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  1. Inanna Harth

    LOA  I'm Moving

    Starting tomorrow, I will be spending the next couple weeks moving to a new house. Then shortly after that, I will be taking a week-long trip to another state. With so much going on in such a short period of time, I most likely will not be able to post as frequently as usual. I'm going to try...
  2. Darth Athora

    LOA  Moving

    Apologies for not being around the past week or so. I was supposed to move into my new apartment last Friday but there's been some complications. Currently unable to be able to pay consistently here. I should be back in action in another week or two.
  3. Miri Nimdok

    Private  Moving Day

    Stepping aboard the Bright Knight, a baby carrier in either hand, Miri looked around and sniffed the air. "It's cleaner than I expected," she muttered. Miri had resisted the idea of moving in with any of their relatives or friends right up until she brought the twins home from the hospital to...
  4. Silas Westgard

    Private  Moving forward

    Location: Coruscant Objective: Work out Tag: Ara Sheridan Automatic lights switched in the quiet gym room as a lonely figure walked in. A time like this wasn't unusual for the padawan, since joining the Jedi he had always come to train at early times like this. Most times he'd see others in...
  5. Valery Noble

    Private  Moving towards a brighter Future

    Outfit | Weapon/Weapon | Appearance Outfit | XoXo Location | Cularin | Valery's home Tag | Amani Serys "Vera?" Valery asked as she opened the door leading into the backyard. "Hmm?" Vera hummed in response while she kept playing. "Amani will be here any moment. You can keep playing, but...
  6. Cynthia Solus

    Private  Moving forward

    Stardust Solus Skirae Mandalore ... Cybernetic feet carried her over the rubble of Sundari. Green foliage over the years had slowly began to creep through the layers and layers of horror around. It had been the first time in a long time since Cynthia had returned, it had been a long time...
  7. Kahlil Noble

    LOA  Moving

    Internet gonna be gone for a lil bit during the move, so we'll see when it gets back. Means a couple days of me not posting, which y'know, weekend so I normally don't anyway. We'll see what happens though.
  8. Kitter Bitters

    LOA  Storms and Homes and Forms Oh My!

    I had planned on doing this next week but flooding in my area decided our internet needed to go out, so I am moving it up. Over the next three weeks my family is moving across the country. We are purchasing a home and closing in the next two weeks so life is crazy. Its also the end of the...
  9. Tefka

    New Feature  We're moving to a brand new Metaverse.

    THE STAR WARS RP METAVERSE has been announced, and we're proud to announce MINECRAFT as our digital platform! Nearly 10 years old, SWRP Chaos as a play-by-post forum has long heralded the written art-form and explored the bounds of the human imagination. But the world is changing and culture...
  10. Valiens Nantaris

    LOA  A Moving LOA

    Due to moving I will be unavailable from 25th of March to the 2nd of April. Will be on Discord when possible but will be slow replying to anything there and especially here. Until that time things might also be slow too.
  11. Riamah

    Our Home

    Some amount of time had passed since Ra was a hunted person. She had spent that time hiding in the open on Kashyyyk with Josh and others of the Silvers. Knowing she had people waiting on her, she sent a message out to them. It was something simple and stated a meeting time and location...
  12. Coci Heavenshield

    There are no Loos in Star wars + LOA

    When I was dong the cleaning today, this is what was going through my mind (among other things :P) Come on I had to occupy my mind somehow while cleaning the loo. :s But it is true! No one goes to the loo. :P So guess what my next post I do when I get back from LOA ...? Ah but who will be...
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