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Approved Location Ascalon Hub Alpha

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Enyo Typhos


: Expand on Tephrike and give Enyo a secret outpost for future rp.
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Military Base Name
: Ascalon Hub Alpha.
Classification: Outpost.
Location: Karbeas, one of the moons of Tephrike. The moon is located near the equator.
Affiliation: Enyo Typhos, Archangel Research and Design, Iron Fist Consortium, Revenant Industries, Typhos Clone Family.
Population: Sparse.
Demographics: Droids, HRDs and organic prisoners of various races.
Accessibility: The base is well-concealed and owned by a notoriously private, paranoid Cyborg with a strong dislike of trespassers. Moreover, it has been erected on the moon of a remote planet that has been isolated from the rest of the Galaxy for centuries. It is naturally concealed by being located in a valley. Moreover, most of the base is located underground, housed within an artificially enhanced cavern system. Archangel has set up turrets and laid mines to protect it. The base's concealment is enhanced by a full suite of electronic countermeasures. It is also lined with anti-sensor camouflage netting. The base is coated in Nightshadow and equipped with sensor bafflers. These ensure that even dedicated sensor ships will have trouble spotting it. It also has an optical shield and electromagnetic shielding. Only authorised personnel are granted access to the base. Archangel subscribes to the school of thought that good fences make good neighbours and has a very aggressive policy when dealing with trespassers: They are either shot or stunned, restrained and processed.

Description: Ascalon Hub Alpha serves as a base of operations, listening outpost and processing facility for Archangel. It is located on inhospitable Karbeas, one of Tephrike's moons. The base's existence is only known to a select few in Enyo's organisation, as the Cyborg believes in need to know basis. Like any listening post, the base allows Archangel to observe events and eavesdrop on subspace and HoloNet communications in the sector. Moreover, it enables the machine cult to monitor the ongoing conflict on Tephrike. Listening equipment has been installed to this end. It can also theoretically serve as a redoubt of sorts, though that is not its intended purpose at present. But it helps that the Sivas system has been isolated for a very long time. The majority of Ascalon's population consists of droids. However, it also has unwilling organic guests in form of prisoners who are kept to be processed into machines.

The base is separated into two parts. One is located above ground, the other beneath. The former comprises the greenhouse and solar panels. Moreover, it includes the listening equipment that is scattered across the moon. Antennae are distributed across the surface and in space. There are big receivers on the base, but the actual decryption occurs below ground. The underground facilities constitute the heart of the base. The inside of the base is extremely utilitarian, even Spartan. Enyo was raised in a quasi-monastic way. In stark contrast to her template Siobhan, she has no appetite for creature comforts or luxury. Because the main occupants are machines, the base lacks the amenities an organic facility would have. It still has proper temperature though. The HRDs use organic coverings, and having an atmosphere helps keeping it from degrading. However, it has less atmosphere than an organic facility would have.

Greenhouse: This installation belongs to the part of the base that is located above ground. Here Archangel grows crops to ensure its prisoners do not die before they are ready to be processed. It uses solar energy and extracted atmospheric moisture from the air.
Solar panels. Located above ground.
Listening equipment: Listening devices in form of full-spectrum transceivers are scattered over the surface, in space as well as on neighbouring moons and asteroids to triangulate signals and increase uptake.
Transmitters: There is a subspace antennae on a satellite in orbit with a backup on the ground.
Landing Bay: Can be concealed under a faux surface to allow ships to land. Small, foldable droid
starfighters can be stashed to provide better concealment and economise on space.
The Cells: Organics captured or purchased are imprisoned here before being processed. This clean, sterile area is able to hold up to one hundred organics at a time. Disobedience or escape attempts are punished with a swift execution or processing. In case of a breakout attempt or external assault, the cells are able to disperse poison gas to liquidate prisoners if required.
The Processing Machines: The Elysium base contains two Mk I processing machines. These devices are used to process organics beings into HRDs. Each machine can process ten organics per day.
The Mines: Archangel does some mining in the caves, though this is on a small scale. In theory an infiltrator could use the myriad caverns and tunnels to approach the base, but finding one's way is not easy. Archangel has also left traps behind and conducts regular patrols.
The Forge: A fancy name for a factory used to create and repair droids. It has been established in the depths of the underground base. Production is small in scale, and mainly focussed on producing the HRD parts needed for the processing machines. Other droid models can also be produced, but the output is not large enough to churn out droid legions. Large scale production would require expansion and thus increase the risk of discovery. Molecular furnaces assist with fabrication and recycling, icluding that of superfluous organic bodies. Enyo dislikes wastefulness. The cyborg is a strong supporter of sustainable development and renewable resources.
Panopticon: Located underground. This is the heart of Archangel's surveillance activities. Anything that the machine cult's electronic monitoring activities uncover ultimately finds its way here. It is dedicated to receiving, sorting, analysing and storing intelligence. This is where the actual decryption takes place. The entire staff is automated. This means they do not need to sleep and will work overhours without grumbling. Has a hologram projection pod.
Elysium: Deep beneath the earth, close to the Panopticon, lies Enyo's private sanctuary. True to her quasi-monastic upbringing, it is extremely Spartan. It has an office and a control room that allows her to monitor what is happening on the base and its surroundings. In addition, it comes equipped with a meditation chamber and a private armoury. The bunker has a HoloNet connection. All communication is heavily encrypted. The sanctuary's defences include a disruptor security beam.
The Reactor: A hypermatter reactor powers the Ascalon base from its core deep below the earth, beneath the main areas of the base. It is well protected from anything but a BDZ attack or internal sabotage. Has Agrinium shielding.

