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rebel alliance

  1. R

    Ragtag group of rebels

    she stares out for a little bit, then notices you guys. “oh, you actually joined? To be honest this was a little risky, hosting this rebel band together thing with signs all over town. But then again, the empire doesn’t seem to check this planet out often. Well, I hope you know what you’re...
  2. Liberty Institute

    Liberty Institute

    A Political, Military, Intelligence, and Humanitarian network designed to organize volunteers and exiles from Imperial space, as well as current Sith space, and provide them with needed aid while coordinating military, espionage, and political operations to agitate for and ultimately effect the...
  3. The Fallen Republic

    The Fallen Republic

    After Order 66, not everything was destroyed on Kamino. Remaining Cloning devices have been found far under the water surface. One man, from Naboo who was rescued by CT-27-5555 during the Second Invasion of Naboo, trained and last seen as Elite Commander. With the Cloning device and the DNA of...
  4. Keiran Varn

    The Road to Tython - Keiran Varn

    All credit to the wonderful Annasari and Dagon Kaze, thank you both!
  5. Spirit of Faith

    Approved Location  Ruby's Sorrow | RBL-1

    REBELLIONS ARE BUILT ON HOPE OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide a setting for the Rebel Alliance and fluff for future threads. Image Credit: Banner - Ben Nicholas Dividers by Ishida Ashina All edits by myself Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Watch Your Back Twilight Company...
  6. Rebel Yell

    Subfaction REBELLION RISING | The Rebel Alliance

  7. S

    Junction  IXION'S WAKE | GA + NIO Junction of Trevura and Ingo

    LIES ARE RUST ON IRON, A BLEMISH ON POWER A SECOND GREAT HYPERSPACE WAR STORY FOLLOWING THE EVENTS OF WATCH YOUR BACK CENTARES | MURACIE The original course of action, as proposed by the defected ISB Agent Ruswal, had a much more generous timeline. The bombing of the Imperial Embassy was...
  8. Tarjik Khen

    Character  Thaine Kaldan

    THAINE KALDAN Basics Faction: Rebel Alliance Alias: Crux Species: Human Homeworld: Burnin Konn Gender: Male Age: 68 GSY Height: 1.88 Meters Weight: 62 kg Hair: Greying Redhead Eyes: Blue Skin: Light Caucasian Voice: Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher History In every age, it has been the...
  9. Hyper-Communications Cartel

    HCC News | Alliance: NIO forces 'insufficient' to invade Core

    inspo dont @ me NIO
  10. IMPCOM

    Dominion  Show Yourself | Subjugation of Ringo Vinda | NIO

    RINGO VINDA 874 ABY "To secure peace is to prepare for war." THE AGE OF REBELLION 'AN ALTERNATIVE TO FREEDOM' THE IMPERIAL OCCUPATION OF RINGO VINDA THE SOVEREIGN PLANETARY REPUBLIC OF RINGO VINDA Nestled within the jaw vice grips of several Galactic powers in the recent decades, Ringo Vinda...
  11. R

    Character  Rinoi Ssiv

    Rinoi Ssiv (Rin pictured in center alongside other members of the rebellion.) Name: Rinoi Safa Ssiv AKA: Rin, Ssiv, Buckethead Callsign: SM-1 Affiliation: The Galactic Alliance (Rebel), New Jedi Order Rank: Jedi Knight Birthplace: Chalacta Age: 29 GSY Species: Human (Chalactan) Height: 1.80...
  12. C

    Character  Colter Darik | Rebel Alliance

    WOLFMOTHER Music HUMBLING RIVER Aliases WOLFMOTHER [FMR] Class(es) Insurgent Soldier Renegade Birthplace Correllia Age Late Thirties Personality Traits Resourceful Brave Willful Education Traits Skilled Tactician Lifestyle Traits Fighter Overseer Rank(s) Captain [FORMER]...
  13. Vaine Ruus

    Character  Tosk Khazer

    TOSK KHAZER Faction: Rebel Alliance / Ex-Galactic Alliance Birthplace: Bespin Age: 62 GSY Species: Ugnaught (cyborg) Gender: Male Height: 1.37 Meters Weight: 41 kg Hair: White Skin: Pinkish Eyes: Dark Force Sensitivity: No Voice: Jeffrey Combs as Ratchet The marks of slavery leave scars, both...
  14. Spirit of Patience

    Major Faction SIA Handbook ft. The Marshals and Sector Rangers Compendium with Footnotes from The Rebel Alliance

    Index Overview Agents Task Force Xesh Contractors The Marshals and Sector Rangers Rebels [What's Next Mission File: MUND3T (Internal) Operation: INTO THE MAW (BOTM) Operation: IXION WAKES (Rebellion) OVERVIEW THE STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY The SIA is the military intelligence agency...
  15. CH3

    Character  CH3

    Identifier: CH3 Model: Modified KX-series Enforcer Droid Modified PK-series Worker Droid Classification: Fourth-degree Affiliation Rebel Alliance Role: Agent provacateur Manufacturer: Trade Federation, modified by the Rebel Alliance Constructured: Kol Huro Activated: 874ABY...
  16. Rebel Dream

    Major Faction Citizens of the New Imperial Order

    CITIZENS OF THE NEW IMPERIAL ORDER You were promised freedom from the clutches of tyranny. You were told you would decide your own destiny. You spilled your blood for their cause. And as payment, your voice was silenced. Proud Imperials, do not go quietly into the night. Stand tall...
  17. Gat Tambor

    Approved Tech  Defiant-pattern APCU All-Purpose Combat Uniform | TF

    DEFIANT-PATTERN STANDARD COMBAT UNIFORM OF THE TRADE DEFENSE FORCE REBEL TROOPER VARIANT IMPERIAL STRIKE FORCE VARIANT OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create an all-purpose armor pattern for sale by the Trade Federation Image Source: Halo: Reach | Concept Art Brian Matyas | ArtStation...
  18. F

    A Spark of Hope [Rebels!]

    BORLEIAS [HR] Rebel Base Imooda Outside Pytheas, Capital of Borleias Beyond the stonework of Pytheas, and just outside of their pyramid temples where roads are marked by the worn in treadmarks and repulsor plates. Laid the rebel base Imooda, named for the native reptile with a spiked tail. A...
  19. Noah Corek

    A Certain Type of Scum

    [member="Ava Cartwright"] Brentaal IV Himalps Mountain Range Brentaal IV was what many considered to be economic hub. Located near the intersection of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route the planet was considered highly valuable by shipping companies. Of course this value led to the...
  20. Vestille Thumahra

    [OOC] I see trees of Gree, red roses too... | TSE Recon of Gree

    Come one, come all. The Sith Empire is doing some recon on Gree for the upcoming invasion. Use this thread to discuss or ask questions relating to the thread. Link to the thread itself;
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