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teras kasi

  1. J

    Character  Jeekan Da

    JEEKAN DA- FISTS OF THE FORCE NAME: Jeekan Da Pecs of Phrik Biceps of Beskar Sinews of Songsteel FACTION: Jedi RANK: TBD SPECIES: Human AGE: 24 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.7 meters WEIGHT: 70kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Black SKIN: Tan FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required...
  2. Tiland Kortun

    Light Touch of the Steel Hand Rebellion Actual- Empty Hangar "Always in motion is the Force," Tiland said, hands clasped behind his back. "And if you wish to learn to defend yourself and others with nothing but your hands, so must you." He paced in front of the assembled...
  3. Darth Ferus

    Teras My Kasi

    Teras Kasi. Simply put, it was the friend of any who wanted to fight force users. And it was here in this large room Darth Ferus would train those who wished to know. [member="Akuma"] , [member="Sen Lon"]g , @Enarr Warscream , and [member="Azula Yeshevsky"] . Two were his own apprentices, two...
  4. Marcus Itera

    Steel Hands [Galactic Alliance]

    Steel Hands Infantry Training Center, Sullust Two Teras Kasi masters duel in the outskirts. Long ago, Marcus had thought long and hard about what he wanted to do in life. He couldn't just be some grunt, some guy who gets paid to be shot at, for his entire life. Granted, that was exactly what...
  5. Vorhi Alestrani

    Crashing a Party

    Vorhi Alestrani was on the Black Citadel of Roon. Not for gentle reasons, or kind ones. No. Vorhi Alestrani was here for what was his. His research, his life's work on Force Traditions, regardless of their moral or spiritual tenets. He had studied the monks of Borann-durr, who put their brains...
  6. Hans Vaiden

    Seeking Martial Artists

    Hi there, Captain Vaiden here with an urgent desire to find other characters with skills in martial arts in the Star Wars spectrum. I'm not talking about that scrappy street-fighting, fight club, or brawling stuff that happens to often litter roleplay areas. I'm searching for trained users in...
  7. Vorhi Alestrani

    Vorhi Alestrani

    NAME: Vorhi “Uncle Al” Alestrani FACTION: As of right now, none. RANK: Initiate, Teras Kasi being unaffiliated by Jedi/Sith Standards. SPECIES: Miraluka AGE: 46 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: He is approximately 5’ 11”. WEIGHT: He is of a healthy build, weighing in at 210 pounds. Slight beer gut. EYES...
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