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  1. S

    Character  Sinmara Ves'

    SOCIETAL Name: Sinmara Ves' Homeworld: Alpheridies Residence: Mobile Affiliation: Expedition Firefist Luka Sene Occupation: Archaeologist Seer Professor Force Sensitive: Yes APPEARANCE Race: Miraluka Age: Thirties Gender: Female Height: 5'1" Build: Light Hair Colour...
  2. Miri Nimdok

    Character  Miri Nimdok 2.5

    SOCIETAL Name: Miriam Leia Nimdok Nickname: Miri Little Lady Occupation: Mercenary Private Investigator Archaeologist/Treasure Hunter Homeworld: Alderaan Current Home: ??? Faction: None Languages: Galactic Basic Shi-idese (understands, cannot speak) Force Sensitivity: No...
  3. Ren Sogan

    Character  Ren Sogan, Jedi Archaeologist

    Ren Sogan AKA Ren, SOGAN!!!!!! (by some Jedi Masters), History Nut Age 25 Species Duros Homeworld Duro Gender Male Height 1.85 meters Weight 100 kilograms Force Sensitive Yes (Jedi-trained) Faction Galactic Alliance (NJO) Rank Jedi Knight Writer Account Animore PHYSICAL...
  4. 4ND-R0

    Character  4ND-R0 (Update)

    4ND-R0 Info Faction: Independent Homeworld: Naboo Age: 105 GSY Model: 3PO-series (original brain matrix) / Mark IV architect (current chassis) Gender: Masculine Height: 1.80 Meters Weight: 75 kg Plating: Faded silver Sensor Color: Yellow Voice: John Hurt History 4ND-R0, originally a beige...
  5. Kaneha Dalsa

    Character  Chac San Tekka

    CHAC SAN TEKKA Info Faction: Independent Birthplace: Zeffo Age: 35 GSY Species: Near-Human (Human / Mirialan Hybrid) Gender: Male Height: 1.85 Meters Weight: 83 kg Hair: Black Skin: Tan, w/ a slight green tint Eyes: Blue Force Sensitivity: Yes (mild) Voice: Jonathan Frakes History Chac San...
  6. S

    LFG  Snide Socialite and Archaeologist Seeking Introduction Threads

    Hey, you. Psssst. Yeah, you. Word on the street is that you want some threadssssss. Hello! I'm taking advantage of some time away from work to think about writing some things and I decided it's a good time to be a little bad. No I haven't watched too much His Dark Materials shut up. I'm...
  7. Jacen Nimdok

    Character  Professor Errik Nimdok, Archaeologist

    Art Source General Information: NAME: Errik Nimdok ALIASES: Arimanes Bosch | Casimir Heliobas | Tom Kovack AFFILIATION: Silver Jedi Concord Vague ties to the Galactic Alliance Clan Benandanti (formal adoption circa 864 ABY) OCCUPATION: Professor of Jedi and Sith History Archaeologist Jedi...
  8. Saine Kela

    Saine Kela

    SAINE KELA NAME: Saine Kela FACTION: TBA (to be announced - or added, later) RANK: Archaeologist SPECIES: Baseline Human HOMEWORLD: Ylesia AGE: 25 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 160 cm WEIGHT: 50 kg EYES: Sorrel HAIR: Varies between Chestnut, Auburn or Red - she likes to dye it every now and...
  9. Luther Lewis

    Arthur Ashton

    NAME: Arthur Ashton FACTION: N/A PROFESSION: Archaeologist SPECIES: Human AGE: 21 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 178 cm (5’10) WEIGHT: 72 kg EYES: Dark Brown HAIR: Brown SKIN: Pale VOICE: [X] FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes APPEARANCE: Arthur is a young man with fair skin, dark brown hair and even darker brown eyes...
  10. Ulanh Batarr

    Ulanh Batarr

    Theme Song: Name: Ulanh Batarr Species: Human Age: 21 Rank/Title: Jedi Apprentice and Researcher of Archaeology Planet of Origin/Birth: Jedha Force Sensitive: Yes Appearance: Ulanh maintains an athletic build within a five-foot-five frame. Her straight...
  11. X

    Xzara Vox

    NAME: Xzara Vox FACTION: None yet. SPECIES: Human AGE: 23 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'5" WEIGHT: 120lbs EYES: Light blue HAIR: Red SKIN: Ivory FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  12. Vorhi Alestrani

    Vorhi Alestrani

    NAME: Vorhi “Uncle Al” Alestrani FACTION: As of right now, none. RANK: Initiate, Teras Kasi being unaffiliated by Jedi/Sith Standards. SPECIES: Miraluka AGE: 46 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: He is approximately 5’ 11”. WEIGHT: He is of a healthy build, weighing in at 210 pounds. Slight beer gut. EYES...
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