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117th Clone Legion: The Dread Guard

117th Clone Legion - The Dread Guard
As I'm sure many of you have noticed, the map is slowly but surely becoming a little bit greener thanks to the efforts of the Dread Guard. While we have been forsaking sleep and blazing a trail through these Dominions, many people have approached us; asking questions about who we are, what we do, and how to join. So, I've dedicated this topic to answering those questions.

We are the 117th Clone Legion, otherwise known as the Dread Guard.

The creation of this unit was commissioned by Isley Verd and was carried out covertly through the collaboration of Kaminoan Clone Masters and the Yuuzhan Vong Shapers residing on Rodia. Utilizing the genetic template of Jango Fett and an unnamed Miralian known as "Nova", the end result was an entirely new breed of soldier: Force Dead clone troopers. Numbering just shy of ten thousand in number, the Dread Guard is completely loyal to their Colonel, one another, and the Confederacy's ideals of freedom and prosperity for all. Their mission is to fight the good fight across the stars, taking on any and all threats to the citizens of the CIS; and making them regret ever crossing their paths.

So, if you are interested in the prospect of joining the elite unit of clones who are quickly becoming famous, simply post below. You will then be PM'd with the information on how to join the 117th and what we are looking for in potential members. If you have any questions/comments about the Dread Guard as a whole, I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Current Roster
  • @[member="Darth Metus"] (Commander)
  • @[member="Commander Calico CC-247"]
  • @[member="Galaar CC-252"]
  • @[member="CC-325 Sawtooth"]
  • @[member="CC-420 "Doc""]
  • @[member="Kage CC-743"]
  • @[member="CC-777 Jackpot"]
  • @[member="CC-827 Tauranov"]
  • @[member="CC-837 Vanator"]
  • @[member="CC-953 Oddball"]
  • @[member="T:N1:LDR"]
As you're well aware, the Kaminoans utilized Jango Fett as the genetic template for the Clone War's trooper, and they are resuming doing so now.

The "Nova" Clones are essentially the female variant. One of our oldest members, @[member="T:N1:LDR"], has played a Miralian clone since the early days of the CIS; and we decided to make Dread Sisters as apart of the 117th so that she could continue her clone-badassery.

The Vong-shaping is a concept that has been floating around canon and the site for quite awhile. Genesis Rostu, the famous founder of the CIS, is a Vong-shaped clone of Dex Rostu, the famous Supreme Commander who pretty much started the Pub faction. *toots own horn* Basically, Vong-shaping results in being Force Dead; as per canon and as per how it's been played on the site thus far prior to the creation of both Genesis Rostu and the Dread Guard.

I sincerely hope that your fantastic mustache has been satisfied, and I do note that it is simply exquisite. ;) *adjusts monocle*


Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
My fantastic mustache is curious as to how the Jango Fett strain is still around nearly 900 years later after initial use, but upon my informing it that there have been several Fett clones around on the site before the induction of this society, it assumes there must be a logical reason hidden somewhere. The Vong-Shaping is an interesting process, and one I suppose the CIS would have the capacity to do at least once, and then clone afterwards, with the CIS having Vong Colonies if memory serves correct. I am not certain if I have the time to indulge joining your little country club, but my flawless facial hair is satisfied, the monocle glistens, and the top hat sings. I wish you well in your journey, hope it sails with a wind worthy of it's prospects.

Thank you for the clarifications @[member="Darth Metus"]

Gravsen Conclave

This Wolf Still Has Teeth
@[member="Count Morcus"]

We take plenty. Also, the ARC training program is starting near the end of the week. Feel free to apply, as we will not take just anyone.

Also, the roster needs editing. This is only about a quarter of the DG now.