Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Kassogtha Cthylla

    Private  The Crystal Grimoire 2

    Kass' first few weeks as Chief Librarian were met with a flurry of special reserves. Students were requesting items from the vault at an unprecedented rate. Unable to keep track of them all, she decided to familiarize herself with the inventory by conducting a review of everything currently in...
  2. Kassogtha Cthylla

    Private  The Crystal Grimoire

    Aboard the Silent Vigil Resting in her private quarters, Kass tried to concentrate on the book she was reading. But her numerous eyes kept getting drawn back to the holocron sitting on her desk. It was silver in color with a black core, the metal framework wrought in unusual patterns. Had she...
  3. D

    Work In Progress  The Grimoire of Bogan-Book One, The Ordered Chaos

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an item for use in future roleplay threads. Image Credit: Image Credit Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Holocron Name: Grimoire of Bogan Alignment: Dark Side Origin: The exact origins regarding the Grimoire of Bogan are...
  4. Darth Empyrean

    Approved Tech  Mother Talzin's Grimoire

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a great source of information on Dathomir Magic Image Source: Here. Canon Link: Mother Talzin Primary Source: Dathomir Magic │ Wild Power PRODUCTION INFORMATION Name: Mother Talzin's Grimoire Manufacturer: Mother Talzin │ Witches of Dathomir...
  5. Katrine Van-Derveld

    Approved Tech  Katrine's spellbook

    Katrine's spellbook OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATIONIntent: The create a personal spell book or Katrine Van-Derveld to use in regards to magic primarily but also as a source of information on relevant artifacts, animals etc. Image Sources: Cover, rancor (on page), suffocation drawing, spell book...
  6. Katrine Van-Derveld

    we could live like legends [Mandragora, CIS]

    Secluded section of the Library, Ryloth Katrine had made a new friend, and that new friend was called Grace. Also kept watch over the Grimoire. Now, normally, Katrine would go to Nona if she wanted to see the family magical tome or her aunt Kytarra if she wanted to see the Book of Law but Grace...
  7. D

    A Silver Touch

    VAAL Remote Savanna Grimoire stepped out of the starfighter she had arrived in. Walking of the landing plank the vaalian winds blew hot air across the high savanna grass blasting her tangled mess of black hair in a fan. Grimoire replied back with a blank stare. Her presence was deflated and...
  8. S

    Book of Shadows

    She had been stopped on her way out of the assessment. Sinistra paused, looking at the acolyte, her pale face strangely familiar until she revealed the link. "Pardon my insolence my Lord." Grimoire spoke in obedient tone, "If I may have word with you while you return to your other duties...
  9. D

    An Unholy Mother-Daughter Duo [Free-For-All Skirmish]

    [OOC: Attempt at restarting this character's story. Free-For-All Skirmish Thread. All are welcome Sith, Jedi, Troopers alike. Maybe last time I get to have an active Hauntruss too. ;) ] MUSIC ARKANIA Inhale. Exhale. Hissing breathes of meditative rhythm echoed from Grimoire. Eyes closed...
  10. Kaine

    Approved Tech  Exar Kun's Grimiore

    Intent: A training development tool that will allow Kaine to study and progress in Sith magic. Development Thread: Manufacturer: Exar Kun Model: N/A Affiliation: Apprentice to Freedon Naad's spirit Modularity: Contents of the book can be...
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