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  1. Kat Decoria

    The... Revengers?

    Kuat was a shipyard world, full of shipyards and companies that built their larger ships in the planet's orbit. Kat was here on business. Hoping to start setting up Decoria Industries and get a dockyard for her requirements of new ships. Things could get tricky, trying to build cruisers and...
  2. Kat Decoria

    'Cause we're living in a sparring world! (Kahlil/Kat)

    It been awhile since Kat had a decent duelling session with anyone, her last duel that was notable was a half-Echani who beat her in a proper Echani duel. Since then, Kat been practising with droids and such again since she was trying to get her head around the Ataru form which was a form that...
  3. WelshPsych

    The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

    Yuroic had been in talks with the Wookiee community and the Silver Jedi Order about organising a feast shared between the two people. It had been tricky with the events going on in the Core System, the downfall of the Galactic Alliance and now the need for a strong and united Silver Jedi Order...
  4. Eshtaol

    Goodnight Moon

    The complex towered over Zeltros's commercial district. Earlier in the day the skyscraper would've cast a long shadow but the sun had set and now the city was lit with a sea of neon. Like the planet in its entirety, it held a distinct appeal that was hard to quite place, and familiar as she was...
  5. Nina Vi'dreya

    Abrupt Clarity

    C O R U S C A N T [member="Whisper"] She didn't like mysteries. Kaila Saedrin didn't scare quickly, but not knowing made her uneasy. Her career was built on solving mysteries with the potential to be dangerous left unsolved, and it had caught up to her over years to the level where she rested...
  6. Evoros

    This Isn't The Place

    E S H A N Location: Classified Time: 2047 Standard Hours Slavery meant different things to different people, and she'd met people who felt unbearably strongly one way or another over the concept; truthfully, to her it was an interesting idea and little else. Evoros had no slaves of her own...
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