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  1. D

    Private  Spark - 1 of 1

    "Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?" "Yeah, but I can't think of anything else. I'm not smart enough to come up with a solution that doesn't see me in pieces. It's all I've got, ya'know? It's the only direction my feet move now. I've worked myself to the bone, taken shrapnel, been...
  2. Braze

    First Reply  All it Takes is Just a Spark

    LOCATION: TAGS: @ Braze sat alone in a secluded clearing in the forest, a carefully arranged circle of kindling and tinder before him. He had informed Jasper Kai'el of his location and kept his commlink within arm's reach, just in case. "Remember, the Force is an ally, but so are your wits...
  3. Damion Dorian Tarkin

    First Reply  The spark of the blaster, and the shine of the blade

    Above the planet of Draconia was an orbital ring. The ring was large enough to need mass transportation stations to and from the many locations on the ring. Throughout the ring lay many transport stations, that use extremely fast mag-trains. The ring was also connected to the surface by Eight...
  4. K

    Private  A spark of hope

    Location: Coruscant | NJO Temple Tag: Yenna Kyell looked down at his cybernetic hand as he walked up the long staircase, and into the halls of the Coruscant Temple. He was still getting used to how it felt, and the memories attached to it still plagued him in his dreams. He had specifically...
  5. Spark Finn


    [member="Munin"] Super Secret Cliffside Apartment #sekrets It had been a few weeks since she and Munin had visited the Keep. They'd come back here and she hadn't left him in that short amount of time. He wasn't in a good way. She didn't think he'd be okay alone. She sat at the kitchen...
  6. Munin

    Sand and Sun

    Jakku - Imperator City [member="Spark Finn"] Jakku was no ones idea of a home. This world was situated in almost the exact same galactic stereotype as Tatooine, if only slightly less notable. Jakku was hailed as a graveyard world, and while the Hutt's liked to stretch their fingers over...
  7. Julius Sedaire

    What does this button do?

    This little bistro wasn't a bad place, so far as Ijaat was concerned really. The room for rent above it was quaint, well outfitted, and the best of all, like most on a nameless backwater world just outside of Alliance space - they asked no question when a bladed guy with a shotgun came up to...
  8. Spark Finn

    Run Away!

    [member="Isaiah Dashiell"] PERSONAL BUBBLE SPACE INVADED. With an audible eeEEEEP, she found herself shoved down as the strange stowaway pressed on top. She sputtered. Bony-shoulder jammed up, fingers still gripping the speeder's controls. Yes there were bad dudes chasing them. Yes they...
  9. Sage Bane

    All Good Things Must Come to an End (Invite only, PM to join)

    Location: Sage Bane’s Subjugator-Class Assault Corvette, Arcanus Obscurus A uncontrollable tic plagued his jaw as Hand of the Dark Lord, Sage Bane, strode down the corridor leading to the detention cell on his Subjugator-Class Assault Corvette, which currently hovered in space over Felucia...
  10. Sage Bane

    Off the Grid

    Location: Detention Cell on Sage Bane’s Subjugator-Class Assault Corvette, Arcanus Obscurus Spark Finn. The little live wire had been a thorn in Sage’s side since Khomm, where she and her prettyboy partner, Coren Starchaser helped One Sith traitors escape. Fortunately, the hipster technopath...
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