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  1. Lupa Visz

    Character  Lupa Visz, Major General of the GADF

    THE BASICS: NAME: Lupa Visz NICKNAMES: "Thickskin" FACTION: GA RANK: Lt. General SPECIES: Mirilian AGE: 45 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'5 WEIGHT: 150 pounds EYES: Yellow HAIR: Black as my soul SKIN: Green FORCE SENSITIVE: Not in the slightest. EQUIPMENT: WEAKNESSES: NON-COMBAT...
  2. Jack Sandrow

    Suggestion  Major Faction Mandate: Migrant Fleet (Concept)

    You will never completely be at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place. – Miriam Adeney The Migrant Fleet mandate is designed for a faction that does not want to be beholden...
  3. Arla Rodarch

    Request  Major Faction Background PSD? (Help?)

    Has anyone got a clean copy of the Major Faction Background psd for photoshop purposes? Please and thanku very much in advance for your helps.
  4. Tefka

    Rules Update  Major Faction Starting Planets Increased To 7

    New Major Factions will now start with 7 planets, up from 3.
  5. Tefka

    Rules Update  Major Faction SWRP Admin Prohibition Lift

    The following rule has been removed from the Major Faction ruleset: “5. SWRP Administrators are prohibited from joining Major Faction Moderation, Creative, or Administrative teams in any capacity, to include subfactions and other related factions of note.”
  6. Srina Talon

    Suggestion  Major Faction Mandates [2024 Update]

    Hello everyone! I am reaching out to all of you to ask for your thoughts on the mandates that we currently have in place. I want to revise them soon and remove some of the less frequently used options and replace them with better alternatives. While we do have some popular choices that are...
  7. Novorus

    Character  Commando Major Novorus | Sith Order

    art from Unreleased Republic Commando Sequel Imperial Commando Name Novorus Callsign Boldog Voice Harbinger Theme Burgundian Lullaby Class Sith Elite Stormtrooper Homeworld Escalan Personality Traits Zealot Revanchist Barbaric Wargear Dawnsorrow BE-09 blaster pistol Knuckle plate...
  8. Tefka

    Question  Should SWRP Staff Admins be able to lead Major Factions?

    Link for the lazy: For context, we just removed RPJs from these rules so they can go be free. I say let's release the Admins, mainly because the GA leader Valery is pissing me off in my DMs and I'm MADGE. if you voted...
  9. Toltec

    Minor Faction  Mecha Factum | Major Faction Test Run

    We don't meet all the reqs yet, but please post below if you are interested in pushing to Major and are an active member. You do not need to be a member of the discord to be an active member, just active here on the website. Discord is mostly just for theorycrafting/memeing. If so, please link...
  10. Aeshi Tillian

    RTL Major Faction Owner Nominations

    Hey y'all, due to some unexpected health issues colliding with a lot of other stuff, I'm at zero bandwidth for anything beyond the basics, which means there is no way I can write on Chaos, let alone run a major faction. I am stepping down as the MFO of the League and then leaving Chaos. RTL...
  11. Colette

    Private  Dream Sweet in C Major

    A tranquil scene of utter chaos was on full display in the otherwise rather calm and collected Noble apartment. The once pristine couch was now a stained and empty bowl of discomfort. The kitchen, oh the kitchen… Those grease stains would be impossible to ever truly get out despite the obvious...
  12. DECEASED Erskine Barran


  13. Tefka

    Staff  The Great Major Intervention Of 2023

    The SWRP Staff Team will be skipping the activity checks for a third time in a row. The previous two were privately delayed between Staff and the MFOs, encapsulating the most charitable year to date in regards to not addressing inactivity. I am triggering Removal votes on all Major Factions...
  14. Tefka

    Suggestion  Should we remove the Major Faction system entirely?

    This would put Minor Factions back in the spotlight, at least.
  15. Laphisto

    Resolved  major faction status

    how does one apply for major faction status? i was originally gunna try and wait for a bit longer but noticing all these factions land grabbing and one getting a bit to close to the system i have planned for my home sector, figured i better get in on the race before its to late
  16. Zef Halo

    Major Faction Owner Election

    It is said that NO KING RULES FOREVER. Even the great Tsar Simeon. It’s been a helluva blast and definitely my favorite time spent roleplaying on Chaos has been here with the NIO/Empire. However, real life responsibilities are taking over my time the older I get leaving me unable to roleplay...
  17. Tefka

    Suggestion  Major Factions, Delete Your Factions

    And have your Admin teams and leaders ban themselves from ever holding office again. This will cure some staleness and help break up cliques that promote staleness.
  18. Valery Noble

    Discussion  Changes to Major Faction Mandates

    For the longest time, I didn't even really know they were a thing, but a conversation with other GA staff members got me looking at the MF Mandates, and gave me the idea to put up this discussion. Looking at the list of available mandates, I personally feel that while some of them are really...
  19. Darth Empyrean

    Major Faction Application  The Sith Order │ Major Faction Application

    Name: The Sith Order OOC Heirarchy: Administrators: Darth Empyrean (Owner) Darth Ophidia Alisteri Haxim Creative Members: Alina Tremiru Darth Morrow Venn Kolis IC Hierarchy: The Sith Order operates presently on a Triumvirate system - lead by the most powerful of the Sith within the...
  20. The Amalgam

    Major Faction Application  House Io Major Faction Application

    Name: House Io OOC Heirarchy: Maple Harte, Percival Io , Mellifluous Magenta (Equal Command) IC Hierarchy: The faction is controlled by Laertia Io , known as Darth Xiphos, with her top advisors being deadly Force Witches each one from a different, Heretical Cult of Sith, one focused on...
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