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  1. Romi Jade

    Public  Metropolitan Museum of Coruscant Presents | Echoes of the Jedi Exhibit

    Metropolitan Museum of Coruscant Presents: Echoes of the Jedi: Legacy Restored fa-play fa-pause There's a new experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Coruscant! Step into the mystified world of the Jedi Order with our captivating new exhibit, "Echoes of the Jedi: Legacy Restored."...
  2. DM Player-Slayer

    Private  [ASK] Lost Legends : The Quest for the Star Compass

    OOc: Please dm me and ask if you wish to join and I will coordinate your character in. LOCATION: Nar Shaddaa TAGS: OOC: You must ask to join. There is no post-order. First come first serve. Compete with one another or work together. The choice is yours and yours alone. Oh, gather...
  3. Darth Strosius

    Private  It Belongs in MY Museum

    A cargo ship exited hyperspace a short flight away from the mysterious and ancient homeworld of the Aing-Tii, a world that had fairly recently been conquered by the forces of the Sith Order. Star Destroyers and other vessels hung in the orbit of the planet and made patrols around the system to...
  4. Ishani Dinn

    Private  The Museum of Eliad

    Rhi winced as she stepped over the broken glass littering the floor of the Museum of Eliad, grateful that she had decided to wear thick-soled boots. After the Council meeting, where the Sith Order had killed off most of the native nobility and cowed the rest into submission with the fear of...
  5. Elpsis Kerrigan

    Approved Location  Museum of Industrial Progress/Centre for the Exaltation of Harmonious Labour and Industry

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Expand on a location referenced in a submission. Further flesh out Tephrike. Image Credit: Here. Canon: N/A. Permissions: N/A. Links: Dominion of Light, Disciples of the Vader, The Republican Guard is the Strongest, Tephrike, Yuuzhan Vong, Force-Dead, Into...
  6. Kitter Bitters

    A Night At The Museum: Coruscants Natural History Museum Charity Event

    Location: The Museum of Natural History - Coruscant Tags: Caltin Vanagor Kat Decoria Ishani Sibwarra Sergeant Omen Onrai Sikkol Cull Tovald Kahmen’’a Vyse de Valorous Keziah Azadi Eric Vales Cass Gemini Invitations for the night had been sent to several of the galaxies most wealthy...
  7. Natasi Fortan

    Approved Location  Garden Street Station | Museum & Memorial

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a location significant to some First Order characters. Image Credit: Main Image and Central Terminal, Archie Garcia [x], Exhibition Hall, Wolfgang Ortner [x], Tunnel Exhibition, Michael Neocleous [x], Memorial Garden, Jeff Johnson [x] Canon: N/A...
  8. Jacen Nimdok

    Public  Heart of the Universe

    Museum of Natural History, Thustra The “Heart of the Universe” was a Force-imbued gem created by Jedi Master Jaled Dur at some point during the time of the Galactic Republic. While its exact purpose and how it was made is unknown, the gem was thought to contain great power, and so it attracted...
  9. Ugohr Poof

    Approved Location  Galactic Cosmetics Museum

    The Galactic Cosmetics Museum in early spring Name: Galactic Cosmetics Museum Image Source: My photobucket Classification: Museum Location: Lipsec Affiliation: Revlon Historical Society Description: The Galactic Cosmetics Museum has collections on four publicly-accessible above-ground...
  10. Alric Kuhn

    Approved Location  Ralltiir National Museum

    Name: Ralltiir National Museum Image Source: Illie Gave it to me Intent: To submit the location for an upcoming and past thread Classification: Museum Location: Ralltiir Affiliation: Ralltiir National Museum Society Description: The Ralltiir National Museum, as its name implies, is a...
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