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faction ad

  1. Caedyn Arenais

    Minor Faction Join A Righteous Cause! Join The Rebellion!

    The Rebellion is looking for a core group of writers to help grow the Minor-Faction and create exciting narratives and positive inter-faction experiences! Just like the canon Rebellion from the Original Trilogy, we have started out small and are seeking to grow in our alliances and...
  2. R

    Recruitment: First Order Navy

  3. The Grim Lady

    [FACTION AD] The Dread Ascendancy

    The throes of conflict have consumed the galaxy. Factions have formed and broken. We have been at one another’s throats for eons, it feels, ripping each other apart and devouring the remains in a quest for power eternal. Nothing is permanent, everything is allowance until a larger force rips it...
  4. Lirka Ka

    Faction Ad Crimson Dawn | Scum and Villainy Wanted!

    Through Chaos, we find profit What is Crimson Dawn? The intentions for the Crimson Dawn are rather simple, taking a somewhat non-standard approach of being an umbrella for a large amount of various scum and villainy to operate under rather than being one singular organization itself: so as to...
  5. R

    First Imperial Knights

    [FACTION PAGE] [DISCORD] [Ad Created By Masayu Kimura]
  6. R

    The First Order Wants You!

  7. J


    Wrong Account :P
  8. Hexus Dominus

    Faction Ad The Hexus Contingent

    In ancient times, men built wonders, laid claim to the stars and sought to better themselves for the good of all. But we are much wiser now. History: The Hexus Contingent, burner of worlds and a name spat across the void in transmissions that have echoed for millennia. Originally conceived and...
  9. Spirit of Duty

    Faction Ad The Republic

    The People... For years the Core has been a cruel place. War torn and littered with warlords and pirates the Core struggled to find its identity after the Galactic Alliance fell to the power of the Imperial Bloc Treaty. In its absence a New Republic rose and fell, crushed by its own promises and...
  10. The Event

    Warlords Alliance of the Rim (Faction Idea)

    Overview -- In the forgotten corners of the known galaxy, war is waged on an unprecedented scale. Millions die in the conflict while trillions of credits are spent on machines of death, and everything is legal if you’re strong enough. It is here that the strongest survive, and the weak are...
  11. The Red of Sinner

    Faction The Shadow Empire (Link Updated)

    Shadow Empire During the era of One Sith supremacy, the shadows were lurking with those who apposed the darkest of evils, fighting fire with fire. Lead by their king, the empire grew, and expanded. But as all things do, it came and went. The empire fell, leaving the people alone in the dark...
  12. K


    Do you like X-Men? If you said yes then you will love X-Factor. We have no shame in admitting we took a lot of our ideas from the Marvel/DC universe and adjusted it to fit in the Galaxy Far Far Away... X-Factor is a group of writers who will be involved in a Force Mutant story line. Force...
  13. Zahara Myneto

    The Correlian Confederation

    The Correlian Confederation stands as the last bastion and vestige of democracy and freedom in a war torn Core Region of the Galaxy. Lead by the Diktat, the Correlian Federation has overcome many obstacles: The Humbraine, whom were pacified and brought into the greater Confederation and the Core...
  14. P

    The Grayson Imperium

    "What is there to existence without faith? For what grand purpose do mortals exist other than to discover the very nature of their own being? To search the unknowable for crumbs of knowledge that might lift us from our primitive forms? To achieve enlightenment and ascend beyond the trappings of...
  15. Dorriun Vakel

    The Imperial Remnant

    THE EMPIRE IS UNDER ATTACK! We need YOU! Our glorious empire is under siege from the galaxy around us. They seek to destroy all that we have built but we will not bend or break thanks to loyal citizens of the Empire such as yourself. If you have ever wanted to join the ranks and protect the...
  16. Coren Starchaser

    Outer Rim Coalition

    Hey! Are you looking for adventure? Is Core life and society getting a little too crowded? Are lightsabers just too elegant? Well, have we got a job for you! Pack up your broke-down hot rod freighter, grab a hand cannon, and your finest wide brimmed hat and make your way out to the...
  17. Mike V'Trechen

    The Red Dragon

    General information Organization type = The Criminal Empire Head of state = The Big Three Head of government = The Council Commander-in-chief = Minister of Crime Legislative branch = The Council Judicial branch = The Master Military branch = Military Societal information Capital = Bespin...
  18. T

    The Green Faith

    Title of Leader: Archdruid Organization Type: Polytheistic Theocracy Governing Body: Elder Council Commander-in-Chief: Primarch With widespread destruction and war ravaging the galaxy; the Green Faith seeks to heal those wounds in their own unique means. Through self-improvement...
  19. Kainan Wolfe

    The Eternal Empire | Service Guarantees Citizenship!

    "...We are those who endured what the rest of the galaxy could scarcely imagine and from the ashes, we rose together. We are of many species, but of one soul, a single Nation united, forged in the fires of war and tempered in the cauldron of hardship, one culture who stands above all and looks...
  20. Veiere Arenais

    The Silver Jedi - Guardians of the Light

    The Order of the Silver Jedi Stewards of the Force, Guardians of Light. Order of the Silver Jedi Discord Channel. >> Click Me << The Order of the Silver Jedi is the apex of Jedi story-telling where Role-playing is concerned on SWRP: Chaos. Standing as the largest Lightside Faction on...