Ascalon Hub Alpha is well-defended, but its greatest strength lies in its obscurity and concealment, not in a huge garrison or raw firepower. It has the following defence assets:
In addition to the natural concealment provided by its location, the base has a full suite of electronic countermeasures and anti-sensor camouflage netting. This helps keep it off the radar. An optical shield is deployed in concert with an electromagnetic shield. The former distorts visual observation, the latter deflects sensors. Moreover, the base is coated in Nightshadow and equipped with sensor bafflers. These measures keep it from being immediately detected by sensors. Ion-scramblers have also been set up to scramble the source of communications leaving the base. This ensures that outsiders cannot track the location of the signal's origin point.
Enemies who make it to the ground or attempt to attack from the air will have to overcome a score of recessed Preserver Defence Turrets, missile launchers and quad lasers. These are strategically placed to provide covering fire arcs. These defence guns are concealed if they are not in use. Mines have also been laid.
A squadron of droid starfighters is stationed in the concealed bay.
Monofilament security guards, mesh traps and monofilament wires are used for perimeter security outside the base. Such traps can also be found in caves. Ventilation shafts are filled with locked grates, motion sensors and extremely narrow, with a lattice of crosshatched, intersecting planes made of turadium, There are also traps for the intrepid adventurer. In short, this is not the place to sneak in through ventilation shafts or use them to make a daring escape.
There is only one conventional entrance; located in the canyon. It has a
fence, is sealable and has a turadium gate. It is hard for people to climb it as they would need to be armoured or be in a sealed suit to breathe.
Inside the base intruders would have to deal with security cameras, an auto-turret network, motion sensors, sonic projectors and ray shields. The most critical blast doors are made of turadium. This material is very difficult to cut through, even for lightsabres. Moreover, security blast doors and air locks can seal off areas of the base and vent them of oxygen if needed. Droids do not breathe, after all. Furthermore, gas can be released into the prison cells to eliminate prisoners if need be. Shock-filaments help stop would-be escapees. The security checkpoints inside the base include powerful scanners. These are located at crucial intersections and apertures.
The sensor array includes hyperwave signal interceptors.
Finally, the base maintains a garrison that includes
battle droids, Overlords and HRDs. Droids cannot be bribed, don't slack on the job and don't demand extra pay for overhours. Or get paid at all.


After Enyo succeeded in overthrowing her Creators and taking control over Archangel, she had to ponder a very pressing question: What would she do now? Ever since she managed to escape from Archangel's grip, she had dedicated herself to getting revenge and saving her clone siblings. To accomplish this goal, she sacrificed morality in favour of expediency. She helped the Sith Empire unleash zombies on Mirial and burn Thyferra. She made a deal with the Contingency to strike a blow against Archangel. Then betrayed them, helped kill their leader and stole some of their resources once she realised they were insane...and that she did not need them anyore. She amassed followers and funds by founding a criminal mafia. She made a pact with the Kraal, a race of barbaric, slave-holding lizardmen, to gain access to their warriors.

In the end, she prevailed. Was it worth it? She was certain it was. Now that she had achieved victory, she had to decide what to do with it. Though she felt empathy for few organics beyond her siblings, Enyo had no desire to continue Archangel's genocidal schemes. She lacked the vainglorious desire to exact her will upon the Galaxy. At this stage she was more machine than human and most organic affairs left her with a feeling of disinterest.

So she decided that Archangel would spread to the remote corners of space. The Galaxy was huge and only a fraction of its worlds had been discovered, colonised and exploited. It would be easy to find colonise places where organics would never set foot because while there were resources, the conditions were too inhospitable to support organic life. A mechanical society built upon logic and reason did not need to on a galaxy-wide killing spree to butcher organics. Enslaving them was just as illogical because sooner or later they would rebel. Moreover, droids were more efficient servitors anyway. To a degree Enyo was inspired by the efforts of the early Contingency. Back when it decided to build an insulated society for Shards after fleeing Palpatine's Purge. Before it changed gears and built a genocidal death fleet.

And so Enyo dispatched probe droids and scout ships to scour the remote corners of the Galaxy for suitable areas to set up listening posts, boltholes, bases and factories. One of them stumbled upon the Sivas System, and so Enyo learned of Tephrike. Much to her surprise, Firemane Industries had arrived as well, Indeed, she learned that Firemane was at war with one of the riven factions of the planet, the Jedi-led Dominion of Light, a totalitarian theocracy. This was very ironic since Enyo is the clone of Siobhan Kerrigan, Firemane's autocratic leader.

Enyo's original instinct was to let the system be and move on, but a part of her was intrigued. Her scouts learned that though a war-torn hellhole, the planet possessed resources such as rare ores. Moreover, the system had moons, asteroids and other worlds that had been untouched. So Enyo had her minions set up a small listening post in secret. She also dispatched some agents to Tephrike's surface. Her operatives stayed clear of the fighting, but were able to capture and 'persuade' some natives to tell them about Tephrike and its conflicts. The reports she received were deeply conflicting, but she learned enough for her to understand that Firemane had apparently negotiated with the Dominion, but then fighting had broken out and now the corporation was backing anti-Dominion insurgents. While Tephrike's civil war swallowed countless souls on both sides, Enyo sat back and observed.

The base was expanded to house a garrison of droids, a processing facility and a manufacturing area. The outpost gives Archangel a foothold in the region, allows it to observe events and gives them the means to expand if they desire. The machine cult has already begun to explore other areas in the Sivas System and beyond. In time Enyo decided that the bloodletting on Tephrike could be beneficial to her. She had no interest in conquering the planet, but she had no qualms about making a profit. And so her HRD agents ended up making contact with the Dominion, which had undergone a regime change and come under the control of a more rational dictator, Battlemaster Mahtara. The outpost's location was kept a secret.
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