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darth imperia

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    For half a year, Imperia had hidden away, scurrying in the shadows at the fringes of the Galaxy, waiting for the right time to emerge. That time had come. A new Sith Empire was forming, one that claimed to make room for Sith of all breeds. Imperia was skeptical, of course – she’d been sorely...
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    Presumably Somewhere in the Galaxy The Midnight Cathedral What did it mean to be Sith? For a long, long time, Darth Imperia had been certain that she knew the answer to that question – it hadn’t mattered that her answer often changed at the drop of a hat, she was simply always correct. It was...
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    Approved Starship  The Midnight Cathedral

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To finally get Darth Imperia something more impressive than that shabby little freighter she flies around in. Image Source: Here. Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards Model...
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    Two Eyes Close, One Eye Opens [Valeska Daeranthe]

    The most basic of Force-centered abilities, the nebulous web of awareness commonly referred to as Force Sense was one possessed by almost every Force Sensitive organism in the galaxy, to some degree or another. The Miraluka were so extremely skilled with the aforementioned manifestation of the...
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    Approved Location  Zarsidna iv Dzara (The Hall of Chains)

    Name: Zarsidna iv Dzara Image Source: Here Classification: It's a Motherkarking Castle Location: Zarsidna iv Dzara is located upon Rhelg, built upon a small island of rock in the middle of a lake. The water is murky and muddy, filled with dangerous creatures, and above the castle brews a storm...
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    For Services Rendered [Sam Rodarch]

    Rhelg Zarsidna iv Dzara, Sorcery Lab --- The Sorcery Lab of Zarsidna iv Dzara was dimly lit, as always - too much light, Imperia found, ruined the mood - only a minor issue in most situations, but to use Sorcery, one needed to be immersed in the Dark Side. Bright lights and cheerful decor...
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    Porcelain Heart

    As any who had known her for long could tell you, Darth Imperia had a flair for the dramatic and tastes that ran towards the ludicrously expensive. Her home was a castle fit for hundreds, every room lavish and ornately decorated. Her robes (made only from the finest silks) were extravagantly...
  8. NightSister

    Let's just pretend I thought of a clever title

    Any good friend of Aria's - what few remained - would be able to confirm right away that the former Jedi greatly enjoyed and valued the benefits of combat. She'd been adopted into the Echani culture, perhaps, but it was how she'd been raised nonetheless: while she favoured hand-to-hand, combat...
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    Attitude Adjustment - CtS pt. III [Maxine Avril]

    Rhelg Zarsidna iv Dzara Sorrow Is Your Tale Beneath the rocky, windswept surface of Rhelg, there was a temple – it was an ancient thing, built by legions of slaves as a monument to the glory of their Sith masters. As such, it was rather fitting that its newest owner was a Sith herself – Darth...
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    Chase the Shadow - Part II [Aria Vale, Maxine Avril]

    Darth Imperia did not have an unhealthy obsession with Aria Vale, former Knight of the Silver Order and Jedi Shadow. It certainly wasn't strange, after all, to consider someone who you had spoken to a grand total of one time a friend. And it was completely normal to, after meeting said person...
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    Cat Fight!

    It's Good To Be Queen Darth Imperia had found herself, through her Apprenticeship and her time as an independent Sith, often in the situation of teaching those who were less experienced in the way of the Sith than she herself was - she'd never taken an Apprentice on, but she'd left little...
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    Chase the Shadow [Maxine Avril]

    Darth Imperia was on the hunt. She’d been on a similar hunt once, during her time as Darth Vitium’s Apprentice. It was during that little expedition that she encountered Salacious Vexx, a Zabrak with an attitude problem and more ego than skill. She’d crushed her quarry then, taken his arm and...
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