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star tours

  1. Joza Perl

    Insert Travel Pun

    Joza sat in her office on Zeltros, conveniently located on the top floor of club Blush. The nightclub had always been popular with natives and tourists alike, giving off a charmingly gritty vibe while retaining the natural allure of the Zeltron race. It catered to handful of demographics, most...
  2. Dunames Lopez

    Toxic Waste Management

    After taking part in one more podrace, called the Phu-Phuii Classic, Dunames realizes in horror that the Dominion contract could not be signed in the first place because they evacuated the planet it was supposed to be operating from, under its terms. Yet Star Tours' dealings with the CSA were...
  3. Dunames Lopez

    Approved Location  Rakata Beta spaceport

    Name: Rakata Beta Spaceport Image Source: N/A Classification: Spaceport Location: Rakata Beta Affiliation: First Order Description: The tarmac of the spaceport covers 2 square kilometers; it has the ability to allow two Venators to land on it at the same time (albeit having to face opposite...
  4. Dunames Lopez

    The romance of flying

    "Last boarding call for the Valentine Odyssey" Chasin City, Commenor. The special cruise put in service by Star Tours was organized with the following route: Commenor-Zeltros-Yutan. But, whereas the Madeen was the largest ship in Star Tours service, all Star Tours ships over 500m had the same...
  5. Krayzen Dratos

    Small Business

    [member="Dunames Lopez"] Csilla Drakos Systems HQ The Anzati had received a request for a meeting, from Dunamez Lopez-head of Star Tours HQ. He had wondered to himself specifically what his meeting was for. He was aware that Dunamez was a citizen of the First Order, although from what he...
  6. Dunames Lopez

    Calling companies!

    Now that Star Tours has achieved tier-5, it can now offer contracts to those companies who need a contract with a tier-5 company for tier-up requirements. Please make sure to list what company you represent and the services you are selling, and I'll make selections accordingly.
  7. Dunames Lopez

    Approved Location  Star Tours Ski Resort

    The top of one of the ski trails Name: Star Tours Ski Resort Image Source: Snow Brains (real-world Grand Targhee ski resort) Classification: Alpine ski resort Location: North Ridge, Hoth Affiliation: Star Tours Description: Nested in the vicinity of Mount Ison, the Star Tours Ski Resort on...
  8. Dunames Lopez

    Mindabaal Grand Prix

    Map of the race course: run clockwise, and curves are numbered in the order in which they are encountered The Maple Valley track on Mindabaal played host to a podrace. After the disaster that was the Battle of Kaeshana, conducted under nebulous conditions that contained crucifixions, orbital...
  9. Dunames Lopez

    Beach Bums of Baroo Coast

    Baroonda was in the Kessel Hex and hence in Silver Jedi space. She was a little concerned for security especially since she went to Vorzyd. Soon the next podrace in Baroonda would be held on the infamous Tri-Circuit, which had a common section inside the city limits of Nazwa, the capital of the...
  10. Dunames Lopez

    Casino night on Vorzyd

    In canon, Vorzyd V is a planet best known for its ability to rival Zeltros in terms of casinos. Also, because Star Tours' major project for tier-5 has apparently stalled, about halfway through (until the Aaris III Expressway results are known, in which case the requisite dev threads to finish...
  11. Dunames Lopez

    Go forth, and fear no darkness!

    After this disastrous campaign led into the Stygian Caldera by the Silver Jedi, the Sith Order is in de facto control of the Stygian Caldera. But even though Star Tours is associated mostly with the First Order, Dunames still had a soft spot for that one Sith Lord that the Star Tours Guide to...
  12. Dunames Lopez

    Interviewing a Witch

    Because the Star Tours Guide to Force Specialties needs devving due to the nature of Star Tours, and that the interviewees cannot be any of my alts, I need a witch for a 15-post commitment, to talk about the specializations among practitioners of Dathomirian witchcraft and how they differ from...
  13. Dunames Lopez

    Make the Best Use of Frequent Flyer Miles

    Dosuun, a few hours before the games start. A few hours before Dunames takes up her position in the studio allocated to Taking Off on a Star Tour for the Games themselves. By now Star Tours was one of the leading spacelines of the galaxy, one that could operate on the same level as the likes of...
  14. Dunames Lopez

    Too crazy to be true?

    Star Tours' outbound services from One Sith space were booked solid for months at a time; each time a service becomes available for booking, tickets are sold out in a matter of hours. Their current fleet of Pullmans and Bowsers were far from enough to ensure that the needs were met, and the...
  15. Dunames Lopez

    Veradune, why does it have to be Veradune?

    In her bid to take out as many refugees from One Sith space as possible, while at the same time doing so under the veneer of a business in interstellar shipping and travel, Dunames begins looking for worlds that would be willing to host One Sith refugees in exchange for opening up a route for...
  16. Dunames Lopez

    First Order of Business (open to First Order, non-FO characters need PM for invite)

    Dunames always seemed to be on the lookout for more opportunities to expand her business. For some reason, Bespin Direct seemed to mostly fly to the major tourist traps of the galaxy, of which Bespin was the only one in First Order territory, unless Hoth was also First Order property. Several...
  17. Dunames Lopez

    Star Tours - Tier 2 to Tier 3

    After consulting with the Factory Judges, since Star Tours doesn't manufacture anything, it may replace the mass-production item requirement by a mixture of contracts and other misc threads. Company name: Star Tours Modification made: Tier II to Tier III advancement Rationale: I have completed...
  18. Dunames Lopez

    Deathsticks, deathsticks and more deathsticks!

    Dunames wrote a letter to House Thul Estates regarding business and how Star Tours' business would help Elaine or her business produce deathsticks. She saw in this a new opportunity to expand her company's criminal activities, knowing that Nar Shaddaa was already served by Star Tours with...
  19. Dunames Lopez

    Approved Location  Tomorrowland Starport

    Name: Tomorrowland Starport Image Source: is a pre-construction picture of Terminal 1) Classification: Land-based civilian starport Location: Northeast of Tomorrowland, Eriadu Affiliation: Galactic Alliance...
  20. Dunames Lopez

    The Flying Whiskey Fountain

    Dunames dreamed big for Star Tours: she dreamed of Star Tours being one of the preeminent spacelines in the galaxy. Star Tours already had a staggering 150 destinations on their books, which is a rather high number for a company Star Tours' size. She wondered whether Galtea was a viable...
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