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Andorreth Vikar

NAME: Andorreth Vikar

FACTION: Silver Jedi Order

RANK: Jedi Knight, Silver Shadow, "Prince" of Corellia "Wraith of Coruscant"

SPECIES: Corellian-Echani

AGE: 27

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'10

WEIGHT: 160 pounds

EYES: Hazel Green

HAIR: Shaggy black hair with slight scruff around the face.

SKIN: Lightly tanned


Romantic Partner:



+Crack Shot with a blaster and most other types of weaponry due to gangs and bounty hunters coming through and trashing his workplace and Andorreth having to defend it consistently.
+Wrench Jockey due to having many different instances with having to repair the diner where he works and also his bike which has been stolen multiple times Andorreth has gotten to be an ace with repairs.

- Mouthy, Andorreth has been in many fights. Most due to being mouthy and saying the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time.
- Paranoid, due to having been lured to Coruscant with the promise of a good job, and constant "friends" getting involved with gangs that shot up his workplace. Having had his bike stolen multiple times and apartment constantly being broken into Andorreth is quite paranoid about people.





Andorreth made his way from Corellia to Coruscant at the age of 24 with the promise of a job. When he got to Coruscant he found out the job was serving food and ale to patrons of a club in the seedier lower levels of Coruscant. After two years at that job and having had his speeder-bike stolen and apartment above the diner broken into on multiple occasions Andorreth decided it was enough. Overhearing one of the bounty hunters slurred talking with some smugglers about how fast and well armed his ship was and how he was going to be paid a king's ransom for the the bounty he'd captured and the cargo he had stored aboard Andorreth decided to have another person cover the rest of his shift. Grabbing all he owned Andorreth drove his speeder bike aboard the Hunter's ship and after slicing the codes reprogrammed the ships' credentials in his name. Andorreth learned of the destruction of Corellia while he was on Coruscant having lived there under the rule of various Force Orders. Leaving Coruscant Andorreth headed towards Nar Shaddaa to begin his life as a smuggler and hunter on his own...

Having stolen a ship with everything aboard poorly maintained, the ship he'd left Coruscant on was left drifting in space when looking for tools to repair the ship he'd run into the only former crew member of the vessel. A small creature by the name of Jax Rasta coinciding with this Andorreth had the fortune to run into another smuggler type by the name of Bryce Bantam. After taking his stolen ship aboard Bryce traveled to the surface of Nar Shadaa with Andorreth.

Taking the ship he'd left Coruscant with Andorreth left orders with Jax to simply re-sell the vessel and find another one that could carry a small crew comfortably. After taking a prisoner of the vessel to the bounty office on Nar Shadaa Andorreth ran into a young woman by the name of Jae Jordan. After her accompanying him to a pub he was to meet another person at they shared a drink together.

Meeting up with another woman by the handle of The Firedancer, Andorreth was given a sword with an intriguing history. With a promise to be given its twin sword Andorreth promised to meet the Firedancer at a later date and place. Unfortunately the bartender who'd both served Andorreth and Jae their drinks and given Andorreth the information that the Firedancer was in the pub was on the run. After disabling the hit squad in the bar, alcohol fueled fires, the theft of a custom swoop bike, and a high speed chase back to the newly acquired ship Andorreth and his new crew members Jae and Crosswire renamed the ship The Rogue's Salvation and escaped Nar Shadaa in pursuit of new adventures...

While Corellia had been destroyed Andorreth's family had fled to Eshan prior to the destruction. The news of his family surviving encouraged Andorreth but in fleeing from Corellia the matter still remained of settling the bounty on Andorreth's head. Prior to Corellia's destruction Andorreth's brother had been murdered and he was blamed for it. An honor duel was fought to exonerate Andorreth's name, a fight to the death with Andorreth emerging victorious. With Corellia having been destroyed however the title of prince mattered little to Andorreth. Already a Jedi Knight by this time Andorreth stayed to the shadows embracing work as a spy, smuggler and more. Through his adventures he rescued Claire Organa from capture by pirates and more.

Splitting his time between duties of The Silver Jedi Order and building a place of his own Andorreth's projects are now split between furthering his training and building a place of refuge away from the Silver Temple and where he can conduct his continued business of smuggling away from the judgements of the Jedi.

A heavily modified freighter used for smuggling along with bounty work, heavy armor with moderate shielding and stock blaster weaponry Andorreth renamed it the Rogue's Salvation. Heading to Nar Shaddaa to refit the ship with new weapons and engines the Rogue's Salvation is a work in progress but it's his. Following multiple more adventures The Rogue's Salvation was heavily damaged to the point of needing to replace it entirely. Thus Andorreth's New Vessel The Prudii'kad came to be.


Alongside The Prudii'kad Andorreth also acquired a one of a kind fighter and named it the Druid's Spear. With theses two vessels Andorreth took to the skies once again to adventure, and train others among the stars...



Vespera Armor
Andorreth's Sabers
Andorreth's Secondary Sabers
Twin Modified DC-15s Blaster Pistols
Wraith Blaster Rifle
Omen Blaster Rifle
Verpine Rifle
Twin Tempest SMG's
Flechette Pistols
Pump Action Scattergun
Serenity Sword
Black Lotus Blades

Tartarine Force Seeker Jewelry
Black Lotus Guards
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Crew Roster
Begin Encryption......
Captain - Andorreth Vikar (Known to be a Corellian Native noble-born though exiled from his nobility due to being framed for the murder of his brother. Wanted for questioning on his possible involvement by Corellian command.)
Mechanic - Jax Rasta (Last Known physical appearance)
Pilot - [member="Jae Jordan "](No known major criminal activity.)
Slicer - [member="Trelock Relon"] a.k.a Crosswire (Galactic Records indicate a sizable bounty was placed upon him though records do NOT indicate why.)

Burn encryption successful
Tampering with encryption will erase all personnel files.
Confirm Encoding?
Records encoded.
Session Ended.
Force Powers
Notable Abilities

  • Using The Force to levitate and manipulate sand from defense to offensive properties. Through self training Andorreth has taught himself other uses for his sand manipulation and has become quite an interesting practitioner of such a skill.​
Electric Judgement
  • Depending on his usage of and emotional state while using Electric Judgement the lightning manifests as either an Aqua or Emerald green color
Elemental Martial Artist
  • Using The Force alongside extensive martial arts training alters the power of martial prowess. Along with this factor Andorreth uses martial training to further his connection to The Force.
Combat Meditation
  • While some Jedi use battle meditation to bolster other allies and themselves in battle Andorreth feels more in tune with The Force while in combat situations. As such he excels using The Force in raw applications and other uses while under fire. Channeling emotions such as concern for comrades, irritation at loss of life for what he sees as no reason. He funnels emotion to fuel his applications of The Force.
  • Andorreth spent a good deal of time in underground and illegal race clubs on Coruscant. As such he is a gifted street racer and has connections with some of the seedier side of Coruscant. He still races and still does so illegally he's just more careful now alongside his background as a racer he's also a gifted self-taught mechanic.

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