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Campaign Faction A Primeval Resurgence! [Interest Check]

Zambrano the Starweird

The Black Prophet of Balagoth
For those unfamiliar, the Primeval was once a major faction featuring the zealots of a pantheon of four "Primeval" Gods: Sargon, Nogras, Balagoth, and Halrormalenth.

We were host to a portion of the territory now occupied by the Sith Empire, and as an ally of the One Sith we waged war against the Mandalorians on our galactic crusade. For much of our time, we were lead by an Anja Aj'Rou ( Boethiah Boethiah ) as a Host Lord to many various Warlords. For a time, things were cool, conquests were many. Eventually, however, the unstable territory was taken over by a Prophet of death...

"Darth Balagoth" or otherwise known as Zambrano the Hutt, was an insane creature powerful in the force, that had reincarnated through many bodies throughout the 400 Year Darkness, crossing through such families as the Zambrano's as well as starting the family that would give rise to Darth Voracitos Darth Voracitos . Quickly, civil war erupted, the Primeval imploded, and the creature would die its last death to an Assassin carrying a blade which ate its soul. That marked the end of the Primeval, their story left to collect dust in a forgotten library.

Except, the fabric of reality within the galaxy, has never been thinner. An echo from reality not our own has breached through the enigmatic "Bubble of the Lost" in the Chiloon Rift, and given rise to a familiar presence unfamiliar with the galaxy it finds itself in. A wandering soul from the Mirrorverse has merged with a Starweird in our reality, and seeks to bring the Primeval to Resurgence!

Hello people! So this has been an idea that has been brewing in my head for about two weeks ever since the new Flashpoint rules came into play, and to capitalize on that, to cause as much Chaos as possible, I decided to bring back an old face to cause some havoc! I've already contacted some of you about my ideas and expressed some mild interest, and I'm looking to see if anyone else might be interested in playing with some old bits of Chaos lore hanging around, and do some damage with it!

Let me know if you're interested in it, and I will begin by making the faction for us to pal around in. Just to be clear: this would be a faction we are intending to go Major with, for the sole purpose of being disruptive to the map game. I hope we can make some cool stories with the other factions, and when we're ready we'll die down again. Or maybe we won't? I guess that'll be up to fresh blood :)