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A Star Wars Podcast & A Writing Contest


L Admin

I'd like to introduce all of you to a couple of my very unique friends, known as their monikers "Ket Limelight" & "Bane Nathos". Some of you may be familiar with the two.

Why unique, you ask? They run their own Star Wars podcast!

It's called "Bombad Radio", and it's wonderful. From regular Star Wars fans to celebrities, this duo has interviewed them all. And like we here at SWRP, they're fighting to find their own way in this wild galaxy, and they've been fighting the good fight for a long time now.

You can find their podcast here, courtesy of podbean:

So why are you promoting these guys, Tef? Well, I'll tell you.

I think what they're doing is wonderful, and it's the same thing we're doing: providing a medium for Star Wars fans to enjoy the franchise. Not only have we known each other for years, but we've been traveling around the same circles for the longest time. While everyone's paths go in different directions, I've thought this was the perfect time to cross them once again -

- they're hosting their own writing contest, and they're going to be having actual writers critique, then they're going to read them aloud on the podcast. Here's the excerpt from their blog:

For the past ten years I've hosted the Roleplaying Awards for The Gungan Council. The past two years the awards and other contests related to Bombad Radio have been hosted live on Bombad Radio itself. This year we are continuing to evolve the show by starting our first annual writing contest.
As a show that is mostly based on Star Wars, with fans that share our fandom, the theme of this writing contest will be Star Wars and is focused on writing short stories. The rules are as follows:


Short (3 pages or less)
- 1 writer
- Sent to inbox
- What you send is what we judge
- Star Wars MUST be the theme

Long (up to 15 pages)
- No more than 3 writers (all must be at the top)
- Sent to inbox
- What you send is what we judge
- Star Wars MUST be the theme
- Does not have to be divided into 3 distinct parts etc

DUE DATE: December 10 entries need to be sent to host Jeremiah (Bane) at

A few notes to start, the team aspect (15 pages), there can be up to three people in a team. Also a person can participate in more than one team and if wanted, can do a long and short entry. The judges for this contest are professionals and participators in the field of writing, each adding a different aspect to judging/critique.

Each judge will tell the writers what was done well and how they can improve. This is a perfect opportunity to not only write in a galaxy far far away but have it critiqued by professionals to improve one's craft and win a contest in the meantime. Stories may be read in excerpt or in their entirety on the air when we announce the winners at the end of December.

May the force be with you all!


For the SWRP: Chaos winners of the team event, I will feature your characters on the sidebar for the entire month of December and gift you all a unique rank title!

For the SWRP: Chaos winner of the short story event, I will gift you a $25 Amazon Gift Card* on behalf of Star Wars RP: Chaos, just in time for Christmas!

And even if you don't feel like joining in the fun? Drop by their Facebook page and say hello -


*Only one recipient permitted.

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Very nice Tef. I have personally been a part of Bombad since near the start, I believe I have been on there four or five times. I know other SWRP members have been as well.

It's gotten quite a few awesome guests.

Breya and Ruki Scali

Wait, can I have a one-person team for the long story?
One is less than three... *plots*


Null Prime
What do they mean by three pages? Or fifteen? Page count is an illusion that can be affected by margins, font size, etc.

And three pages is awfully short. If you add in any dialog, that can kill your space pretty quick.


Time to see what I've got written...

Aithne Charr

Heir of Fire
Hmm, I have something started but would rather do a team thing, just so that the length itself is extended. If anyone's interested in joining me in the team write to create a story for this contest, just PM me or find me on Skype.

Tiana Feriss

New Member
Would love to but with RL university degree stuff to do I shall have to wait for the next one. This student this is a fun-sucker!

Good luck to everyone though!

Adenn Gra'tua

Well-Known Member
Can it be at any time In the Star Wars universe because if it can then I've had a story lined up for a while and it takes place during the clone wars and galactic civil war both times following a squad of republic commandos