The throes of conflict have consumed the galaxy. Factions have formed and broken. We have been at one another’s throats for eons, it feels, ripping each other apart and devouring the remains in a quest for power eternal. Nothing is permanent, everything is allowance until a larger force rips it from your grasp and plunges a blade into your heart.

But endure, we must, for the galaxy spins on, uncaring for our waning lives.

Our passion… our passion is what secures our legacy. Our passion is what cements our place. Our passion… makes us immortal. My brothers and sisters, for too long have we allowed ourselves to bend our unfathomable will to the whim of false emperors and political tyrants. For too long we have allowed this galaxy to forget what it is we stand for and most importantly, the wrath of our exhaustion.

We are tired.

We are hungry.

And we will take back what is ours.

We will fight for every inch of purpose, cementing our legacy amongst the stars in crimson ink. Blood will be spilled in an endless flood as atonement for our allowance of being led astray from the true path. We will slay those who have tread upon us and dared call themselves our rulers- our masters. We will tolerate the political prattle no more. We will stand idly in the shadows of those who claim greatness no more. And we will do it as we were always meant to- with unrelenting passion.

The red clouds gather, broiling with the wrath of our coming.

This is the new age.

The new dawn.

Dread Ascends.

The Dread Ascendancy is a newly formed Sith-exclusive faction with a high emphasis on following the Creed as established in canon. A new haven for those wayward Sith who have grown tired of political agendas impeding their progress, of hiding, and are searching for purpose and greater growth. Groups within the faction offer tailored narratives for like-minded individuals to collaborate, socialize, and work together as they strive for knowledge, power, and conquest. Trample the weakest in the pack in your climb through the ranks, earning your place and the right to call yourself Sith.

Only the strongest survive to rise to the top?

Dare you step to the challenge?

Come check us out!