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  1. Jao So

    Character  Jao So

    GUARDIAN Music COMBAT ENTHUSIASTIC Aliases .. Class(es) Temple Guardian Assignment Flagship Birthplace Alpheridies Age 31 Personality Traits Golden Retriever Enthusiastic Education Traits Jedi Academy Education Lifestyle Traits Temple Guardian Jedi Spartan Rank(s) Jedi...
  2. S

    Character  Sinmara Ves'

    SOCIETAL Name: Sinmara Ves' Homeworld: Alpheridies Residence: Mobile Affiliation: Expedition Firefist Luka Sene Occupation: Archaeologist Seer Professor Force Sensitive: Yes APPEARANCE Race: Miraluka Age: Thirties Gender: Female Height: 5'1" Build: Light Hair Colour...
  3. Queen_of_ashes19

    Character  Evander of Alpheridies

    AVATAR: NAME: Evander FACTION: The open hand ( RANK: Soldier of the closed fist SPECIES: Miraluka AGE: 18 SEX: Male FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Strengths include his passion and refusal to give up. Once Evander...
  4. Ticca

    A Path Renewed~

    Hello hello, With the Confederacy having essentially evaporated whilst I was away, Ticca would be looking for a way to continue her journey through the force. Whilst she was a relatively experienced hospitalier, I think she would not be remiss to begin anew. Ticca has this compulsive need to...
  5. Jannik Morlandt

    Character  Jannik Morlandt

    JANNIK MORLANDT Theme lost memories Full Name Jannik Anders Morlandt Alias(es) Jan Class(es) Jedi Consular Jedi Seer Sage Master Birthplace Unknown Homeworld Coruscant Residence Coruscant Transient Age Have a guess Personality Traits Compassionate Humble Patient Reserved...
  6. Corbin Vasher

      Jalkare - a Human/Miraluka/Nagai Hybrid

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: For Corbin Vasher's Genetic Background Image Credit: n/a Canon: n/a Permissions: n/a Links: Miraluka, Nagai GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Jalkare Designation: Sentient Origins: Dyspeth Average Lifespan: ~100 years Estimated Population: Unique Description: Look...
  7. M

    Character  Maat'ul Lgaaneh

    IDENTITY BIOLOGY NAME Maat'ul Lgaaneh NICKNAMES N/A TITLE(S) N/A RANK Witch Elder HOMEWORLD Kataar BIRTHPLACE Kataar SEXUALITY Unknown GENDER Male MARITAL STATUS Single LANGUAGES KNOWN Basic, Miralukese, Mando'a LANGUAGES SPOKEN Basic, Miralukese, Mando'a SPECIES Icarii | Miraluka AGE Unknown...
  8. I

    Character  Isolde Djo

    IDENTITY BIOLOGY -I| NAME Isolde Evette Mareina Djo -I| NICKNAMES N/A -I| TITLE(S) Lady Isolde -I| HOMEWORLD Hapes -I| SEXUALITY Straight -I| GENDER Female -I| MARITAL STATUS Single -I| FORCE SENSITIVE Yes -I| ALIGNMENT Light -I| FORCE RANK Novice -I| LANGUAGES KNOWN Galactic Basic, Hapan...
  9. A

    Character  Ajinar Djo

    IDENTITY BIOLOGY -I| NAME Ajinar Elias Kintel Djo -I| NICKNAMES Aji, Jin -I| TITLE(S) Lord Ajinar Djo -I| RANK Jedi Padawan -I| HOMEWORLD Hapes -I| BIRTHPLACE Naboo -I| SEXUALITY Bisexual -I| GENDER Male -I| MARITAL STATUS Single -I| LANGUAGES KNOWN Galactic Basic, Hapan, Miralukese -I|...
  10. T

    Character  Teru Challo

    Teru Legal Name Teru Challo Aliases TBD Class(es) Jedi Knight Assignment Coruscant Temple Flagship N/A Birthplace Coruscant Age Young Adult Personality Traits Calm Optimist Encouraging Diligent Education Traits Diplomat Talented Warrior Lifestyle Traits Reclusive Patient...
  11. Halketh


    II. E C L I P S E D K E Z E C LOTHAL "Stay with me. Please..." _ The padawan followed closely behind his Master, fingers picking and kneading at the hemmed sleeve of his tunic as together they ascended the stairs that would feed them to their collective destiny. The padded echo of her boots...
  12. Halketh


    I. W I N G S K E Z E C ILUM "I've nothing to say for myself. Not anymore." _ The weighted grasp of authority on his shoulder made the young miraluka tilt his head slightly, reaching back through the webbing flow around him to cast his vision towards the one who touched him. The gentle, humming...
  13. Halketh

    Character  Darth Caelitus, the Mercurial Saint

    Darth Caelitus Formerly Lord Halketh Title(s) Dark Lord of the Sith Class(es) Sith Sorcerer & Necromancer Birthplace Alpheridies Age Forties* Virtue(s) Compassion Independence Annihilation Rank(s) Master, Dark Lord Apprentice Laoth Faction(s) The Brotherhood of the Maw...
  14. Zelannia Arcrin

    Character  Crowe

    General Information: Name: [Unknown] Alias(es): Crowe Age: Late Teens Gender: Male Height: 1.81 m Build: Slender Species: Miraluka Social Information: Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Personality Type: INTP Sexual Orientation: [Unknown] Connections: Family: [Unknown] Friends: [Unknown] Enemies...
  15. Kalika Vaar


    -------------------------- [VOICE SAMPLE] -------------------------- [THEME] --------------------------
  16. T

    The Nameless

    The Nameless NAME: None. FACTION: RANK: SPECIES: Miraluka AGE: Twenty-Seven SEX: Female HEIGHT: 1.8m (5'10") WEIGHT: 68kg (150lbs.) EYES: N/A HAIR: Light Blonde SKIN: Light FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGHTS & WEAKNESSES: Force Sight: Gifted in the Force, The Nameless can see things others...
  17. Y

    Ylustri Jade

    Name: Ylustri Jade Age: 30 Sex: Female Species: Miraluka Hair: White Skin: Pale Markings: None Rank: Master Force Sensitive: Yes Strengths: (+)Cool Under Fire: When things get thick she retains her composure even when faced with imminent danger to her person, or even after enduring harm. It...
  18. Amity Khoury

    Amity Khoury

    : Amity Khoury : The Confederacy of Independent Systems : Padawan Apprentice : Near-Human (Human, Miraluka) : 18 : Female : 170 cm - 5'7'' : That's a rude question to ask a lady! : Light green : Black : Tanned : Yes : Amity was born to the Miraluka Yasmine Khoury and Peter Khoury, who live in...
  19. Kyyrk

    Character  Lord Voph

    NAME: Voph Sitdrisa'yr ALIASES: Kyyrk-Xho Verros, Archon of Visions, Lord of Blades FACTION: Octarchy Covenant, Confederacy of Independant Systems RANK: Current Titles: Darth (Vitiate's Sith Empire) Warden of the Knights Obsidian (Confederacy of Independent Systems, Knights Obsidian)...
  20. A


    Hiya! my latest character, Aayaith, has been created and is ready to join SJO! Looking forward to threading with you all ^-^
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