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  1. Kathal

    LFG First Blood

    So, I am wanting to get more threads going with my lovely man Kathal here, and want to explore some more combat related things. Curious to see if any Jedi or light siders in general might be interested in coming after my little Dark Side cultist here. Open to pretty much any type of thread...
  2. Briana Sal-Soren

    Faction The Hapes Humanitarian Ball [ Hapes Consortium, Open to Lightsiders ]

    THE HAPES HUMANITARIAN BALL Themes: XoXo Tag: Ajinar Djo, @ Hapes Consortium Peeps She was not supposed to stay on Hapes longer than a few days, her Jedi duties as of late having become more demanding, starting with the attempt on Valery’s life, resulting in innumerable tasks that she...
  3. Romi Jade

    Year of the Millennium Blossom | A Reception

    W E D D I N G R E C E P T I O N The couple receive society... Inkari Chateau, Lemmi VI fa-play fa-pause It was the year for the Millennium blossom. The Consortium's polite society gathered along the river bank to dramatic scenery, set against the foothills of the temperate rainforest; a...
  4. Romi Jade

    The Wedding of Romi Jade: Short

  5. Romi Jade

    The Courtship: Short

  6. Kha'la Daaray

    Faction The Queen's Coronation - Hapes Consortium launch [HC & friends]

    The Queen's Coronation Social Event Planet: Hapes Location: Lorell Hall Time: Post Coronation After a live broadcast of several hours, the brief intro tune of the Hapan News Network flashes onto screens across all planets of the Hapes Consortium. The camera shifts back to the friendly...
  7. Kha'la Daaray

    LFG Hapes Consortium Opening

    Hello lovelies! The amazing Kitter Bitters started a project to make a Hapes Consortium minor faction! The plan with it was to also honor a lot of great stories from the past, such as created by Romi Jade and Lady Rowan Vale, and continue forward. To launch ourselves, the plan was to begin...
  8. Kha'la Daaray

    Character Kha'la Daaray - Queen Mother of Hapes

    Kha'la Daaray Basic Information Faction Hapan Consortium Rank Queen Mother Species Hapan Gender Female Age 29 Eye Color Green Hair Color Red Force-sensitive No Brief History: Born on Hapes and into the royal family as a cousin to Queen Mother Merci, Kha'la began a...
  9. Kitter Bitters

    Hapes Consortium - New Faction Interest Check & Fact Checks

    For a few months me and a few others have been fishing out information about what has transpired on Hapes in the Chaos community. We also started to check and see if it would be possible to create a minor faction to focus on Hapan stories. After a few months nobody has objected to this idea so...
  10. Faith Organa

    Hapes Consortium

    Hello all So it is my understanding that a new minor faction for the Hapes Consortium is being created. Hapes Hex is located in SJO territory, and even though Hapans are usually against outsider they may be open to some stories with us. Maybe we are all chasing the same pirates raiding our...
  11. H

    Hapes Consortium

    Hapes Consortium Basic Information The Hapes Consortium is a matriarchal consortium monarchy of the near-human Hapans in the Hapes Cluster. Hapans were the descendants of the Lorell Raiders, a group of pirates who had found routes through the Transitory Mists and used the Hapes Cluster as...
  12. Phalsi Drynchen

    Private The Bright and Brilliant find Shadows

    NEW FACES Objective: Meet and Greet Equipment: Under-Armor, Clothes- The First Picture, The Mask, Just in Case Cloak, Scope- on belt, Wrist Device, Slicing/Gaming Tool, The Encoil, Zerek Stowaway Node, ICE/iBorg Clarion Personal Translator Weapons: Four Zenji Needles, Pair of Blue Lightsabers...
  13. Two-in-One

    Character Two-in-One

    TWO-IN-ONE Individual Names Dejah Inkari Chume Ta'Djo Elara Inkari Chume Ta'Djo Aliases Two-in-One The Weird Sisters Dyad Twins Birthplace Bastion Age Late teens Personality Traits Creepy Good Emotionless Girls Twin Telepathy Manipulative Rank(s) Padawan Faction(s) Axis of...
  14. Romi Jade

    Edge of the Desert: Short

    After this: Here
  15. S

    Character Solitaire Stuyvesant

  16. Romi Jade

    Holo-Six: This Engagement Allegedly Hit a Breaking Point

  17. Romi Jade

    World Between Worlds: Short Pt. 2

  18. Cazo Thraos

    Character Cazo Thraos

    NAME: Cazo Saris Thraos FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems RANK: Commander SPECIES: Hapan AGE: 28 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 1.9m(6’2”) WEIGHT: 87kg(191lbs ) EYES: Sky Blue HAIR: Jet Black SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: + Calm and Collected - Part of what garnered...
  19. Romi Jade

    HNN: Courtship of Prince Johannes & Romi Jade

  20. Romi Jade

    HNN: Chume'da to Marry

    Regicide (Dom) Regicide: 1 Regicide: 2 Regicide: 3 Regicide: 4 Regicide: 5