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force powers

  1. Eris Genen Zhenlian

    Character  Eris Genen ZhenLian - Disciple of the Master of Foresight

    Eris Genen ZhenLian NAME: Eris, (Genen), ZhenLian FACTION: Yet to be made RANK: Master - Disciple 5 of the 12 Masters SPECIES: Human AGE: 23 years old SEX: Intersexed (primarily Feminine in appearance) HEIGHT: 5ft 8inches WEIGHT: 127 pounds EYES: Hazel/ Amber HAIR: Pink SKIN: Pale...
  2. Katrine Van-Derveld

    New Moon Rising: Part One (Completed)

    It was only the next morning of meeting Pebble that the Lupine’s eyes fluttered open, her brain taking a moment to sort itself out before she remembered. “Pebble!” She squealed almost immediately as she jumped out of her bed and progressed her usual morning routine at a far faster pace than...
  3. Asaraa Vaashe

    Battle Meditation

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone's characters knew Battle Meditation and would be willing to teach it to an eager student :) With the current group thread going on I'm kinda figuring out the direction I want to go in, so starting to focus the training and powers there.
  4. Andorreth Vikar

    Sands of Self-teaching (PM to Join)

    I'd been on Eshan for the last week and a half. Training with Celiana had been grueling and I'd gone for a long walk to begin thinking about one of the things Celiana had said. She'd said that I had incredible potential but that I needed to open myself to The Force. I didn't really know what to...
  5. Cathul Thuku

    Who wants to learn exotic spells?

    Even though I cannot officially take apprentices yet, I believe there is still much for a Force-user to learn from other people, even if said people are apprentice-level. Here are those exotic spells in my spellbook that I believe are uncommon in Force-users: Force-alcohol: Turns the sugar in...
  6. Curupira Hawk

    There's Magic Everywhere (Gheleon)

    The redhead exited her ship, giving a look around the small space around her. Gnarls was resting not too far from the ship, and somewhere in the trees she caught sight of a lock of purple hair from a napping teenager. How the girl managed to rest on a branch like she was some sort of monkey...
  7. Tanith Alde

    Questions about Ranks

    Hi, I have a little question. At how many uses does a power or saber form advances to the next rank? At 3 Thread uses an Apprentice power Goes to Knight right? And at 5 More after that from Knight to Master, and 10 After that from Master to Legendary, Correct?
  8. Jayce Vitulas

    Looking for Sith Lord

    Fresh character looking for a Sith Lord. My character wishes to learn Force Lightning, Push, Choke, and Shadow. Xavier wants to learn all the saber forms the teacher knows. Form VI would be the most beneficial to him. I have plenty of time during the week to post. My schedule is flexible to...
  9. Tanith Alde

    Force Weapon: Bullets

    I'm wondering, since you can attune a normal to the force using Force Weapon, can you do similar with say...a clip of amunition for a slugthrower rifle?
  10. Myra Hadrix

    Question about Force abilities

    Here's my character's thread: Myra Hadrix Now, she's supposed to be a supportive character for Ali, my main. Myra is her mother. Ali is not Force Sensitive, Ali is. I understand it's required that Force Users go through some sort of formally written Force training to support their abilities...
  11. Rasu Gan

    Guide to the Force

    This is completely for the benefit of those wanting to teach, or for those who are looking at finding training in a specific field. More advanced techniques will be added as well, but must be confirmed by the Silver Jedi Council before training can begin. Below will be posted a list of abilities...
  12. C

    An Omega Pyre's Guidebook to Force Powers

    First off, this is a guidebook -- not a rule. It is just something to use as a reference if you so choose to if you are new to the whole Force Power thing. The Movies have made pretty good stance on what the common Force Powers are and their power; and let's face it, there are times when...
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