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  1. C

    Discussion  IDK where to post this

    check out this edit i made lol
  2. Darth Abyss

    Pre Character Creation Forum

    I have thought about this for a while, and I now feel confident that I formulated this into an actually valid idea. Just before anyone gets a wrong impression, I don't suggest to impose a factory/codex like system on Character creation, what we have right now works well and as intended...
  3. Mother Askani

    Lost Tribe? (Interest Check...)

    So, I've been feeling tribal-esque lately, thought it'd be a different style and story to explore. Was thinking of something sort of similar to Lost Tribe of Sith Takes place on some remote planet, Dark and light Forcer clans apart of a larger tribe who are enemies but also allies when they need...
  4. Darth Abyss

    A Challenge for all Mandalorians

    A while back I was looking for a mando ally that could help Abyss build his own little clan in which he would serve as a mix of unofficial shadowy patron, teacher/mentor, advisor and dark guardian in return for the clan being his eyes and ears inside whatever currently mando group is relevant...
  5. Darth Abyss

    Sith looking to train a Jedi/Rogue Padawan

    I am looking for a jedi/rogue padawan for some idea I had: So I created a city on Malachor V, that is basically split in half. Above the city towers the city of the rich people, while the city below is mainly composed out of free slaves that life on the bare minimum. Now that is were you come...
  6. Darth Abyss

    Looking for a love interest for a sith.

    So in the early days of Abyss development I planned this arc out with him having feelings for a woman, against his dedication to the sith yada yada, so that in the end he could overcome these feelings to attempt to kill her. Killing or at least trying to kill a loved one is somewhat of a rite of...
  7. Antoir Setrrin

    When Image Editors Get Bored...

    Original: After 30 minutes of boredom and every effect that looked interesting: Brought to you by the lovely Vanessa Nacht Seele, AKA Blaire the dorky editor (her words, not mine). Original: After editing: (notice: blaire does indeed know that otehr is not how one spells other) No, I...
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