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  1. Hacks

    Private  On Red Wings, Ravens Fly

    fa-play fa-pause Hacks stood restlessly near the back of the bar, her plastic eyes transfixed on the datapad she held in her hands. Security feeds from last night replayed on the display, witnessing the horror of wholesale slaughter upon the Hutt Council and the Consortium. The Mighty Gorba...
  2. Tmoxin Temi

    Say hello, wave goodbye

    Since Tmoxin's new yacht was still in the shipyards, she met Lurcano in the Dragon Palace Casino in the requisite VIP area reserved for Ravens. She had only sent him a message that she wished to meet him but hadn't given him the reason. Tmoxin had a glass of Smuggler's Red and sat at a table...
  3. Tmoxin Temi

    Camp Raven OOC thread (Skirmish)

    This is the OOC thread for the Camp Raven Prison Break between the Rebel Alliance and the Red Ravens. Any questions please post here. Camp Raven IC thread [member="Corruck Kazen"] [member="Apoc"] [member="Tugoro Taidarious"] [member="Verd Skirata"] [member="Cryax Bane"] [member="Patricia...
  4. Jen

    Scary Skeletons and Cyan Smoke

    The world of Antecedant's high class area, called Central is something extraordinary in its own right and ways, from the behemoth skyscrapers that line the place like giants watching ants crawl around. To the lights and billboards of all colors which illuminates almost the entirety of the world...
  5. Martin Mcdonafray

    Multiverse News is looking for guests!

    Martin Mcdonafray, the host of the talkshow Multiverse News!, is looking for potential people to interview and have a nice chat with infront of the HoloRecorder. Are you famous? Are you rich? Are you both or are you just really talented at something? Are you interesting enough to be on...
  6. Cross Ikon

    Pick an alt, any alt

    So I've noticed that a whole bunch of threads I've been in have either died, finished, or just screwed with my brain so much I leapt off of them like the Lone Ranger jumping off a burning train. Pick one of my alts, and maybe tell me what you want. I'm also using this as an excuse to dust off...
  7. Martin Mcdonafray

    Martin Mcdonafray

    Martin Mcdonafray NAME: Martin Mcdonafray FACTION: The Red Ravens, Multiverse News! RANK: HoloNet Broadcast Host SPECIES: Human, from Antecedant. AGE: 56 GENDER: Male SEXUALITY: Unknown HEIGHT: 174 cm or 5ft 8.5in tall WEIGHT: 65 kg EYES: Light blue-grey. HAIR: Light brown, sprinkles of...
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