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Alderaan, Organa, Jedi, the Republic? All Words of Nobility and of Moral Virtue?

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Theo made his way through the hall way of the great Coruscant Jedi temple. A meeting was requested by the young Alderaan Duke. Along the walk Theo’s thoughts were not on the marvelous architecture of the massive Jedi temple. His mind was partially on what he was about to say to the Jedi Council.

His mind was upon the long noble history and traditions of the House of Organa. The tragedy and history it had over came to be here today. To Alderaan being destroyed by a Death Star to it being rebuilt. His family’s support of the Old Republic and to the Jedi Order of the Old Republic. The instrumental part his family played in the formation of the Rebellion and death of Emperor Palpatine. Its role and support in the reformation of the New Jedi Order spanning through history tell today.

Then there was the tragedy that had befallen the Great Noble House of Organa when his mother and his Aunt Rianna were just kids. His grandparents, aunts, uncles, and extended relatives all murdered in one night. Only his mother and Aunt Rianna had managed to survive. Today there was only six living family members left in the galaxy. Rianna, Arianna, Theo, Faith, Arla, and Bud was all that was left.

In Theo’s mind he believed his Aunt Rianna to be one of the greatest Jedi Healers of her time. It would have been a crime to distract his aunt by family politics. It would have been a crime to neglect the position the Organa’s family played within politics. Theo believed this. He also believed being a carrier politician was no place for a Jedi. Politics was a dirty game. A slippery slope for a Jedi.

It was not a easy choice for Theo. Once a member of the Jedi Order Theo resigned and severed himself from the Force. Once a Knight he left that world behind to become the politician not just his family needed but the galaxy. Was not a life of sacrifice part of being a Jedi? Theo made that sacrifice and disconnected himself from half of his heritage. How many Kashi was left in the galaxy? Theo only knew of a few and there was one less on connected to the Force. There was days he felt half of himself missing. Still he carried on making that sacrifice. He did not know how the Council would react to him. He did not even know how he would feel about a member of the Jedi Order disconnecting themselves and leaving the Order. Here he was though with a important note of discussion to speak with the Jedi Council.

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Carn Dista

Politics. The least enjoyable of all duties, yet unfortunately a necessity for the Jedi Order. It was Carn's view that such things were best left far removed from the Order, so that it could focus on it's primary mandate. Still. Here he found himself, sat in his regular seat in the council chambers, awaiting the arrival of yet another politician.

Carn was sorely tempted to abstain from his duty, and return to the more simple pursuits of furthering his ability with a lightsaber, yet he had heard rumor that this particular politician used to be of the Jedi Order, and had become intrigued and decided that he would indeed be present for this. It was a decision that he already had minor regrets about, having realised that it would involve the tiresome dance of words that snake-in-the-grass politicians enjoyed so much...
Being in charge of the Council of Reconciliation, it was essential that Kiskla be present for whatever this summoning was. She had been offered this position because of her impressive prowess in the political arena; she had a smart tongue and wasn't afraid to use it to her advantage. She was a Jedi of mentality, and even without celestial inspiration mind games were her schtick.

She arrived shortly after @[member="Carn Dista"], relatively discomforted at the Council's lack of ability to arrive cohesively as one. Oh well, they were powerful, but they were only human. Within moment's of her arrival, the blonde's long legs were folded on her typical seat. With her shoulders back, she erected her spine and nodded at @[member="Thedosius"] who had requested an audience with them. To be honest, she hadn't invested any of her usual curiosity into this case and had no knowledge on the man's history nor motivation to request their presence other than his brief mention of being a former member of the Order.
Ossus had changed the man. Or so it looked.

Last time Josh had been part of a Council summoning, his hood was over his head and face. His hair was unkempt, his eyes showed nothing but exhaustion and misery. But whatever happened on Ossus, had changed the Jedi's demeanor.

