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  1. Tefka

    Question  What new feature do you want at Chaos this year?

    See title. Go nuts.
  2. Cain Sevu

    LFG  Want to get the life force drained from you?

    Boy do I have an opportunity for you. So basically, Cain is a bit of a force cannibal. Sad stuff but it is what it is. So, if anyone feels particularly inclined to have a brush with death pretty please feel free to reach out. I'm lowkey really excited to explore this character and would love...
  3. Salara Zambrano

    Private  Some of Them Want To

    In an undisclosed system, Salara had put out a call to gather those loyal to her husband Darth Carnifex and the purpose for such a call? Push the Kainates forward. Look back to what had been done, and look ahead as to what they wanted. Gathering more to their cause, aiding those Panathans who...
  4. Zori Kapshan

    Catalog  Ask me if you want my stuff

    Zori's one stop pop shop only Droids may apply i actually hate organics for real And shards too if you a rock boi
  5. Srina Talon

    Question  What SWRP Rule drives you crazy? Want it gone?

    Everyone has that one thing (okay, maybe several things) that gets under their skin, usually, some seemingly "random" legacy rule that was put in place several years ago because someone thought they were slick and/or there was an issue. Is there a rule somewhere on the site in any rule set that...
  6. Darth Dekaltis

    Approved Lore  All I Want For Life Day Is You

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a one of a kind sith artifact Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Media Name: All I want for Life Day is you! Format: Audio Recording Distribution: Common. If you can find it on the holonet, pray for your...
  7. Rhys Swynol

    LFG  I want chaos, I want threads!

    Hey folks! Got a muse boost for Rhys and want to explore more stories and ideas for this chaotic, bisexual pirate. I am open to threads of conflict, where Rhys is pirating and you are either stopping him or trying to steal from the people first. Could also do social stuff, Rhys likes to...
  8. Lazrea Visara

    LFG  Any hunters/ Bounty or animal want an extra weapon?

    Any Bounty Hunter or Hunter that wants to have another weapon on their next hunt let me know!!!
  9. Aliris Tremiru

    Private  You Want Me To Wear What?

    She was uncomfortable. Aliris stared around the medic tent, clutching at the blanket she'd been provided. She was covered in bandages, and her body was at least in better condition than what it was when she was beat up by that Sithspawn. The one she wanted to make hers, no less. How much did...
  10. Jai'galaar Gred

    Faction  How Bad do you Want it (The Family)

    Well this was probably the biggest run for Neebray Lines to date. There were some fifteen ships in the convoy, including Peko-peko, Cloud Breaker, Mynock, and Dewback. Of course it couldn't all be simple though. This was a run from Coruscant to Epic, and of course plenty of folks wanted some...
  11. Cato Harth

    Private  Roam If You Want To

    Batuu Without a ship of their own, Cato and Inanna were beholden to the travel route of the Vonnuvi. They'd been lucky enough to procure transport back to the herdship, which they'd already been considering as a new home before their ship woes. It served well enough on its own temporarily, but...
  12. Nexus 1

    LFG  Anyone want to start Nexus' story?

    Hey, Nexus 1 is in need of a story to start her off with. At this point, I'll give some background on her. Nexus is an AI system that is housed within a development lab on Coruscant. She can inhabit any form of technology, even cybernetics for transport or to take complete control and act as...
  13. T

    Anyone Want to Break a Jedi?

    My boi Tarus is locked up on Sevaris and could use some Sith torture to help him ‘see the way’, if anyone is interested in a darker plot. Discord me or PM here! (Patton#7652)
  14. Iris Arani

    LFG  I Want To Meet Some New People

    Hey it's me again to try and feed the insatiable monster that is my muse. But this time with a twist! Iris has, for the most part, been around the same crew and gaggle of characters. Like any good netflix series there are new characters every season that add a lot to the story, but y'know. Jedi...
  15. A

    LFG  Do You Want A Clone?

    It's a simple offer and I hope someone considers it. He's an Alpha-Class, so a bit colder than most other clones, a military man through and through. Really I'm just looking for people to pull him out of stasis, he'd be loyal to pretty much anyone, as long as he respects them. A bit warmer to...
  16. Alina Tremiru

    LFG  Artifact Hunting Thread Ideas. I Just Want More Threads Though.

    Quite a bit, actually. And now I want more, specifically for Alina here. She's been going around getting relics now, so we're talking some tomb diving and artifact retrieval Indiana Jones style, but with more Sith Vampire themes. The Ascendant specifically have artifacts she wants even though...
  17. Vang Azusa

    LFG  Anyone want a Mechanic on their team or for a job?

    Does anyone want to do a thread with Vang? She's a mechanic and adept close combat fighter with tricks literally under her sleeves. She's care free and itching for an adrenaline high!!!
  18. Keiran Varn

    LFG  I don't want peace, I want problems always

    My boy Keiran has just returned to the war from a Force-related trip and I need some fighting/adventure/covert threads to get my boi back in the action. You can contact me at PaleBlueDot#5022 on discord!
  19. Wyatt Morga

    LFG  Got a Sith? Want them to have a cool story?

    With the Jedi Covenant successful capturing Ashin, it's time we move on to some other Sith. Old Sith, new sith, whatever Sith you got - if you want them to get captured, thrown in prison, or be hunted by a bunch of Grandmasters and old guard Jedi then boy do I have the offer for you. The Jedi...
  20. Minxi Kara

    LFG  Anyone want to have some fun?

    Hellooooo! If anyone wants to help cause chaos, or try and take me down, let me know!!
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