Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Minerva Fhirdiad

    Private  Chain Breakers

    Planet Castilon, the Colossus Station Tag: Rayne Lo'to Wearing a tannish cloak over her armor Minerva strolled down the latest corridor. Flanking her on the right was the Astrian hacker Sumi, clothed in brown and red grab that made her appear like a spacer complete with a goggled flight cap...
  2. Arla Rodarch

    LFG  A different sort of auction

    Location - A large slaver market on Zygerria Event - A slave and beast auction with rare and valuable sentients and non-sentients Security for the event is tight, with large numbers of guards, droids, hired thugs, and potentially military reinforcements that can be called upon. It is a reality...
  3. Gorthalon

    Resolved  Cargo ship filled with slaves headed to Coruscant? Now? - Open RP idea. Tips welcome!

    Okay so I think I may have an interesting idea brewing, hear me out guys! I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I have made my decision on which faction to join with Gorth'alon. His ideals and goals align most with the Galactic Alliance at this point and I'm planning to join in character...
  4. OOM-3 "Captain"

    Public  Conspicuous Cargo Captures Contempt!

    Charted Course: 1. Meet contact at Junkfort Junction. 2. Follow Triellus Trade Route to Centares. 3. Collect "Legal Cargo" as Cover; resupply fuel. 4. Follow Perlimian Trade Route to Lantilles. 5. Move Cargo to Furthest Unhabituated Planet in Lantilles System. 6. Meet Contact, Exchange Cargo...
  5. The Mongrel

    Approved Species  Drudges of the Maw

    Drudges of the Maw OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To reflect the BotM's development and the consequences of past threads. Image Credit: Top Image: Scorn concept art, by Filip Acovic, via Rock Paper Shotgun Description Image: Scorn concept art, by Filip Acovic, via Rock Paper Shotgun...
  6. Valdus Bral

    Private  The Captured: Aargonar [Campaign]

    THE CAPTURED: AARGONAR The suns began to set behind the dimly lit horizon causing rust-colored light to paint the sky over a remote village on the planet of Aargonar. It would be dark soon, though the sand and rocks that covered the surface of the planet would retain the heat gathered...
  7. Anton Nadramie

    Blood Diamond Cufflinks

    An interesting venture but one that was taken with splendor as a white cane with golden stripe on each side was passed to the once more billionaire. Thin green fingers adjusted his tie carefully before kissing him softly. Hugging her close Anton nodded before releasing and making his way out of...
  8. A

    The Plague Spreads

    Lucrehulk Class Freighter - The Dying Light [member="Katya Shorn"] The Galaxy was an ancient place, filled with old relics and ancient pieces of the past. One of these pieces was The Dying Light, an old Lucrehulk Class Freighter, a ship so decrepit and torn apart that one might have thought it...
  9. Armand Temi

    Club Tranquility

    Image source: Corporation Name: Club Tranquility Headquarters: Balosar Locations: Just the one Operations: Club Tranquility is a cantina/club owned by [member="Kuryr"], The Blood Gorger, which features an...
  10. Sempra the Hutt

    Semper slaves

    Whatever your need We got the slave for you! Semper Slaves Semper Slaves operates with fine products that will fit your need! Wether it be pleasure, manual labourer or a classified need - we make your desire our top priority! We guarantee discretion and quality. Pre-order your batch of...
  11. Aela Talith

    The First Strike

    Aela stood on the bridge of the Rising Tide. She knew that in the hangar everyone else was getting ready, she knew that they were armoring themselves, tinkering with their fighters, and cleaning their weapons. Her fingers brushed the lightsaber on her belt. This would be the first strike...
  12. Other Space Kaiden

    The Slave Empire [Information and Questions]

    Join Here! __________________________________________________________________________________ The strong will always feed on the weak. Conquest or Submission? Labor or Luxury? These are the only questions worth asking in a galaxy full of War, Inequality and endless Chaos. Most people...
  13. Seris Vant

    Heavy Metal Abraham Lincoln [Black Sun Dominion of Sleheyron]

    Four score and several thousand years ago the Hutt's brought forth on this world, a new Empire, conceived for Slavery, and dedicated to the proposition that all profits were theirs. - Anonymous Ships of sizes great and small loomed over the planet of Sleheyron . The fleets and armies had been...
  14. Seir'ari

    The Entertainment Hub

    Be it casinos, cantinas, or intergalactic coliseums, independent organizations meant for the people are meant to share the wealth and customers! I propose that an Entertainment District can exist, free-floating and flitting from planet to planet depending on the event, that is composed entirely...
  15. Danger Arceneau

    Oiran Companion House

    O I R I A N C O M P A N I O N H O U S E F L O A T I N G R O C K G A R D E N S R Y L O T H A Companion is a skilled, well-educated and well-respected member of a guild of professional courtesans/entertainers, somewhat similar to cafarel. While they do frequently engage in a form of...
  16. S

    What about the Hutts?

    So I'm new here (like in the past five minutes) but I see nothing about the Hutts. What about the Hutts? Are they playable? Why is there no Hutt faction (or if there is one, why doesn't it show up when I search in the search bar)? Is it possible to be enslaved by the Hutts? Thanks, Sandis
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