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omega pyre

  1. Danger Arceneau

    ATTN: Restructuring

    [member="Sarge Potteiger"] The notice would arrive with a 'high importance' notification and a read receipt confirmation. This was normal when it came to the annual sexual harassment, diversity, and open enrollment for Omega Pyre. Every year, on the same first quarter, Open Enrollment for...
  2. Judah Dashiell

    Safety And You! : Omega Pyre Edition

    Dorumaa Leave it to [member="Danger Arceneau"] to buy a large military-esq corporation and turn it into something to fit the grand scheme of her business model. Judah was curious to see how she was going to handle such a task - Danger never went in without some type of plan. Failure didn't...
  3. H3xle

    Samuel Jaymes Quentin

    || THE BASICS || Full name: Samuel Jaymes Quentin Preferred Name: Samuel, Sam, Sammie Species: Near-Human Race: Human (Corellian Stock) Birthworld: Fondor Faction(s): Galactic Alliance, Omega Pyre Class: Soldier Master(s): N/A Force Sensitive: Yes Force Alignment: Neutral || PHYSICAL...
  4. Mao

    Approved Location  Cardea Medical Center

    Name: Cardea Medical Center Image Source: From Tech Sub Classification: Orbital Medical Research, School, and Medical Center Location: Orbits Sullust Affiliation: Galactic Alliance & Omega Pyre. Population: Capcity 200,000. Defenses: From Tech Sub. Armaments: -45 Automated...
  5. L

    Times are a-Changin' (Galactic Alliance)

    Work was still needing to be done. Caita Xen was grateful for all the work that the GADF and the New Jedi Order were doing for the Alliance, but there were certain things that just needed a finer hand and a more cautious mind to affect any real change. That was why she was meeting with the Omega...
  6. Aeron Kreelan

    Omega Pyre PMC Codex

    Omega Pyre (OP) was founded by Cira on Fondor some years ago. Her organisation brought order to the chaos around that planet, and she became popular. Founded as a Private Military and Security Contractor, the company grew in influence and power, expanding to several planets and utilizing the...
  7. Coren Starchaser

    I'll be the one to save us all (Ask for Invite)

    The galaxy. Far and away from where the stories are being heard, and a very long time ago. The setting has gone through several iterations, especially since the fall of the Galactic Republic, the bastion of peace, nearly 900 years ago when the Sith pair of Palpatine and Vader had ruled with a...
  8. Cira

    Omega Pyre and Omega Protectorate Roll Call

    Alright folks, I'll be going through the member list, seeing who is active, who wants to continue with the Pyre, who is happy being a civilian, and what have you. There are many roles to play in OP; Medic, Scientist, Explorer, Freelancer, Civilian, Fugitive recovery service, Escort and...
  9. Aeron Kreelan

    Omega Pyre Contract & Request thread

    Sometimes, you only need a minor thing asked and don't want the hassle of a drawn out meeting. In order to facilitate rapid responses for things like mercenary contracts, state requests, or notifications relevant to Omega Pyre, you may post here with it. This request thread is for use by both...
  10. Cira

    When the Galaxy Ends [ Omega Protectorate & Omega Pyre ]

    :: When the Galaxy Ends :: ::| NINTY THREE STORIES UP AND ALL I CAN SEE OUT THE WINDOWS is the thick haze of grey smog. |:: Omega Protectorate Fondor They say that one never forgets the sins of the past. Like demons they haunt you, coming to the fore to pick at your mind, whisper in your...
  11. Aeron Kreelan

    Incomming Transmission ( IC Welcoming Letter and OOC Starting point)

    // incoming transmission // // verifying -- ok // // decrypting // // status -- ok // You're probably wondering why I'm sending this to you, and let me tell you, it took a bit to track you down. Be as it may, I'm sure you want to get to the nitty gritty, so here is what I'm after and offering...
  12. Cira

    Omega Pyre

    Corporation Name: Omega Pyre Headquarters: Fondor Locations: Fondor, Bespin, Thyferra, Abregado-Rae, Belsavis, Corellia, Denon, Sullust, Eriadu, Naboo, Coruscant, Vandelhelm, Tatooine, Yag, Dhul, Brentaal IV Operations: Mercenary services, Fugitive recovery, PMC services, Manufacturing...
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