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  1. Raphael Gallustrade

    Another Worksh -- No, the OTHER one

    Placeholder for projects that I will wrk on cuz I totally did not forget that this place existed. RAPH projects RIVER prjects
  2. Vera Noble

    LFG  Be my friend (Jedi, other)

    While I've spent some time writing Vera, I want to expand her circle of friends, or just build more connections in general. So here's a little bit of info! Vera is the daughter of Valery Noble and Kahlil Noble, so maybe you can meet her because you know one of them! She's a Jedi Padawan, so if...
  3. Lucas Gracin

    Private  Meeting the Other Side

    Lucas reached up to adjust his tie, ensuring that it was near and straight as he stood in front of the chancellor's office, his golden eyes peering between the two guards that stood outside. While he knew better than to speak of such things, he couldn't help but smother a smirk as he realized...
  4. Fervos Kej

    LFG  The Vanguard Corps wants YOU! Seeking soldiers and other professionals

    Looking for a place to write that military story you've been sitting on for a while? Interested in fighting some Pirates, Hutts, Slavers, and even The Sith? Join the Vanguard Corps today! We offer full benefits to all enlistees, and guarantee opportunities all across the Outer Rim. See far flung...
  5. Aron Thress

    LFG  Looking for characters to forge life long bonds!

    Heya! I’m looking for some other characters around Aron’s age (late teens, early twenties) to form a good bond that can grow as they do. Not specifically Jedi, just anyone who wants wacky zaney adventures and threads through the galaxy!
  6. Alexandros Xanathos

    Public  Seeing Red - NJO + Ga + Other

    TAGS: @ OPEN In the wake of the New Jedi Order's efforts, a group of individuals emerges from the shadows of 'Echo Genesis' - a secret project that crafted genetically engineered clones for advanced combat and strategy. Now, seeking a new purpose under the guidance of the Jedi, these remnants...
  7. Tiberius Vexus

    LFG  Zeffonian Sith Exile seeking other Dark Siders

    Greetings! Felt the itch to do bad guy related stuff, and so I’ve brought an interesting character to try. An Ancient Zeffo who had been corrupted by the dark side, later captured by the Sith Empire during his attempts to cross the void leaving the galaxy. As far as story goes, just seeking...
  8. Laphisto

    LFG  new friends or foes

    looking for some threads for the Lilaste order to participate in getting our name out there and interact with the other factions and other people! be it as allies or maybe starting some rivalries I'm up for any and all kinds of threads. So shoot me some ideas. a little about the order, we are a...
  9. Damion Dorian Tarkin

    Naval Ships

    SMALL CRAFT (1-50 Meters) Fighter: X-9 Draconian Fighter Bomber: Nova-Class Bomber Interceptor: Dracon Interceptor MK III Automated Fighter: D-12 Automated Defense fighter Atmosphere Transport: Atmo-drive craft Gunship/transport: DU-12 Troop Transport CORVETTES (50-200 Meters) Patrol...
  10. Valery Noble

    LFG  New stories (Pilots, NFU's, other)

    Looking for a few extra new threads, so here are some ideas I'm interested in: Piloting: If you have an Alliance pilot or just a character who likes to fly, I'd be interested in doing stuff! NFU: I really like meeting non-Jedi characters, especially NFU's for stories that are a bit different...
  11. Rezaq Karr

    Public  People watching, bar room brawls, and other things to do on Coruscant...

    So this was Coruscant? Rezaq had seen overly urbanized planets before, and a part of him itched to investigate the lower levels to see what had been forgotten to time's touch in the eons since anyone went down below where sapients still decided to live....but he knew better. Even places like...
  12. Garrick Skorr

    LFG  Bad Guy seeking Adversaries/ Bad Guy seeking other Bad Guys!

    Hello there all! Got the occasional itch for doing some bad guy stuff. While I do kinda sorta have a faction in the form of the Legion of the Crimson Star. I am seeking to be an adversary to all the good guys, and perhaps against other bad guys, or who might be looking for other bad guys to form...
  13. Aiden Rennek

    LFG  GA Marine stories | (Jedi, Sith, other)

    It has been a while since I seriously wrote a bunch of stories with Aiden here, but after Briana Sal-Soren made some cool art for us, I really felt like picking him up for a few threads again. Below I'll list some options: Maw Remnants: If you'd like something with more action, we could go...
  14. Amani Serys

    LFG  The Next Step - Jedi / GA / Other cool people

    Once again on the hunt for new thread opportunities. Mostly for Amani (but open to other characters as well). She’s a Jedi healer, Council member, and most recently, a Countess of Alderaan. Now that the SGHW is over, there’s a lot of new opportunities to explore. I’m open to plenty of ideas...
  15. Z

    Discussion  Other Hobbies

    Hello everybody. Just like it says in the title: what other fandoms have you been a part of over the years and how has your relation to them changed over the years, if at all? For example, my earliest discovery and love of Star Wars began at the age of five and has continued on and off over the...
  16. M

    LFG  Recruitment and Other Adventures

    Insert generic 'Hello There.gif' here. Hi! I'm sure the title explains what I'm looking for, but I've got a Molly here who needs a home. She kinda ran away from hers because... well, Chandrilan aristocracy gonna aristocracy, right? She's Force Sensitive but doesn't know it yet, so I'm...
  17. Jasper Kai'el

    LFG  Looking for other Clones

    Jasper is a Clone, but I don't think he's had the chance to interact with very many strandcasts, so I'd like to get this fixed. I'm always looking to get him some new friends, and what better thing to bond over than the shared commonality of being the product of genetic experimentation. I figure...
  18. Elliot Fleming

    First Reply  A search for a ship that might not even exist(plus a few other things)

    Elliot recently caught wind from a friend of his , that a wrecked Starfighter laid ruin on Sisio, a planet in the outer rim. He had fallen short of money in recent times and thought a new , and cough free, ship would help. That is... if it was actually there. He also had little to no information...
  19. Iris Arani

    LFG  Getting Back Into Painting? Or other RP. Rivals, friends, etc.

    Haha, cause Iris paints all the time. Get it? No but seriously. I've recently started getting back into writing her after a month or so of not really feeling it, and it's been feeling pretty fun. So I want to get more threads for her! If you don't know her, Iris is a Padawan who's whole thing...
  20. Gir Quee

    LFG  Atollon Vagabond - Looking for fleeters, pilots, spacers, and other interested partners

    In-character Background Persistent rumors and fuzzy holos of the Vagabond have spread through the seedy spacer cantinas and the highest levels of governments alike. They say the slate gray battlecruiser seemingly appears at random throughout the galaxy, dangerously lurching into real space far...
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