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personal starship

  1. Jack Sandrow

    "Pod" - Personal starship for Jack Sandrow

    (wrong sub)
  2. Shakka Bralor

    Approved Starship  Drali's Song Modified ENCL-G12 Akaanir Class Medium Gunship

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a personal starship for Shakka Bralor Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Permissions: GDI Here Maji Iron Work Here Roble Here Roble Two Here Primary Source: ENCL-G12 Akaanir Class Medium Gunship PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Enclave...
  3. Republic Engineering

    The Jade Canary

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION [hr] Intent: To create a sweet, tricked out ride and mobile home for Romi Jade. Image Source(s): The 890 Jump | Robertson Space Industries / Star Citizen. Canon Link: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Horizon-Class Star Yacht. PRODUCTION...
  4. Republic Engineering

    Approved Starship  The Mudskipper

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a sweet, tricked out ride for Davron Feln. Image Source: Artstation | Guido Kuip - The Ride. Canon Link: GX1 Short Hauler. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles. PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Lantillian ShipWrights - Original Design...
  5. Republic Engineering

    Approved Starship  The Wayward Spirit

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION [hr] Intent: To create a sweet, tricked out ride for Jared Starchaser and act as a test bed for future ORC starships. Image Source: Fantasy Flight Games | C-ROC Gozanti Cruiser Wookieepedia. Canon Link: C-ROC Gozanti Cruiser. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon...
  6. Aurelius Baldor

    Approved Starship  The Dervish

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Personal ship for the Devaronian crime lord Aurelius Baldor Image Source: Canon Link: WR-542 Shooting Star Sources: WR-542 wiki page, Libertine wiki page, Millenium Falcon wiki page PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems...
  7. WolfMortum

    Approved Starship  "The Ursine Bronco" YT-2400 Light Freighter

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION: Intent: To give Benjamin Cassidy a space pony to get around on, dubbed “The Ursine Bronco”. Image Source: Wookieepedia link. Deviantart Link (Dauntless). Deviantart Link (Outrider). Canon Link: N/A. Primary Source: YT-2400 Light Freighter. PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  8. Djonas Vile

    Approved Starship  Amidala's Lament

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A personal ship for Djonas Vile Image Source: Joe Botardo Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Royal Naboo Shipwrights, Sovereign System of Naboo Affiliation: Sovereign System of Naboo | Djonas Vile Model: 'Amidala's...
  9. Maple Harte

    Approved Starship  Scarlet Phantom (Modified H-Type Nubian Yacht)

    Intent: An armed and shielded starship that Uri finds during her time in the confederacy. It serves as her official courier starship in The Mandragora's service. Image Source: N/A Canon Link: Restricted Missions: Acquired during...
  10. Myles Davorak

    Approved Starship  AIAT/i "The Tempest"

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A personal Starship for Myles Davorak, not only his home but a mobile base for him as well. Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: My ship design and layout comes kinda based from Strider Garon's design here, but mine is...
  11. J

    Approved Starship  The Atin Ruug'la Jag

    Image Source: Affiliation: This ship is a somewhat heavily-modified CEC Starrunner-class starship used by the Mandalorian Initiate Jagen Wren. Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering...
  12. Kurayami Bloodborn

    Approved Starship  A-12 Personal Transport

    Image Source: Affiliation: Personal Manufacturer: Kurayami Bloodborn Model: A-12 Personal Transport Modularity: No Production:Unique Material: Durasteel frame, laminasteel hull with Chromium plating...
  13. Shaddi

    Approved Starship  The Doppelgangers Lament (Darth Erebos)

    The Doppelgangers Lament Image Source: Here Affiliation: Darth Erebos Manufacturer: Zuguruk Tyûk Industries, Darth Erebos Model: Doppelganger-class Modularity: Weapons, engines, shields and main system can be retrofitted Material: Titanium Reinforced Alusteel, Transparisteel for windows and...
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