Stepping into the Council chambers, his head and face in full view, came in Josh DragonsFlame. His head was up straight, his eyes showed nothing but determination to get down to business. He walked almost triumphantly as he made his way to his seat. The old nature of DragonsFlame was back in full swing, it seemed. He gave Kiskla a slight smile as he took his seat.

Ah, politics. He ha-Well... Disliked politics. Very strongly disliked politics. And he disliked Senators, and anyone involved in these politics. Why did they need the Jedi for this?

Of course... This one was a former Jedi. This alone peaked Josh's interest.

Rianna Organa

Well-Known Member
Rianna knew why Theo was here, she had been told of the incident. It was something she did not understand how, or why it had happened. She made her way to the Council chamber as she neared she tried to think how she needed to act on this, and the way was clear.

She needed to let Theo say what was needed, and let the others decide if an action is warranted. She approached him in the room she would not advise him this day he would already have what he wanted to say in mind, and would bear in mind that he was of a Noble house, one that had long aligned with the Republic. And he would remember that his Aunt was a Jedi when he spoke. "Theo" she whispered not to hide her speech but because this room she always felt needed some reverence because of the decisions made in here.

"I hear your mother is thinking of coming to Coruscant, I hope she does I'd like to show her around" Rianna smiled, and then looked at her colleagues. "Just speak plainly with them" Her only advice.

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Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
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It was all quite interesting or at least something to do, after Ossus he really hadn't found much interest in jedi politics... Or it might have been because he had enjoyed being in a fight again. Felt like Metalorn and felt great, something to get the blood pumping. Even the people who had been there seemed different and most in good ways that helped improve moral. Now it was time to deal with a problem and the jedi master arrived after the others taking his seat while he suppressed his levity and enjoyment. He was finally having fun in the order and things seemed to be going their way. Seemed to be going the direction needed to help the jedi fight the evils.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
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Iella's boots thudded against the marble floor of the Temple and as she crossed the floor toward the Council Chambers, she wrapped her cream cowled cloak around her body. She is dressed in her council robes, elegant light robes of a simply design her cowl up over her head which is lowered as she crosses the threshold to the round room. She can sense others there now waiting.

As she walks toward her seat on the council she lifts the cowl away from her head and gives a collective nod to the others already there and seated. They are quite today, sitting in contemplation is seems. She takes her seat and unfolds the cloak. The summon to the chamber was quick and without any notification of the reason. So .. Iella sat patiently .. all would be revealed with time.

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Theo was still contemplating the importance of his families long standing relationship to the Republic and to the Jedi Council…when he came into the Council chambers. His family truly believed the greatest chance for peace in the galaxy was the Republic and the Jedi Order.

Coming into the room there was only one Master present. Nodding to Master @[member="Carn Dista"], Theo came to a stop just about a meter in front of the circular holo rings upon the floor. He did look down at this device, shortly for a moment. The Holo rings provided the Council the ability to communicate with Jedi from other locations…sometimes these reports came from the far off vast reaches of space; far beyond the core worlds. It was also a tool for the Jedi to provide holo evidence to the Council.

The small moment of silence was interrupted by a Master entering the room. Jedi Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] , Theo had waited tell she was seated and for the moment she acknowledged him. When she nodded, Theo in respect nodded back.

The sound of boots announced another Master coming into the room. Jedi Master @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] . He came into the room proud and determined and took his seat. Theo did noticed Joshua look and smiled to Kiskla. After Joshua’s moment with the other Jedi the Master...he the turned attention turned to the others in the room and Theo. Out of respect Theo nodded to Joshua.

Up to this point Theo did not say a word. With the older traditions it was customary for Knights, Padawans, and visitors to wait for acknowledgment to speak. Theo knew well his actions today would reflect not just upon his Aunt @[member="Rianna Organa"] but on the House of Organa.

Theo heard his name from a familiar voice and he could not help but smile. With the verbal cue Theo was given some leeway to speak “Aunt Rianna”, Theo tried to answer her in a reserved tone. However Theo was no longer a Jedi anymore and there was nothing wrong with him showing a little affection to his Aunt.

