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  1. Iliana Röhr

    Private  [Contract] The Family - Epican Bounty 'Nakhimov'

    I L I A N A⠀R Ö H R fa-play fa-pause 'Countryside Ambience' Appearances can easily deceive.. The quiet, quaint & seemingly peaceful village of Vittosso entrenched by the base of the Matrisican Mountains rested peacefully during the early Epican hours, and it was to be the staging area for a...
  2. Zeks

    Public  The Contract, Hunting A Jedi - Invited

    Planet Aquatus Storm troopers were gathering up the locals on Planet Aquatus, the reason? Zeks had an assignment that he was given. To hunt down jedi in order to properly dispose of them. So the locals were just bait for the situation to happen. Zeks was nearby, playing as a possum as he sat at...
  3. Lia Ka Rai

    Private  A Contract

    Coruscant The Works The smell of burning ozone and slag filled the air of the Works. So close to the shining heart of the Galactic Alliance so much pain resided. It, like the lower levels of Coruscant, never saw the bountiful galaxy that radiated from this central star system. No mater who...
  4. Iliana Röhr

    Private  [Contract] The Family - Rimma Trade Route Rescue 'ANV Chenyo'

    I L I A N A⠀R Ö H R fa-play fa-pause 'Space Ambience' Risky. Dangerous. Downright foolish. Yet necessary. One of their own had been picked up by a Galactic Alliance patrol and was now being held within a prisoner-modified Galactic Alliance GR-95 Fleet Transport, an imposing & intimidating...
  5. Iliana Röhr

    Private  [Contract] The Family - Coruscant Bounty 'Synic Pasa'

    I L I A N A⠀R Ö H R fa-play fa-pause 'City Ambience' Rain tapped loudly upon the windows of Iliana's Coruscant office within The Sanctum, below the illustrious Star Lounge where many of Kosa Nostra's members resided and worked from. The Directorate Supervisor had been preparing for a new case...
  6. Iliana Röhr

    Private  [Contract] The Family - Corellian Trade Spine Hijack 'Soturn'

    I L I A N A⠀R Ö H R fa-play fa-pause 'Space Ambience' Mmmmmmmmmzmmmm.. An inconspicuous VCX-100 Light Freighter bobbed along the Corellian Trade Spine, following the traffic along the hyperlane. Within, a team of Kosa Nostra 'Shipmen' manned the entirety of the ship, containing precious...
  7. Aiko Hayata

    Private  The Contract

    T H E_T I G E R Aiko Hayata|Coruscant|Dealings Tags: Mercy The Yokai were a growing nuisance to her operations and rise to public legitimacy, for every killing and skirmish in A-town or Coruscants rich high rises brought another existential and logistical problem for her clan's operations and...
  8. Arthakk

    Private  The Accountant Dilemma

    Location: Denon - Inside a Cantina Tags: Koda Fett Somewhere inside a cantina on Denon, filled with customer drinking either at the table or the bar and chatters are heard all around the room, as any normal cantina would be running. At the far left corner of the cantina, inside his own booth...
  9. Aktur Seii

    Open Market  Security Testing (Singular Operation)

    CONTRACTORS Ivory Stroud (The Donna) Hacks Mercy Diocletian Kahmen’’a OOC: This contract will involve initial IC guidance in thread, starting the job with information needed, and then interaction with Aktur Seii throughout the thread. It is also a legal and above board contract.
  10. The Bounty Hunters' Guild

    The Bounty Hunters' Guild

    THE BOUNTY HUNTERS' GUILD The Bounty Hunters' Guild is an institution that regulates the profession of bounty hunting throughout the galaxy. It works alongside galactic governments to ensure the legality of contracts and curates bounties for its members. All members are expected to follow the...
  11. Callum Saville

    Court of Blades April-May Mercenary Contract Opening

    Contract Offered By: Court of Blades Type Of Contract Offered: Monetary, Private Technology Use (Military or Civilian), Starships Type of Contract Desired: Garrison, Invasion, Protection, Skirmish (Dominion/Skirmish) Contract Description: Contract listed is for the use of the Court of Blades...
  12. Kal

    Approved Tech  Empyrean Contracts | Greystone Mercantile

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Facilitate deals with the devil/fey/friendly neighbourhood spirits. Image Source: The Great Handshake. Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Sith Magic | Dathomir Magic | etc. || IC Background PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Greystone...
  13. Scherezade deWinter

    Private  Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Clank?

    5U-K5 Against all reason and good sense, Scherezade had been granted an office in the Tower. She'd tried to fight against it at first, claiming that she had access to almost everything and didn't hold any official leadership position anyway, but Discordia had insisted. As a result, there was a...
  14. Credius

    LFG  High risk contract -smugglers and mandos wanted

    Link: Click here I've put a contract in the marketplace which will be about Credius trying to employ a team of smugglers to try what is possibly one of the most daring and risky heists possible: stealing a large shipment of Bes'kar or mandalorian iron. For this ofcourse, we'll need some...
  15. 9-LOM

    Available for Contract! (Droid)

    I'm LFG (Small or 1x1) for my character - I'm new to the forums and this is my first character here. I'm familiar with RP forums, just not this one. I'm also a very heavy star wars nerd, which I imagine most people here are lol. Ideally I'd like 9-LOM to join someone's narrative or RP as a...
  16. Raona Cadera

    Approved Lore  Corellian Defense Force Modernization Project Plan

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a document stating Corellia's intent to work with several Corellian and external companies to revitalize Corellia's reinstated Defense Force Image Credit: N/A Links: ​CEC - And Subsidiaries Incom Starbound Industries GENERAL INFORMATION Media...
  17. Shia Kryze

    Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

    When visiting Kaine, Shia also had to plan around Adara's presence. It was, if you asked her, as if the devil-child were everywhere at once. Could she be? Manda, she hoped not. Still, it was very unlikely Adara would at the MandalArms HQ. "Kryze to see Kaine." She didn't state which Kryze...
  18. Kay-Larr

    Being Common is Fleeting

    It had been some time since the CSA had contacted [member="John Ash"] for new additions to their existing contract. That is until now. Earlier in the week Kay had sent word to the man himself to come by to discuss everything from ships to orbital stations. In these tense times, she needed...
  19. Vulpesen

    Making a Miracle

    "Are you sure this is a good idea, Valde? By what I heard, when you and your contact last met, it wasn't exactly with the best of first impressions." Of course, the voice of caution would be coming from Vulpesen's diplomatic advisor, Lucas. It was his job to ensure that the Valde of Veradune...
  20. Muad Dib

    The Beskar Aegis

    The shuttle landed in the clearing, settling upon Concordia. As the ramp lowered the man walked out in brown trousers and tan tunic. His boots crunched upon the ground as he strode away from the ship to where a table and chairs sat under a canopy. Several men and women were there, but it was one...
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