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Ivy Lasranae

Underworld Credits
NAME: Ivy Egris Lasranae | Codename: Hazel | AKA Hazel Scheler
FACTION: The Protectorate
SPECIES: Epicanthix
AGE: 72
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5’8’’
WEIGHT: 175lbs
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Fair


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Strong of Heart: Ivy has a deep-set moral standard that she is hard pressed to break. She stands for the good of others at base level, but after so many years has come to learn that pain and suffering often go hand-in-hand with maintaining a moral highground. Regardless of maintaining balance, she always opts to do what is right.

Strong of Body: Granted by her warrior heritage, the near-human race is inherently strong and agile. Ivy boasts a strength that is above average for a woman her size, but generally not any moreso than a human man of equivalent stature. Where she excels is her speed and agility – which comes naturally and is not a manifestation of Force enhancement.

Strong of Mind: An inherited trait of her race – Epicanthix possess a rare genetic immunity to Force-assisted mental tricks, influence, domination and mind reading.

Strong in Arms: Boasting a skillset learned and improved upon since her childhood, Ivy is not only quite adept at handling a gun but melee weapons as well. Her combat skills are nothing to sniff at though her style relies heavily on maintaining high ground and some form of mechanical advantage.

Weak of Confidence: Both in her own abilities and in others. Ivy has developed a deep-seeded mistrust of Force Users, and has grown paranoid over the years. There are few she feels confident enough in to rely upon for anything. Her lack of confidence in her self stems from many failures of her past. She tends to flounder when she has no direction or purpose.

Weak of Fortitude: Ivy’s a broken person, leaving her emotionally scarred and vulnerable. Her paranoia doesn’t help her much in this regard and can tend to make her a bit unstable even when she means well. Ivy is easily overcome by a looming depression she's fought against since awakening from stasis.

Merciful & Humane: Killing is not in Ivy's blood. Given a choice she won't do it, but given no option it tears her to pieces. She's exceedingly hard pressed to harm a child or anyone that obviously can't defend themselves - her instinct is to protect these types of people, not the other way around.

Maternal: Ivy has a strong desire to care for others and would go out of the way to help someone, even a complete stranger, if she thought there was a need. Often she will put others before herself, which can at times be of detriment to her life and health, somehow though she always seems to make it by.

Modern Mind: A person of modern technology, the arcane or mystical confuses her and she has a very difficult time understanding it, leading her to dislike it in most cases.

VCX-820 Escort Freighter named "The Egris" DESTROYED

Haven Shipyards AT-120 Freighter - Unnamed, containing an AI built around the Holocron of Jedi Master Brom Burnside

Unique Belongings:
Vor'cha Stun Stick - Aing-Tii technology. These appeared to be wooden sticks wrapped in some kind of wire that could deliver a powerful energy charge, rendering a victim unconscious. The Vor'cha were able to penetrate armor and electrocute a victim regardless of what he or she was wearing.

Born during the first stages of the Gulag Virus, Ivy’s home world of Panatha was fortunate enough to remain untouched for many years. Her people survived by closing off galactic boarders as the Gulag Virus spread. Isolation was the best ally and gave them a chance to fortify themselves against the growing chaos abound. Ivy was not a child from a noble family or even one of any particular renown – but her people were a warrior type and her family was one of sure hearts and good intentions. She, alongside her several brothers and sisters, grew to be strong fighters. Her childhood years were spent strengthening her mind – her teen years were then spent honing her body for battle. As a young adult epicanthix, Ivy graduated with high honors and joined the ranks of her kin within a group of specialized warriors known as the Protectors.

The Gulag Virus finally struck Panatha and Ivy was given her first test amongst her own kind. Though Panatha had been given time to prepare, much like the rest of the galaxy chaos was not far behind the plague. Millions died in the weeks to follow, including her parents. When order had finally been restored on Panatha, The Protectors were sent aid further outreaching epicanthix territories such as the ones on Bunduki and other neighboring systems. They picked up new members along the way, one such included a young Lorrdian named Dr. Siburne from whom Ivy learned the unspoken language of “kinetic communication.”

The group traveled far and wide now as the need called for it, bringing humanitarian aide to any planet they could. This took them far out into the unknown regions, to planets that had been ravaged by the Virus but were too far from the core to get any real help. Ivy, her siblings, the Doctor, and others who had joined in the Protectorate found themselves facing a unique situation – handing out synthetic blood to a vampiric race of people she’d never once even heard about. The danger was never so evident until a run-in with a local crime lord that went by the name of King and they learned quickly just what these people known as Garhoons were capable of while in the throes of bloodlust. Ivy lost her older brother in the first scrap against King’s group and many other close friends in the constant attacks that followed. Dr. Siburne was badly wounded in one event, later dying from trauma - devastating Ivy for the implications of these monsters slaughtering someone who could not defend herself and was only trying to help.

