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character intro

  1. Orion "Ironsides" Madh

    Public  Orion's Belt (Character Intro)

    Orion stepped off of the cargo dock and onto Nar Shaddaa. He was quite a way away from home. He was used to the dingy-but-stoic islands and factories of his homeworld. This place, though similar in its sprawling urban cityscape, reeked of hedonism and an utter lack of inhibitions. Vices flowed...
  2. C

    First Reply  Punch-Clock (Character-Introduction)

    Outside Some Dive-Bar in Mos Eisley, Tatooine "Ma, I'm fine. Honest!" Colo leaned into the phone, squinting slightly as if it would make him hear better as his mother continued to worriedly squawk about his profession. "All my jobs carry some level of risk Ma, you know that. It-it's just the...
  3. S

    Public  An Unexpected Delay (Character Intro)

    Setting: A spaceport on Naboo. ~~~ The small holdout blaster had felt awkward in Droxine's hands from the moment her uncle gave it to her. She had never used a gun before, nor did she have any desire to, but Uncle Zabka insisted that she needed to have some protection, just in case. It was...
  4. V

    Public  God of the Dance (Character Intro)

    Setting: Coruscant, Level 1782 ~~~ After a particularly grueling performance, Val arrived at his dressing room to change. No sooner had he closed the door behind him, the closet was suddenly thrown open, and a green-skinned Twi'lek girl jumped out. She was clutching something in her hand, and...
  5. Lady Moll

    Dealings with a Witch

    A spaceport, one after another. Grouped around are pilots, smugglers and everything in between. The manager of the establishment had a slight green tint glazed over their eyes. Listening and every now and again would deliver whispers of the strange woman that took refuge in a private room...
  6. Chkhoz Pikeyy

    Public  Of Bugs and Thugs (Character Intro)

    by Stefan Morrell: Source Dawn, at an Expansive Corellian Shipyard... "My eyes deceive me! This is the one they left me at exactly--it must be!" "That paneling there... yes, it is the same as before!" "This--This rock is the one I set aside, to know that this was the right...
  7. Arwen Hadd

    Living on scraps (Character introduction)

    The man walked into the cantina, shaking dirt off himself and grumbling, “Like hell that was a pest, no ‘pest’ is that big, full blown animals if you ask me.” He sat down at the bar, sorting through the pitiful amount of credits. The only thing that really told him apart from some of the...
  8. Pierce

    'Dying' For Attention (Character Intro)

    Last Night The silhouette of a man hunched down, illuminated by moonlight in the dark rainy night, Pierce was hunched above a jedi as he clamoured for life, squeezing his neck with all his might before the jedi stopped squirming. As the jedi went limp, Pierce reached his right hand into the...
  9. B1-176

    Adrift (Character Intro)

    The ship creaked and the hull groaned as the affects of gravity had, for the first time in eight-and a half centuries, lay it's grasp upon the maxillipede shuttle. The ship was a husk of what it once was. This vessel was once distinguished, and may have carried important figures of the ancient...
  10. Kelsie Sylvan

    Hawk's Rest (Character Intro)

    There was never much sentient life on Binaros. The ancient Imperial research complex had slowly faded into the tropical forests, and it felt as if the entire planet was maturing. It was the typical, predictable, humid morning on the planet's surface. The trees in this particular area had been...
  11. Al-Saher

    Nicholas Al-Saher "The Magician"

    NAME: Nicholas Al Saher "The Magician" FACTION: The Family RANK: Street-Racer , Wheel man SPECIES: Corellian-Echani AGE: 27 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'10 WEIGHT: 160 EYES: Hazel Green HAIR: Short spiky black hair with slight scruff SKIN: Lightly tanned FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  12. Andorreth Vikar

    Andorreth Vikar

    NAME: Andorreth Vikar FACTION: Silver Jedi Order RANK: Jedi Knight, Silver Shadow, "Prince" of Corellia "Wraith of Coruscant" SPECIES: Corellian-Echani AGE: 27 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'10 WEIGHT: 160 pounds EYES: Hazel Green HAIR: Shaggy black hair with slight scruff around the face...
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