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Work In Progress 1st fleet | Order of the Force

Emperor|ZU Planetary lord
  • Intent: To defeat the enemies of the Order
  • Image Credit: none
  • Permissions: none
  • Links: none
  • Fleet Name: 1st Fleet | Supremacy Fleet
  • Classification: War Fleet
  • Affiliation: Varloc and The Order of the Force
  • Fleet Symbol:
  • Description: This fleet is used mainly for defeating all enemies of the order. This fleet can do most naval operations, assualt, defense, etc. This fleet is known for its tactical abilities. The fleet is commanded by Varloc, but when he is not available Tryre Allastar is commanding the fleet. This fleet is allied with the Orders Army corp.
  • Headquarters: none
  • Ports of Call: none
  • Goals: To defend and serve the order
  • Reputation: Most people like the fleet for they know of its ability to have low death rates and low failure rates.
  • Fleet Size: Large
  • Lead Ship: The avenger flagship
  • Composition:
Annihilator class warship
Battlecruiser Fighter Transport

Defender class star destroyer
Phoenix I class star destroyer
Imperium class Star Destroyer


Tryre Allastar

This fleet was formed to be versatile, able to defend, attack, ferry troops and other things. This fleet has well trained officers, so battles are always faught strategically. This fleet used to fight pirates but now, they fight other powerful forces.
This fleet fought at a battle against a pirate lord in the outer rim, where this fleet defeated 30 ships, while only losing 3. The battle was one of the first tests for the fleet.

Block Formation- This formation is ment to protect other ships, by surrounding them.
Hammer Formation- This formation is one of the most commonly used by the fleet, it's simple but it can change very quickly.
Stinger Formation- This formation is just like Hammer Formation, but this one uses the fighters and lighter ships to execute quick, constant low damage attacks.
Wedge Formation- This formation is used to quickly break through enemy lines.
Wind Formation- This formation is used to take on enemy ships with specialized weaponry, by staying far enough apart.
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This submission needs a lot more work, the description is extremely short and not very informative as well as the historical information. I'm moving it back to pre-codex to allow you to have time to work on it. I suggest making use of the pre-codex to flesh out your submissions for live codex in the future.

Thank you.

There's also a broken link for your image for the "army symbol"
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