In the throes of a growing anger Ivy made the bad decision to track down Siburne's killers on her own. She was found out, cornered, and attacked by a woman who she later learned to be named @[member="Sephoria"]. The pair came to blows and though Sephoria was larger and stronger in stature, she was little match against Ivy's speed and highly trained combat skills. Sephoria was soon pinned beneath her and Ivy for the first time in her life was ready to take the life of another in cold blood - something she likely would have come to regret had it not been for a man named Samson, Sephoria's brother. He broke them apart and disarmed Ivy both physically and mentally. Her group had been under attack of the Garhoons for so long she'd began to lose sight of what she was there for and the larger threat of the galaxy. At the sound of more criminals on the way Samson offered to help her escape, and though wary and mistrustful of him Ivy conceded.

Reuniting with the main group of Protectors, Samson was immediately apprehended for questioning. Ivy was not keen on trusting the man, and indeed she did not for some time as he traveled with them to several other large cities. The man was well behaved despite being held prisoner and offered to help them in their humanitarian efforts as a translator and quasi-ambassador to his people. Eventually he was freed from his tethers and, by his request, granted membership to The Protectors. A friendship formed between the two and soon the distrust no longer remained. Ivy even agreed to let the man seek out his sister one last time before The Protectors left to aide other planets.

After leaving things changed quickly. Samson and Ivy worked well as a team, forming a fast and intense bond. They, along with the other Protectors, met challenges and faced disastrous events together. They experienced the holocaust that was the Gulag Virus first hand and saw, from planet to planet to planet, the carnage and horror left behind. When nearly every planet they met was dead and hope seemed all but lost they decided to get married. Because, hell, life as they were learning was simply too short.

The timing perhaps could not have been better...or worse, depending on who you ask. The Protectors had taken a wrong turn into unfriendly territory where help was not wanted. They clashed with a group of terrorists known as Splinter Arc, and in their attempt to free an innocent population of the Arc's destructive tyranny found themselves overcome by strange and arcane forces far beyond their knowledge or control. They spent months waging guerrilla warfare against Splinter Arc and, after calling in reinforcements managed to have the terrorirsts on the run. In a last ditch effort to regain face, the Arc's leader, a man by the name of Lord Salas wielding dark powers, scattered the Protectors with an explosive storm attack. Ivy doesn't recall much of what happened afterwards, she was badly injured and woke up a week later to learn that they'd managed to run Splinter Arc off planet but that many Protectors had gone missing in the event, including Samson.

Crushed beyond comprehension, Ivy, now the senior of the mercenary group, lead them in a chase across the galaxy after Splinter Arc. The terrorist group, however, had different plans and made themselves scarce. Try as they might to track them down, the Protectors were unsuccessful. Ivy remained determined and turned her efforts to tracking down someone else: Sephoria. She had learned during her short time on the Garhoon home planet that family ties within noble Houses were quite strong, and that if you wanted to find a particular person your best bet was to start with the family.

Ivy found her working with a rival group of Mercs called The Frenzy and arranged a chance encounter. The Protectors moved to intercept the group on a supply run and wasted no time reining them in. They cornered Sephoria at Ivy's command and stood back as she attempted to communicate with her. Ivy's Garhalic was never quite fluent and not to mention rusty from no practice since their first encounter. All she managed to garner from Sephoria was rage and the garhoon quickly attacked as soon as recognition lent itself. Again the two fought but this time Ivy was no longer with the upper hand. Not only was she trying to peacefully get Sephoria's attention but the woman had learned some new skills since their first dance. As Seph digressed deeper into bloodlust Ivy became more desperate to connect - practically screaming at her while trying to defend herself. Attempts to make peace were shattered when the garhoon pinned her and moved for the killing blow. Urged by the need to survive and to make Sephoria listen, Ivy began screaming Samson's name at her as a last resort. Even enraged, family always made the connection and suddenly Seph stopped long enough to be disarmed.

After catching her breath and getting to her feet, now with Sephoria's full attention, Ivy explained to her what had happened: Samson was missing and she needed help finding her husband. This last piece of information seemed to flick a curious switch with the garhoon who broke down in a show of emotion Ivy had not even thought her capable of.

Seph agreed then to help Ivy find Samson and begrudgingly joined The Protectors in their efforts. She refused to wear the white armor, though.

Taken from Sephoria's Bio with permission:

The target didn’t hide himself in the shadows. The man referred to himself as Lord Salas, and led a terrorist group called Splinter Arc. He had taken Samson prisoner to humiliate the Protectors when they ran afoul of Splinter Arc. Ivy spoke of the powers he was able to summon through the force. They assumed that Salas was a powerful Sith Lord, but either way he was able to overwhelm them easily enough. Several of their number had been killed in the exchange.

