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  1. Okuma Milogen

    First Reply  Fine Art Repo

    Location: Hapes Objective: Steal Painting Tag: Open The job wasn’t the normal hunt or clean up work Okuma was used to. It offered many unique challenges that intrigued the Kage mercenary. His clients now we're Hapen pirates, in hiding along the frontiers of their remote cluster. Made up of...
  2. Ducha Relina Zhan

    Approved Tech  Royal Armaments Guild Type-2 Stealth Armour System

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a specialized armour system for Chume'Doro (Royal Guard) for use in stealth missions Image Source: Hapan Royal Guard Armour Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Chume'doro PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Royal Armaments Guild of...
  3. Spirit of Knowledge

    Faction  Punk Tactics | Relephon Campaign

    As the first month drew to a close, the rebels' progress ground to a halt three miles from Charhelm, the river between them, and their prize filling with blood. Relephon IV was mostly tropical, the most populated of Relephon's moons, and home to House AlGray. The seat of their power rested on a...
  4. K

    Faction  Hostage Situation - Reef Fortress, Hapes [GA, NJO]

    Reef Fortress, Hapes Kalen stood before a force cage, peering through the barrier of crackling energy at the man within. “You?” he hissed, eyes widening as he recognized the face of the prisoner. “You’re the Jedi spy?” “Sinsor Galney”, supposedly the stepson of a Ducha, had only recently been...
  5. Auteme

    LFG  Havoc on Hapes, Rebellion on Relephon

    Deafening explosions rock the Reef Fortress as its assailants pour in, killing guards and taking hostages. The rogue Se'n Dorrin cell has but one monumental demand -- the overthrow of the matriarchal Hapes Consortium and its ruler, Kha'la Daaray . They say their cause is just; the liberation of...
  6. Astor Daaray

    Character  Astor Daaray - Prince of the Hapes Consortium

    ASTOR DAARAY Theme the sacred and the profane Full Name Astor Isildin Kalos Daaray Alias(es) Pal'da Astor Pal'da Daaray Class(es) Royalty Ex-Chume'doro Origin Hapes Age Late Twenties Rank(s) Prince of the Hapes Consortium Faction(s) Hapes Consortium Galactic Alliance...
  7. Eloise Dinn

    Faction  A Battle of Wills (NJO)

    Eloise was there in the dojo, watching the practice fights, when Taryn slapped Albrecht across the face. They had been lobbing various "polite" insults at each other beforehand, but things shifted dramatically once she struck him. Suddenly the argument was serious, and not just something that...
  8. Eloise Dinn


    Eloise was there at the Huttaburger, munching on fries, when Lady Taryn slapped Lord Albrecht across the face. They had been lobbing various "polite" insults at each other beforehand, but things shifted dramatically once she struck him. The Hapan noblewoman's long manicured nails drew blood from...
  9. Valery Noble

    Dominion  New Alliances — GA Dominion of Hapes

    Hapes With the escalating conflict between the Galactic Alliance and Mandalorian Enclave, it has become increasingly more important to find new allies. So, following the integration of Thyrsus and Eshan, the Alliance's attention finally shifts to the Hapans — a proud people whose founding...
  10. Ducha Relina Zhan

    LFG  Hapes is Recruiting!

    So, I have returned to this community from a long hiatus and essentially had to rewrite my character in the process... but, that said, I come back to a community which appears to be relatively slow and quiet compared to what I had seen before. I belong to the Hapes Consortium and the potential...
  11. Ducha Relina Zhan

    LFG  Moved to LFG

    moved this to LFG
  12. Ducha Relina Zhan

    LFG  Hapes Consortium still lives! (interest check!)

    Hello, Chaos! It's been a while. I don't even remember why I left before, but I have a long history of roleplaying as a Hapan tied to the Hapes Consortium as a military officer. I have returned and have been working to rebuild the naval arsenal and now I am checking for interest in filling the...
  13. Romi Jade

    Devos Trust

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Logo created by me. Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Devos Trust Headquarters: Coruscant Locations: Hapes Cluster Operations: Financial trust, Holding Company Parent Corporation: N/A Subsidiaries: N/A...
  14. Brandyn Sal-Soren

    Faction  Hapes Charity Gala [Jedi and allies]

    YOU'RE INVITED Queen Kha'la Daaray warmly invites you to a special charity event hosted in the Grand Hall of her residence, the Castle of Per'Agthra (Fountain Palace). The event will host live music for a donation entry ball, and an auction of a few items of the Queen's private art...
  15. Malani Dahn

    Character  Malani Dahn

    Malani Dahn Name: Malani Dahn Species: Human (Hapan) Age: Mid 30s Gender: Female Height: 5'6" / 1.6 meters Weight: 127 lbs / 57 kg Homeworld: Hapes Faction: N/A Rank: N/A Malani was born in a small city on Hapes. Her parents owned a business in trading and procesing raw materials...
  16. Brandyn Sal-Soren

    Private  Where One Hapes to Be

    fa-play fa-pause Wearing: Standard Jedi Robes Equipment: Standard Lightsaber [confiscated] Location: Hapes, Queens Official Residence Tag: Kha'la Daaray | fyi, Valery Noble Brandyn was torn between two emotions, awe and annoyance. The annoyance was due to his saber being confiscated when...
  17. Romi Jade

    Birthright: Short

    --- Follows: Reconnecting
  18. Ishani Dinn

    Private  Cheap Perfume

    In a forest clearing somewhere on Hapes, Ishani Sibwarra landed. She had flown there, not in any vessel, but with her own wings—powerful, hideous batlike appendages which had sprouted from between her shoulder blades sometime after Tython. Her golden blonde hair was braided to be out of the way...
  19. A

    LFG  Hapes CANsortium

    In local news, the Hapes Unity Party has begun to make strides within the Royal Court. Formerly a fringe movement within the greater political scene of the Consortium, the HUP has begun to draw in many of the minor houses and nobility. Led by Ainan Dystra, the HUP stands on a platform of...
  20. K

    LFG  First Blood

    So, I am wanting to get more threads going with my lovely man Kathal here, and want to explore some more combat related things. Curious to see if any Jedi or light siders in general might be interested in coming after my little Dark Side cultist here. Open to pretty much any type of thread...
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