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Alexis Braend

Alexis Braend

Rough Rider

NAME: Alexis Braend
RANK: Assassin
AGE: 23
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 130lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brunette
SKIN: Olive


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Infiltrator - She is adept at using illusions and mind tricks to influence the senses of others.
+Lightwhip - Through years of extensive training, Braend has gained the skill to wield the infamous lightwhip, a weapon notorious for its high level of difficulty.
+Vixen - she uses her feminine wiles as a weapon.
-Shadow Fighter: she is not skilled at fighting on the open battlefield, or in a warzone
-Lone Wolf: she is extremely independent and does not work well with others

She usually wears darker toned clothing and vibroweave armor, however, when attending events or surveying potential marks, Alexis tends towards flashier clothing styles and colors which showcase her femininity in a way that distracts her targets. Her hair is always worn loose or in a braid with a devaronian blood poison imbibed hairpin situated within the strands.

The product of an illegitimate union, Alexis Braend was always treated worse than the dogs that roam the streets. Her two brothers, Kane and Ryan, spent much of their childhood inflicting as much physical and psychological damage as possible, emulating the behaviors of the children's military father and heiress mother. Braend's father was the worst of the lot. His military background had crafted him into a hardbody, a man whose emotions had been denied for so long that he had long ago lost the ability to express himself outside of combat situations. Prior to Alexis' birth, her mother Katrina was the only person to ever reach the man within the shell. However, after he discovered her treachery, her adultery, Hawk Braend completely shut himself off from the world, from his family. His interactions with everyone became harsher, and the daughter who should have been his bore the brunt of his callousness. The only interest he ever showed towards the girl was to teach her everything he knew about fighting. One benefit to this home life was that Hawk was never afraid of causing her pain. His sometimes cruel method of combat training taught Alexis to hide any pain she may feel, to never back down, and to win at whatever cost. Because of her father, she quickly learned that opponents may come in many shapes and sizes, but none will hesitate to hurt her if given half the chance. Katrina, on the other hand, showed even less of an interest in the children than her husband. Half her days were spent luxuriating outside underneath the blazing sun, while the other half were spent picking up random strangers off the street to keep as her flavor of the week. Katrina never once acknowledged her children outside of social occasions, but never hesitated to utilize them as a means of sympathy from fellow heiresses about how low she'd sunk by marrying a military man.

After her father's death, Alexis was approached by a man with whom he had worked. The man offered her a choice: She could become an assassin, or she could be assassinated as her father had been when he refused to cooperate with the plans of his corrupt commander. Alexis quickly chose life. Her first assignment led her to the home of a well-known collector of rare and valuable weapons. Surprisingly, the kill went down easily, and Alexis left the scene with one of the man's weapons in her possession: a lightwhip of green hue with a single tail.

Starfighter, Compound Bow, Lightwhip





Ashin Varanin

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@[member="Alexis Braend"]
Well, only a Sith deals in absolutes...so yes, my concept of 'fixing' is a bit different from the definition you'd get anywhere else.

But it's necessary.


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Ashin Varanin said:
Well, only a Sith deals in absolutes...so yes, my concept of 'fixing' is a bit different from the definition you'd get anywhere else. But it's necessary.
Very much so.

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