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  1. Janith Rintao

    Private  Daiyu Lights City Nights

    Character: Janith Rintao Tags: Orson Thorm Planet: Daiyu Massive towers - and lights scraped across the city lines - speeders flowed in through the city streets and freighters cruised across the city skies as cargo came in and out. Of course - one of these imported individuals was Janith, who...
  2. Starlin Rand

    Public  The Cobalt Club (Makko Vyres Knighting Afterparty)

    The Cobalt Club, normally a swanky hotspot for Coruscant's elite, had tonight been overtaken by the plebs. Two Denon electronic music acts, Irregular Apocalypse and Clown World Order, had been booked to perform back to back on the glitzy stage. It was the knighting afterparty for Makko Vyres...
  3. Ellie Mors

    First Reply  No time to

    N A R · S H A D D A A c. 900 ABY RIMMER'S REST · SMUGGLER'S BAR LATE EVENING party Neon lights illuminated, if only just, the walls and cast a faint glow towards the center of the cantina. A number of suspicious individuals made their way to and from the bar, Amara herself with in the midst of...
  4. R

    Approved Location  Frenzy

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To establish a base for a Sangnir coven and location to RP Image Credit: "L'Attrape Rave" - Khaaliban Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Seven Corners, The Sangnir, Porfirio's Lair SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Frenzy Classification: Nightclub...
  5. AMCO

    Approved Location  Passion | New Kaas City

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Setting for social RP and a place to binge on alchemical drugs. Image Credit: Club by Jose Borges Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Tower Vandiir | Passion's Embrace (Drug) & Zeltron Cafarels Inspiration: Solstice Vine | Bittie Land SETTING INFORMATION...
  6. Celiana

    Approved Location  The Vixen's Vantage

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a home/safehouse for Celiana while working on Coruscant. ​Image Credit:
  7. Maou

    Approved Location  Ozai

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a base of operations for the Yōkai ​Image Credit: "Sleeping Dogs -Night Club" Canon: None Links: Yōkai A-Town SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Ozai Classification: Night Club and Secret Base Location: A-Town Affiliation: Yōkai...
  8. Arekk

    Approved Location  Krayt Dragon Club

    NAR SHADDAA Krayt Dragon Club, Red Light Sector OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To expand Ar'ekk Daesharacor's operations in Nar Shaddaa ​Image Credit: X Canon: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Krayt Dragon Club Classification: Nightclub Location: Red Light Sector, Nar...
  9. 4ND-R0

    Welcome to Club Nightland (Open to All)

    .:: Coruscant : Underlevels ::. The Club Nightland had opened up its doors for the day. Every sort of lowlife and dweller of the shining ecumenopolis' undercity filled seats in the Club. High above, overlooking the ground floor of the neon-flooded drinking hole, was a lavander Twil'ek dressed...
  10. Asheda Tyr

    A Night Time Meeting

    [member="Marcus Lund"] Corellia: Night club near space port The party had reached its peak at the night club, large sways of guest walked around the stages drinking, dealing in questionable good and watching dancers, occasionally asking for more than a dance. Though this would have been a...
  11. Subject 37

    Approved Location  Dusk

    Name: Dusk Image Source: "Sci-Fi Club" by AyarnE Classification: Night Club Location: Coruscant Affiliation: SIN, Heartbeat House Description: Dusk is the second piece of the new Coruscant Entertainment district built in conjuction between SIN Incorporate and Heartbeat House. The Club is...
  12. Joza Perl

    Approved Location  Club Blush

    Name: Blush Image Source: Cyberpunk Nightclub Classification: Nightclub Location: Indigo District, Zeltros Affiliation: Joza Perl, Heartbeat House Description: F l o o r O n e ~ The first floor of Blush is your standard seedy nightclub dance floor with purple, pink and blue low...
  13. James Justice

    Angel's Den, The Night of Vice (Open to all)

    Track for this thread Challenging days wore down at the galaxy. The trial of Charzon with her foolishness and her bombing of Korriban. The Omega war. The collapse of the Republic. The fall of the One Sith. The endless raids of the Mandalorians. The shattering of hopes, dreams, and worlds...
  14. Zenva Vrotoa

    Opening Night, Hhawa Kouiehh ; Club Vicious

    Floor Plan It had finally arrived, the grand opening of Hhawa Kouiehh or Club Vicious for those who did not speak Huttese. Zenva Vrotoa, the Crimson Lady, glided through the member's lounge in a sparkling silver dress and a unique domino mask, shaking hands, smiling and laughing with criminal...
  15. NightSister

    Voss Launch Party

    Coruscant In one hand, Daska held an expensive notebook bound in leather with 'D.Voss' inscribed on the inside in cursive. The other hand was shaking with excitement because when she looked up, the glamorous and exotic nightclub she'd drawn so carefully inside its pages was in front of her...
  16. Tanith Alde

    The Night Before

    Location: Capitol City Place: Night Club 'Trendy' Sean was being taken here by a few of his new 'pals' who were intent on initiating the young man into the military world via a wild night of drinking and such. The four men walked into the club confidantly, the fifth man not so much. The young...
  17. C

    Gomorrah Casino - The Heart Of The Party

    Information and Description of The Casino Location: Cloud City Price to get in: 2,000 Credits. All weapons will be confiscated on entry and will be given back when you leave. Background tracks: Welcome to Gomorrah Casino! Here you will find a part dedicated to the ladies, a part dedicated to...
  18. Spar Malric

    The Aura (Open)

    Link To The Aura Nyla made her way into the lobby of the Aura nightclub after parking her speeder outside the building. She needed a night like this, to have fun and relax, and everyone in the area knows that this is the place to do just that. She went to the lift, heading to get a drink at...
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