings*, with the only import being specific technological needs where appropriate. When the Je'daii left Aurum, however, all sentient life was removed, leaving only the odd piece of evidence of how the culture had been.

Technology: Poor: The only technology present on Aurum is that which was brought by the members of the Je’daii Order, with the Aurum Enclave containing energy sources, not including the minor crystal caves which include the occasional power crystal. A lot of this was taken when the Je'daii left, but there is still some trace amounts of technology such as a crashed starship and a few data records.

History: Aurum was untouched by sentience for millennia, instead housing an array of fauna both categorised and uncategorised by the Galaxy at large. It was not until a minor group of Force-sensitive colonists arrived that it was even named, let alone placed on the Galactic Map. These Force-sensitives, followers of the Ancient Order of the Je’daii, named the planet after the destroyed City on Tython, known as Aurum, a reminder of their philosophical roots. It was not until more like-minded individuals joined their cause that these Force-sensitives opted to reform the Je’daii Order, long-since-dead, and take Aurum for their central world. Following the tradition of their predecessors, these modern-day-Je’daii, known collectively as the Reconstituted Je’daii Order, or RJO, viewed the bright sun as a reflection of Ashla and the always-shadowed moon as a reflection of Bogan, naming them Ner and Kol, literally meaning Light and Dark in the old-tongue. Here they established a monastic Order, complete with a nine-winged Temple, and sought to study the Force in all its many facets. The Je'daii remained for many years, but ultimately they began to disagree on the tenets of their Order. Rather than spark another Force War they calmly parted ways, leaving the planet completely. Their hidden sanctuary remained, but all sentient life left the planet, allowing it to return to its wild ways.

Notable PC's: [member="Mysa Vi'dreya"]; Kära Vi'dreya (deceased)

Intent: Originally to provide a neutral planet with which to establish the Reconstituted Je'daii Order, in place of the home of their predecessors, Tython. This will also set in motion long-term storylines for the Board at large.
the bedbound bard
@[member="Maria Zambrano"]

Done; tied up loose ends with regards to the Je'daii Order and added in another species food-source. The planet is once again wild and without sentience.
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