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royal house of alderaan

  1. J

    Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

    Shield of Light New Jedi Order Star Temple Alderaan System, Galactic Core In all his many years of political service, Jaius had never been so overwhelmed by his surroundings as the first day he stepped foot once more on Alliance soil after his time as a prisoner of war. That being said, his...
  2. Rianna Organa

    Approved Vehicle  Air Ambulance

    Image Source: Intent: To provide ground mobility and a means of transporting the injured Development Thread: If Necessary Manufacturer: MandalMedical Model: MM-AMB-1 Affiliation: Mandalorian Clans...
  3. Rianna Organa

    Approved Starship  Critical Care Life Flight Transport

    Image Source: http://vignette2.wik...=20150726054422 Affiliation: Mandalorian Clans, Royal House of Alderaan Manufacturer: MandalMedical Model: MM-T2 Modularity: No Production: Mass Produced Material: Mandalorian Steel, Duraplast, Electronics, Starship components Classification: Medical...
  4. Rianna Organa

    Approved Starship  Medical Supply Frigate

    Image Source: Affiliation: Mandalorian Clans, Royal House of Alderaan Manufacturer: MandalMedical Model: MM-T5 Modularity: No Production: Mass Produced Material: Mandalorian steel, duraplast, electronics, computer components...
  5. Faith Organa

    Alderaan Visitor / Mining Permits

    Name:________________________________________ Planet of Origin:________________________________ Purpose of Visit:________________________________ Visitors Pass Individual named in this pass has the permission of the Alderaan Tourism Bureau to explore Alderaan.This pass entitles the bearer to a...
  6. Faith Organa

    Approved Location  Mountain Palace

    Name: Mountain Palace Image Source: Lake view - Classification: Palace Location: Juran Mountains, Alderaan Affiliation: House...
  7. Faith Organa

    Approved Location  Alderaan Welcome Center

    Name: Alderaan Welcome Center Image Source: (exterior) - view from inside the walkway to the center. Classification: Welcome Center Location: New...
  8. Arianna Organa

    Approved Location  The Royal Museum of Alderaan.

    Name: The Royal Museum of Alderaan Image Source: Classification: Museum Location: In New Aldera City on the planet Alderaan Affiliation: The Royal...
  9. Amelia von Sorenn

    Approved Tech  Gate Master series Security Droid

    Image Source: Here Intent: The creation of a security droid for use by the Order of the Righteous Flame and the Great Houses of Alderaan Development Thread: If Necessary Manufacturer: Order of the Righteous Flame Model: Gate Master Affiliation: Order of the Righteous Flame The...
  10. L

    Crimes against the Crown

    Aldera Royal Palace, Throne Room. Intelligence was an interesting thing. Holorecords were kept from the One Sith Invasion and the actions of those involved - to include the actions of Elaine of House Thul. Alyesa was not ignorant to her actions, she had allowed the pretender to keep her...
  11. Sunny Lee

    Adelaide Teraan

    NAME: Adelaide Anne Teraan NICKNAMES: Ada or Adele to friends FACTION: Royal House of Alderaan RANK: Countess of House Teraan, Widow SPECIES: Human AGE: 29 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 125 EYES: Green HAIR: Black SKIN: Very fair FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
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