Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Julius Sedaire

    AEL Exclusive Catalogue: The Force-Breaker Bodyglove

    AEL Exclusive Catalogue: The Force-Breaker Bodyglove Note: Ostanes was not involved in the selection of the marketing campaign for this item. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the first in a series of Force Hunter goods from AEL Development Thread: If Needed Image Source...
  2. Julius Sedaire

    Approved Tech  LeviaCan Brand Tinned Meat - Special Edition

    LeviaCan. Soul Food. SE™ Image Source HERE. Label is similar to picture, but Star Wars-ified, etc.. Intent: To commemorate a special occasion. Development Thread: 100kg of glitterstim obtained, Leviathan acquisition, Terentatek acquisition, Lotek'k acquisition, Terentatek acquisition...
  3. Julius Sedaire

    Akure Executive Leatherworks

    Akure Executive Leatherworks, formerly Laekia House of Leatherwork, is a haute couture establishment specializing in the rarest possible materials. All AEL products can be custom tailored to fit, and modified within reason. Custom orders will be categorically denied and rabid gungans will be...
  4. Danger Arceneau

    SSB 24HR Auction - AEL, The Last Ever Sold Edition!

    "Well ladies and gentlebeings.. this... this auction is going to be a very rare treat. For those that know AEL, it has become one of the most prestigious couture in the galaxy. Akure's leatherworks is quality handcrafted work of the kind that will put you toe to toe to them hoodoo types." a...
  5. Arage Bao

    Approved Tech  SB-01 'SmartBlood'

    [img] Image Source: Digizyme, Inc.; courtesy of BIND Intent: Creating an alternative for the blood running through your veins. Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Neuro-Saav Corporation/AEL Model: SB-01 ‘SmartBlood’ Affiliation: Open Market Modularity: Yes, details in the description...
  6. Velok the Younger

    Approved Tech  Neuro-Saav/AEL Defensive Augmentation Implants

    Intent: A series of defensive biotech/alchemical implants, primarily for women Development Thread: If requested Manufacturer: Neuro-Saav/Akure Executive Leatherworks Model: DAI Series Implant Affiliation: Open Market Modularity: a module Production: Mass-produced Material: Biological...
  7. Darth Metus

    Approved Tech  CZ-833 Net Launcher

    CZ-833 Net Launcher OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: The purpose of this submission is to create a new, deadly armament for the capture of beasts and bounties alike. Development Thread: If Required. Image Source: Hunterkiller PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Browncoat Arms & AEL |...
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