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  1. Spirit of Ashla

    Junction  Lifeday Festival - AC/EE junction of Coveway + Oricon

    Lifeday festival at Draellix Castle AC and EE junctions of Coveway and Oricon/Paridisum There are many names for the ever popular winter festival, celebrated by numerous people's all over the galaxy, for some it is a deeply spiritual or religious festival that touches their soul, for others...
  2. Cedric Grayson

    Invasion  The Tools To Reforge The Galaxy | AC Invasion of TSE held Ventooine, Oricon, Eol Sha |

    Oricon, once home to the Dread Lords, homeworld of the Phobos devices, a symbol of the terror the Bogan has wrought across the galaxy. This world and all on it must be brought to justice. The psions of terror will be brought to charge, the guilty judged righteously, and the ancient designs of...
  3. Joycelyn Zambrano

    Approved NPC  King Krazs the Hordefather

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an NPC King for a Skraal horde. ​Image Credit: Skaven Banner Finished by lordloss88 on Role: Leader of a Skraal horde Links: - Oricon - Skraal - The Sith Empire PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: Old. Force Sensitivity: No...
  4. Arken Lussk

    Approved Location  Oricon Infrastructure Center

    Oricon Infrastructure Center OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out the centralized infrastructure of Oricon's manufacturing sectors owned by Aegis Systems and Jaeger Solutions. ​Image Credit: Here Canon: N/A Links: ​Foundation of a World - Discussion of Oricon's future. The Means...
  5. Darth Empyrean

    The Foundation of a World

    [hr] [hr] [hr] Deep in the endless chasm of space, riding the ethereal hyperlane waves was the massive vessel known solely as The Technicolor Beat. Her systems raged with life, from the nightclub at its center to the more refined frontal and upper decks that housed the core for its brain...
  6. Ras'kala'han


    Oricon Sith Space It is a commonly known fact that the galaxy is a big place - blisteringly obvious to the preclusion of all discussion. The ramifications of this are seldom thought of by the Force-anointed heroes and scourges that wander it, however. Most of them, anyways. Suppose, for...
  7. Teynara Jeralyr

    Approved Location  Oricon Fortress

    Name: Oricon Fortress Image Source: Original Source Classification: Sith Fortress, designed for a small handful of occupants as training centre and living quarters. Location: Oricon, built close to the ruins of the old compound of Darth Vitus, long since destroyed. Affiliation: Owned by...
  8. Sovereign

    Return to the Dread Moon

    Location: Oricon System: Oricon System Region: Outer Rim Territories Deep in the Outer Rim Territories, past Korriban, Ziost, and Dromund Kaas lay a moon with a dark secret. Hidden away in the Oricon System was a moon that upon first glance looked to be an insignificant rock, however one...
  9. Sovereign


    Sovereign NAME: Tyhjyys (Void, Emptiness) ALIAS: Sovereign FACTION: The One Sith RANK: Apprentice SPECIES: Human, (Sith Pureblood x Human Ancestry) AGE: 22 SEX: Male HOMEWORLD: Oricon HEIGHT: 6'2" WEIGHT: 190lbs EYE COLOR: Sulfuric Yellow (Normal) Void Black (Dark Side) HAIR STYLE/ COLOR...
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