Sephoria and Ivy hunted Splinter Arc agents for two years before they finally managed to track down Lord Salas’ personal transport. There the sisters stormed the ship with what few Protectors remained. The battling was fierce, and the Lusranae sisters were able to take much ground from Salas’ forces. However, they couldn’t get past his powers. They were routed just as they got a glimpse of Samson frozen in carbonite. Sephoria’s brother was being kept as a trophy. The Protectors had been a thorn in this man’s side and he chose to laugh in their face in this way.
For the second time in her life Ivy was ready, and willing, to kill. Try as they might they were no match for the man's powers. Ivy didn't want to give up but Sephoria knew better - the garhoon dragged her epicanthix sister from that battle and into Salas' personal escape pod. Ivy was furious with her despite the fact that both had been badly wounded. In a last row between them Sephoria settled their differences by forcing Ivy into a cryostasis chamber within the pod. With no habitable planets nearby, it was the only choice that would enable them to live and fight another day.

50. 90. 100. 200. 300. 400 years? When the stasis chambers opened again Ivy and Seph found themselves in a galaxy no longer ravaged by the Gulag Virus and, as it turned out, on the upswing of recovery. It was...almost impossible for her to grasp, given the time that she had lived and the things she had seen and experienced. With the knowledge that any trace of friend or family were completely gone and knowing the reason for it, Ivy could no longer stay in the presence of Sephoria - the pain was too much to bare. The sisters went their separate ways.

Ivy managed to find herself another band of Mercs to work with. The money wasn't great and their morals were questionable, but her own had taken a hard beating as her new reality sank in. They traveled across the stars, and though the wonders of this revived galaxy were like a thing of dreams, all Ivy ever dreamed about was that night on Salas' ship and seeing Samson frozen in carbonite. For a while she drowned her depression with booze and pain. Taking any challenging job that was offered for the opportunity to die a noble or somewhat honorable death, but her anger didn't want to let her give up so easily. Her travels took her many places, and it was far in the uncharted wild space that she heard whispers of a man named Lord Salas again.

Her resolve found itself immediately repaired. It was a long shot, after so much time, but if she could have survived in cryo then so, Ivy decided, could have he. Even if Samson had been discarded centuries ago, she would track down this Salas and reap her vengeance on him. Then, perhaps, she might be able to die with a clear conscience.

Leaving the Merc group behind, Ivy hopped a ship carrying refugees to Kal'Shebbol where she hoped to purchase a ship. The voyage was interrupted by pirates seeking to kidnap refugees to sell as slaves on the black market. Ivy being Ivy, of course, did what she could to stop it but being rather uneducated with current technology and weapons aside from her jaunt with the Mercs found herself overwhelmed, wounded, and captured as well. Curiously enough the pirates would not make off with their plunder - a strange group of rescuers arrived, creatures she later learned were called the Aing-Tii.

Battle ensued on the freighter between the pirates and the Aing-Tii who, despite their own powerful weaponry and mysterious ability to appear out of thin air, were quite overwhelmed by the vast numbers of pirates. Ivy and her fellow prisoners were found by an Aing-Tii soldier who worked quickly to free them but was stunned by a pirate. Ivy moved to protect the creature, taking up its weapon to fight back. She couldn't hold out long, as she was bleeding quite profusely, but help arrived just in time.

The Aing-Tii seemed moved by her efforts, taking the woman in under their charge to heal her. But even after her physical wounds were healed they seemed insistant that she stay - her mental wounds were far from mended. So she stayed on with them, learning once more how to find even the smallest sentiment of peace. They could not cure her of her depression, but they did manage to help her learn to overcome the anger simmering within.

Ivy had no intention of staying with them longer than need be and took her first chance to leave when it presented itself: an envoy of people under the banner of the Moross Crusade. The Aing-Tii gifted her with a Vor'cha Stun Stick and the knowledge that should she ever need a home that she was welcome to return.

Armor Reference


Beast Commands Reference

High-pitched, long whistle - Recall command.
High-pitched, 3 short whistles - Hide/take cover.
Hau - Hold, stay, calm. Chill the feth out.
Suut - Command for retrieving an object, typically given with a pointing motion of a weapon.
Lutz - Sit/down.

Mercenary Agenda
Rule #12: Never disclose client information.
Rule #23: Follow the mission parameters.


Full left arm. Partial shoulder and rigcage reconstruction. Left lung replacement.
Right leg from mid-thigh down.
Right eye: full replacement with far-infrared, ultraviolet, and nightvision settings.
Right ear: full replacement of eardrum and cosmetic reconstruction with internal cybernetic implants for enhanced listening capabilities, language translator and internal comm link.
Minor jaw and cheekbone reconstruction.


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