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  1. Braze

    Private  Wolf Song

    TAGS: Bernard After the Empire of the Lost's invasion, Braze hadn't been able to return to Lothal for some time. Following the Invasion of Coruscant, he decided to head back to the planet where he'd gone on his first official mission with Jasper Kai'el ; the very same mission that led to...
  2. Tansu Treicolt

    Private  Snake Song

    fa-play fa-pause So full of adrenaline there'd been no room to feel anything else. It wasn't until almost a half-rotation after Jedha (maybe less, maybe more, it was hard to tell in the wake of exhaustion and star-drifting) that Tansu started to feel more than just exhilaration brightening...
  3. Ellie Mors

    Private  Opening Number

    V E L A B R I 900 ABY It could have been a whisper on the wind. The hustle and bustle of the average person walking up and down, over and across, the streets on their way to, or from, wherever they needed to be filled the air with a certain ambiance. It was like the sludge one pictured...
  4. Ran Serys

    LFG  The Song of Ran Ep. IV - Return to the Core

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Ran Serys, Jedi Knight, has spent the last two years of her life traveling the edges of wild space, and the uncharted territories beyond, but now she is back. Dropped off on the edge of civilized space. Her mind is foggy and her memory of the past...
  5. Kebii'kara Solus

    Private  Sing a Song for Centares

    CURRENT QUEST - A Night On The Town. Immediate Goals - 1: Drink to remember 1.1: Drink to forget. 2: Get some food for your drinks. 3: Sing a song for six-cred. FRIEND(s) - Local Patrons FOE(s) - N/A TARGETING ACTION(S) - Kanni Ugaiya Kilran Centares, the "last civilized stop" before the...
  6. Shakka Bralor

    Approved Starship  Drali's Song Modified ENCL-G12 Akaanir Class Medium Gunship

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a personal starship for Shakka Bralor Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Permissions: GDI Here Maji Iron Work Here Roble Here Roble Two Here Primary Source: ENCL-G12 Akaanir Class Medium Gunship PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Enclave...
  7. Kai Bamarri

    Private  The Prophet's Song

    THE PROPHET'S SONG Calabiyau, Chaldea Chaldea’s sun was rising, its rays slowly spreading across the grand cathedral door. When Alicio had last visited Calabiyau, the beautiful building had been empty and abandoned. The refugees had fixed it up, but the end result was not a house of worship—it...
  8. Starlin Rand

    Public  Sing Me A Song (performances/karaoke night, open to anyone who can justify being on Coruscant)

    The Cobalt Club, Coruscant The Cobalt Club featured a stage normally reserved for hired entertainers. But tonight, they had something special planned. Starlin Rand, the mastermind behind the event, ascended the stage. A variety of instruments lay ready to be played. He picked up a guitar and...
  9. Leddie Gred

    Public  Play Us a Song

    Location: Taanab, Vercopaanir (A lot bigger now, but needs an update) Leddie smiled a bit as she stood near the front of the relatively small tavern. She was up there with a rag-tag bunch, not uncommon at Vercapaanir given her clan's tendency to pick up basically anyone who needed help. From...
  10. Zoyût

    Private  The Shrillest Song

    Fear not to plumb the depths of the unfathomable... The frozen ediface of an ancient temple stood like a monolith in the howling snowbound valleys of Ziost. An ancient world inextricably linked to the Sith, it is devoid of life after the ancient Emperor Vitiate consumed the world to fuel his...
  11. Evelynn Ostium

    Private  The Song Bird has left the nest.

    Location: The Paradox Complex, Coruscant, Surface Tags: Alicio Organa "NO you damned pile of Bantha crap," Evelynn shouted at a thug who had dropped for the fifth time in a row a box of highly refined Spice. The other thugs, nicknamed as 'Scales' for this mark of The Viper. The Viper was what...
  12. Dixon/Akaan

    Any Shinedown fans? What's your favorite Shinedown song? Looking forward to the new album?

    Personally my favorites from them, in order, are: Planet Zero Sound of Madness Diamond Eyes Cut the Cord 45 And the new album? It's going to rock. It'll easily be their best album so far I think.
  13. Aeshi Tillian

    Codex Denied  The First Warden

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Because Jerek Zenduu pointed out this art looks like Tilda Swinton Image Credit: Character Concept by Jens Claessens Permissions: N/A Links: Wardens of the Sky, "Dawson's Christian" Bando Gora Reavers, The Scourge GENERAL INFORMATION Media Name: The...
  14. Y

    Private  Desert Song

    G R E E T Face: XX Wearing: XX Location: Gardens, Sólarupprá Sarhöll - Velorum There was finally a moment to slow down. He’d been pummeled with constant travel across Velorum. Everything from trouble at the Stonerun, a decrease in livestock because of natural predators, new explorers and...
  15. Dutch

    Public  Sing us a sweet song of the sirens

    "Ark Royal to the Minstrel, how do you copy?" Flood lights panned across the vessel, bathing it bright light. Every feature was brought out in sharp detail across the Minstrel's unusual hull. Built from a collection of different ships, the Minstrel was a one of a kind specifically designed for...
  16. Kyyrk

    Private  Siren Song

    fa-play fa-pause C H A R I T Y Wearing When Kyyrk had used the term necessary evil in the past, he'd always spoken of matters on the field of battle. Tonight, he was learning an entirely new meaning to this phrase. Though a feeling at the back of his mind suggested that this was not the first...
  17. B

    Approved Tech  Shadow Song

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a personal weapon for Bjorn Einarson Image Source: Image Source Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Danari Kingdom Affiliation: Bjorn Einarson Market Status: Closed-Market Model: N/A...
  18. Kaida Taldir

    Approved Lore  Rise against Tyranny

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Expand on Eldorai lore and the Shadow Knights. Sub some ic propaganda. Image Credit: N/A. Canon: N/A. Links: Eldorai. Inspired by the Marseillaise and the Internationale. Special thanks to [member="Valiens Nantaris"] for helping with this submission. GENERAL...
  19. Elpsis Kerrigan

    Approved Lore  The Republican Guard is the Strongest

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Expand on Tephrike with a piece of lore and ic propaganda. Image Credit: N/A. Canon: N/A. Links: Tephrike, Into Darkness. Based on a real Red Army song, which I originally found on YouTube. The verses have been modified for the purpose of this submission...
  20. Tanith Alde

    Come on down to Coruscant Town

    (Lets do something Les Miserables themed!) Slaves in seas of soot we drown Come on down to Coruscant town The cogs they creak and the pistons pound Power cloaked in progress A million choking chimneys burn and Blacken out the sky Grab your mates and join us Where the rats rejoice The brazen...
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