Yes his mother was thinking of coming to Coruscant. The Nobles of Alderaan was a little shut out of the Senate Politics and rarely heard word from the Alderaan Ambassador. Also the King and Queen stop visits with the nobles of Alderaan and with the public. That was very odd but that was not why Theo was here. “I will do my best to speak plainly. But I’ve heard I can be quite dramatic”, he playfully laughed. It was perfectly harmless to just about oneself was it not?

Theo’s attention now diverted to the sounds of new foots steps coming into the Council chambers. After Jedi Master @[member="Syn"] sat down Theo nodded to the man. Things seemed to be going well. The Masters were arriving that was a good sign.

As Theo was being appreciative of the good sign another set of feet steps entered the chamber. After Jedi Master @[member="Iella E`ron"] sat down…Theo nodded to her as well.

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Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
@Selena Halcyon @Rianna Organa @Tefka @Phylis Alince @Carn Dista @Kiskla Grayson @Joshua DragonsFlame @Syn @Avy Valla @Daella Apparine @Diana Moridena @Theodosius

As the young man stood in the center of the Chamber, he greeted each Master in turn. Iella thought is was time to put the young at ease somewhat and also to find out why they are here today. She returned his greeting with a nod and a small smile.

"I am Master Iella E`ron, may we know your name and the purpose of your visit to us today", she asked softly, she asked as she does not know the young man.

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
“Thank you Master @[member="Iella E`ron"] ", not all of the Council was present. Theo had hopped more of them would have been here. Still Theo was eager and he was asked to begin. “I am Duke Theodosius Organa, Lord Regent of the Alderaan Apalis Coast”, in short he was a Alderaan Noble and the elected official who governs the coastal region of the Apalis Coast on Alderaan. “I’m here out of respect for the Jedi Council and I believe this Council is the best choice to handle a difficult matter that has already had a profound political effect."

"The incident revolves around a man who claimed to be a Jedi Knight and myself. I do not know he is a Jedi and no Jedi I know would threaten another mans life without justified provocation. I have the feeling and the hope this man had good intentions but ultimately his actions were unbecoming of a Jedi Knight. I’ve done my best to handle the situation politically on Alderaan. The people, nobles, and the Alderaan Parliament does not like the idea of one of their officials life being threatened. There are laws for anyone with a grievance to go to local authorities on Alderaan, to the Republic, and here to the Jedi Council. I do not wish to jeopardize this man’s passable career. If he is a Jedi I was hoping he could be given council. To be fair I even offer myself to council. I also want to be known this day regardless of what the House of Organa will still keep a open door policy with any Jedi. As Bail Organa gave sanctuary to any Jedi on the Sundered Heart I to will personal take personal risk.”

“I have brought Holo Video evidence of the incident. Besides servants in Castle Organa at the time the Vice Chancellor was present, Jedi Master Leori Sheltrak, and the Marchioness of House Panteer Anastacia witnessed this incident. Should I play the evidence so each of you can further ascertain your own thoughts and possibly confirm the identity of the man in question?”

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Oh, so this was a cry baby and tattletale lovechild meeting.
Kiskla shifted her weight in her seat as @[member="Theodosius"] explained the nature of his calling them, completely abstaining from his hook of a message that had no doubt brought the majority of the masters here.

"I advise you share your evidence before any of the council put in their two cents from a story." Biases were inevitable, and she was sure at the mention of an abrasive Jedi Knight, the council's minds were already pinpointing certain names in The Order that had already been brought to their attention.

"Please." Kiskla gestured toward the man, before folding her arms once more, signalling that he initiate the security sequence.
Josh sighed, an elbow on the arm of his seat, and his face planted into the palm. Oh, it was one of THOSE.

"I have a feeling I know who it is" he said, shrugging. "But by all means, sir. Please show us the evidence"